The Mark of Cain: Alleged New Orleans Shooter Arrested After Wounding Student Hero

nutulaneshooting_20151123_151819HT_euric_cain_2_jt_151122_v4x3_12x5_1600Police have arrested the man allegedly shown in a despicable and disgusting attack in New Orleans. The man was caught on a surveillance camera dragging a woman down a street Friday morning and then shooting fourth-year medical student Peter Gold, 25, when he tried to help the woman. Gold is a genuine hero and is recovering for a gunshot to the stomach. The man on the videotaped has been identified as Euric Cain, 21. Cain’s signature or mark appears to be a profane gesture for anyone coming across his Facebook site.

What is particularly shocking on the videotape below is that Gold had his hands up when he was shot by Cain who then tried repeatedly to shoot Gold on the ground but his gun jammed. Otherwise, Gold would have been executed in cold blood for speaking to help the woman.

Cain allegedly took the woman’s purse and ran down the street. I used to teach at Tulane and this type of arbitrary and fatal violence was a lingering danger in the city. Cain’s Facebook images show a real piece of work of a man who likes to flip the bird and writes such odd celebratory notes as ““Real talk I was thinking I need one f**k it I made it to c 21 with out a f**k ni**a my mama did all she could but she couldn’t show me how to be a man but I think she did a dam good job to say I’m still here n I went throw a lot but that women was at every court date n everything💯.” Nice:



Cain was arrested earlier this month for possession of a stolen cellphone during a carjacking and has a prior record of an arrest in 2011 on charges of illegally carrying a weapon and illegal possession of a firearm. He now faces charges of attempted first-degree murder, second-degree kidnapping and armed robbery, said police.

HT_peter_gold_jt_151121_4x3_992Gold is not just brave but someone who took his life’s commitment to others to heart in the intervention on the street. He is fortunately recovering and his family has thanked the outpouring of the support. As for Cain, the videotape shows a man who needs to be put away for the rest of his life. The lack of any humanity is evident from the videotape, making this man a particularly dangerous individual. But for a mechanical failure, Gold would be dead today.


24 thoughts on “The Mark of Cain: Alleged New Orleans Shooter Arrested After Wounding Student Hero”

  1. God bless Gold. What a hero. I hope he will recover, and not suffer from severe consequences. I hope he doesn’t lose any of his colon or intestine, or otherwise have severe long term damage.

    I wonder if Cain thinks this is all someone else’s fault.

    This is also a reminder that most gun violence occurs from people our current laws already prohibit from owning a firearm.

  2. What does his Facebook post even mean? Besides the public education system is clearly a failure.

  3. An assumption, and a biased and racially-charged one, at that, to jump to the conclusion that this thug did not grow up with a father in the home. No evidence of that from the article.

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