“He’s Not A Bad Father”: Milwaukee Police Search For “Money G” Who Has Left 17 Children Without Support

armond-curryWe have previously discussed the dilemma of how to deal with men who continue to have children without child support. The latest case in point is Armond Curry, 36, (known as “Money G Allstar Mack”) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who is being sought by police after failing to support 17 children. Despite the warrant for arrest and worst deadbeat dad status in Wisconsin, one of the mothers insists “He’s not a bad father, he’s a great father.”

Money G now has 17 felony counts pending for failing to pay child support and appears on the run. James insists that he does get together with all of his children and “they all know their father and know how good a father he is.”

Police say that Money G lives a highlife as a rapper and recording artist while fathering children and leaving them destitute. Prosecutors believe that they may have a way of slowing down Money G’s procreation: he faces a possible 3 1/2 years in prison for each of the 17 counts.

In the very least, this must have made for an exhaustive Thanksgiving dinner for Money G.

31 thoughts on ““He’s Not A Bad Father”: Milwaukee Police Search For “Money G” Who Has Left 17 Children Without Support”

  1. Make him work to support every kid he fathered. Fifty percent of his pay to the children’s upbringing. Since they are all on Aid then that fifty percent to the government. If he can not get a job then 20 hours a week on the chain gang. He could pick up litter along the highways.

  2. Vince Jankoski …Wow. If your calculations are right, then InalienableWrights is right…this may be a red herring case, exaggerated to boot.

  3. Consider this: the average male has intercourse approximate 2.5X/week for a sexually active lifespan of, conservatively speaking, 40 years. That comes to 5,200 acts of intercourse in a lifetime. Yup, guys, that’s really what it comes to, no play on words intended. For all of that activity, the average male produces approximately 2 children, or one child per every 2,600 acts of intercourse.

    Now, let’s assume the same rate for Money G. Seventeen babies at the rate of one baby per 2,600 acts of intercourse calculates out to 44,200 acts of intercourse. Really, you can check the math.

    Here comes the truly remarkable part. Money G is only 36. Using a round figure of 20 years of sexual activity means that, in order to produce 17 kids, Money G has to have had intercourse 2,210X per year or once every 4 hours for his entire post-pubescent lifespan. This figure assumes that Money G does not sleep. It also does not take into account periods of incarceration, if any, and other times where Money G is not within arms reach of a female. It also assumes that every woman with whom Money G has had relations was fertile and that every act of intimacy resulted in vaginal copulation. Altering the assumptions will, of course, alter the result. My very subjective guess is that Money G is having sex about every 20 minutes he is awake.

    Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

  4. Come on this entire story is another Red Herring. Another government divide and conquer meme…..

    We ignore problems like the Fed, the coming economic collapse, both of which have solutions, and yet we focus on this bull shit?

    Who cares, in the grander scheme of things?

    When you get down to it, if there were not a Fed perhaps the mothers of these children would be able to support them. They did decide to have them after all…

  5. The Newspeak Post … The first order of business for this jerk should be castration. Physical not chemical. Unless he grows long ears, fur, and begins to hop around, his breeding characteristics are anti-social as much as any murder’s. He has no more respect for life than that.

  6. Bill McWilliams, I’ll always remember the tough start you had in life. Since it’s the first time I remember you saying this tough fact, you have not let it define you. People who overcome tough circumstances and tragedies all share one trait, they do not allow it to define them. Our victimhood culture is the antithesis of that.

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