The Mark of Cain: Alleged New Orleans Shooter Arrested After Wounding Student Hero

nutulaneshooting_20151123_151819HT_euric_cain_2_jt_151122_v4x3_12x5_1600Police have arrested the man allegedly shown in a despicable and disgusting attack in New Orleans. The man was caught on a surveillance camera dragging a woman down a street Friday morning and then shooting fourth-year medical student Peter Gold, 25, when he tried to help the woman. Gold is a genuine hero and is recovering for a gunshot to the stomach. The man on the videotaped has been identified as Euric Cain, 21. Cain’s signature or mark appears to be a profane gesture for anyone coming across his Facebook site.

What is particularly shocking on the videotape below is that Gold had his hands up when he was shot by Cain who then tried repeatedly to shoot Gold on the ground but his gun jammed. Otherwise, Gold would have been executed in cold blood for speaking to help the woman.

Cain allegedly took the woman’s purse and ran down the street. I used to teach at Tulane and this type of arbitrary and fatal violence was a lingering danger in the city. Cain’s Facebook images show a real piece of work of a man who likes to flip the bird and writes such odd celebratory notes as ““Real talk I was thinking I need one f**k it I made it to c 21 with out a f**k ni**a my mama did all she could but she couldn’t show me how to be a man but I think she did a dam good job to say I’m still here n I went throw a lot but that women was at every court date n everything💯.” Nice:



Cain was arrested earlier this month for possession of a stolen cellphone during a carjacking and has a prior record of an arrest in 2011 on charges of illegally carrying a weapon and illegal possession of a firearm. He now faces charges of attempted first-degree murder, second-degree kidnapping and armed robbery, said police.

HT_peter_gold_jt_151121_4x3_992Gold is not just brave but someone who took his life’s commitment to others to heart in the intervention on the street. He is fortunately recovering and his family has thanked the outpouring of the support. As for Cain, the videotape shows a man who needs to be put away for the rest of his life. The lack of any humanity is evident from the videotape, making this man a particularly dangerous individual. But for a mechanical failure, Gold would be dead today.


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  1. The latest news, regarding injured hero, is that he remains in “guarded” condition at one of the local hospitals.

    Let me be the first to state, at least on this thread, that my thoughts and prayers are with both the victim and his family as this brave and selfless young man fights for his life. It seems like that part is lost, as we focus in on the waste of oxygen and space–his assailant–a thug and a menace to society.

  2. As an aside, I couldn’t help but to notice the name of the subhuman animal in this story–CAIN. Yes, Cain, the first born child of Adam and Eve and, of course, history’s first known and recorded murderer. There have been various studies, which have delved into this very topic–the effect of one’s name and how that very name, bestowed upon an infant at birth, has consequences later in life. It’s fascinating that part of Cain’s curse was that he was to be a fugitive and a wanderer for the rest of his life. Sounds like the kinda name any loving parent would bestow upon an innocent bundle of joy.

  3. Don’t Jewish Lives Matter? Gold, after all, is Jewish. Don’t expect to hear that from the MSM. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

  4. Lucky for Gold that the machine pistol jammed. In the video it looks like Cain had a high capacity magazine, probably 9mm.

  5. Actually the NRA solution is to not take precautions as to who buys guns, how many guns, and what type of guns. This scum might have had more difficulty in any other country in getting his ‘machine pistol’. I doubt if he could even spell his own name, what with the extra syllable. Or perhaps that is how it got to have the extra syllable. Eric, spell your name. Ah, um, Euric. Close enough, here’s your Mac10 and a thousand rounds.

  6. I’ve said it before here, and I will say it again: Execute him, and all the others like him. He won’t be around to succeed at killing someone else another time. It’s the only way to effectively reduce this kind of crime. Simply imprisoning creatures like this will not prevent them from being paroled or escaping and robbing and killing again, and it probably only will support their anti-social attitudes.

  7. The guy is scum. It will cost less to keep him in prison than to let him out someday, saved by some god, where he kills someone. Society has an obligation to its citizens to keep this piece of sh*t locked away for its life. It doesn’t get much more graphic than this. Unless of course for those that require that the scum has to kill several people in the attempt to ‘save’ him. After the guy he shot, the guy I really pity is his lawyer who has to argue for some sort of ‘understanding’, judge.

  8. “I do not know if they have a death penalty for attempted murder in that state. The video would be effective to ask the jury for the harshest penalty. If the highest penalty is life without parole they should add “life without tweeting”.”

    You would think he would get the harshest of penalties but that depends on his jury pool. If their anything like OJ Simpsons jury, it’s not going to happen. Minority’s seem to have a lower bar when it comes to violence. Sadly, everyone else pays for it. I have noticed there has been nothing written on the release of thousands of convicts by Obama. They can’t claim racist jail terms because the thug Cain had weapon charges and robbery charges against him and he was walking around free and almost killed a man. People now have to die, just to prove racism doesn’t exist in sentencing. It’s ridiculous and that’s why Trump will be elected because he states loudly what the majority of Americans feel. I’m tired of having my rights trampled on because of illegal immigration, fantasy racism and political correctness.

  9. Another BLM member and Obama supporter. He is a good reason for a CHL. He and Obama, the chief race agitator is the the main reason I actively support the NRA. He is a waste of oxygen and I believe he won’t live much longer because of the thuggery lifestyle he embraces.

  10. He’s a punk.. he’s a punk.
    He’s a punk all the way!
    From his first cigarette to his last dying day!

    His name is Cain and he is able to see…
    That his life in prison will be nothing but pee.

    It is time for his outing…
    He is bent as a dike.
    His weeny is broken from porking a bike.

    (to the tune of The Jets from the movie with John Revolta)

  11. I do not know if they have a death penalty for attempted murder in that state. The video would be effective to ask the jury for the harshest penalty. If the highest penalty is life without parole they should add “life without tweeting”. If the prison has outhouses then this guy should be the one cleaning them. He is a poster boy (sorry Man) for BLM.

  12. Yes, I have to agree with the shooter’s Facebook comment that his mama “did a dam good job” of raising him. Just think, if his ancestors hadn’t been stolen from Africa 400 years ago, he probably would be enjoying a promising career with Boko Haram.

  13. It is a shame that we don’t have more humans like Gold. I’m am glad he will recover. He should be nationally recognized. We make heroes out of muderers but we ignore the good guys.

  14. Who says that angels don’t exist? The gun, repeatedly failing to discharge, when in close proximity to this unsung hero, is chilling. As usual, President O’dumbbell remains silent. No words of praise. No acknowledgment. Nothing. As usual, only black lives matter, and the perpetrator is black. A victim of the evil white man. Anyone want to bet as to when an invite to the White House will be sent to the recuperating hero? O’dumbbell is too busy inviting Ahmed-the-ticking-pencil-box-terrorist-in-training-boy. After all, he’s a real hero.

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