Beauty Remains In The Eye Of The Beholder As China Prevents Canada’s Miss World From Traveling To Finals

Anastasia_LinThis week, China has once again shown the world that there is nothing quite so ugly as its ongoing struggle to bar basic rights and freedoms to its people.  The authoritarian government’s effort took a particularly bizarre turn when it reportedly stopped Canada’s China-born Miss World, Anastasia Lin, 25,  from boarding a flight to the beauty pageant finals in China.  Lin is a member of the repressed Falun Gong movement and just testified in Congress on Chinese repression in July.

Lin, a stunning actress, was crowned Miss World Canada in May, but was unable to obtain a visa to get to the southern Chinese resort island of Hainan for the contest finals in Sanya.

The Chinese were clearly not happy with the testimony by Lin who said she wanted to “speak for those in China that are beaten, burned and electrocuted for holding to their beliefs.”

The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa doubled down with a statement on saying that “China Welcomes all lawful activities organized in China … including the Miss World Pageant. But China does not allow any persona non grata to come to China.”   Of course, China competes to host international events like this and insists that its authoritarian politics and policies will not interfere with these events.  It appears however that China has a new category of “gorgeous but non grata” personas.

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  1. The Chinese lady is pretty and nice. But is she a Canadian? Is Canada now also a “creedal nation?”

  2. js,

    What’s wrong with racism?

    Seems like the Founders, from a perspective upholding individual freedom over the dominion of a monarch, established the right to assembly?

    1st Amendment –

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    The 1st Amendment assures the freedom of thought, speech, discrimination and racism.

    The right to private property gives the owner discretion over possession and disposition.

    It is understood that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of…” freedom of thought, discrimination, racism or the possession or disposition of private property.

    Many among us cannot grasp the concept of freedom. Ten complete, definitive and conclusive amendments were written to fully inform the challenged, the disaffected and the disbelievers. Only antagonists and traitors continue to claim that freedom does not and can not exist. Only enemies continue to draft false, unconstitutional legislation such as subsequent amendments that do not simply clarify, but controvert, nullify and destroy the Constitution and the American thesis.

    Affirmative action, “Fair Housing,” “Civil Rights” and “Anti-Discrimination” laws are all antithetical, anti-freedom and unconstitutional.

    Never did the Founders dictate to Americans that “minorities” would prevail. That poppycock has been “interpreted” into existence by the same treasonous and subversive SCOTUS that denigrated the Constitution to foreign citizens in a foreign country, supported the imposition of the principles of the Communist Manifesto and cavalierly commingled the definitions of the words “state” and “federal” in its most recent, preposterous act of blatant nullification, usurpation and corruption.



    Freedom or Slavery. Self-Reliance or Dictatorship

    The American Founders established freedom.

  3. Doglover: Guantanamo and other US torture prisons don’t beat, burn, and electrocute prisoner. These are just transit points with holding cells before shipping them to Kazakhstan for debriefing.

    That said, I wish we had more of your and Lin’s dissent here in the insulated US as so many innocents are being killed elsewhere by our collective hand while we sit around and amuse ourselves.

    “’The war is simply a depraved act by weak and miserable men.’ Including all of us. Including myself. . . . The point that I’m trying to make and I think that ought to be made is . . . what seems to me a very – in a sense – terrifying aspect of our society is the equanimity and the detachment with which sane, reasonable, sensible people can observe such events. . . . I think that’s more terrifying than the occasional Hitler or [General Curtis] LeMay or other who crops up. These people would not be able to operate were it not for . . . this apathy and equanimity. And, therefore, I think that it’s in some sense the sane, reasonable, and tolerant people who share a very serious burden of guilt that they very easily throw on the shoulders of others who seem more extreme and more violent.” – Noam Chomsky, when interviewed by William F. Buckley, Jr., on Firing Line (1969).

  4. “beaten, burned and electrocuted for holding to their beliefs.”

    Sorry China. That is only allowed at Guantanamo and other US torture prisons.

  5. If countries are not going to allow all contestants in for an international event, then they should be prevented from holding it.

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