Former Mizzou Instructor Arrested After Attacking Teenage Relative At High School For Not Wearing Veil

56588096de584.imageThe University of Missouri has been battered by protests over racial relations on the campus for weeks, including the recent resignation of a faculty member who tried to silence a student reporter. Now, an assistant professor at the University of Missouri is under arrest on suspicion of child abuse after Benghazi native Youssif Z. Omar reportedly attacked a female 14-year-old relative for not wearing a hijab to Hickman High School. The University says that Omar has not worked at the university for months. Students were reportedly not fond of Omar and some noted his explosive temper, yelling at students, and poor English.

Omar is listed on the University’s website as a graduate teaching assistant of Arabic and the managing editor of the undergraduate journal “Artifacts.” He received his Bachelors Degree in translation and multiple Masters Degrees in Libya. He secured his PhD in English Education, Linguistics and Translation Studies while at the University of Missouri from 2008-2013. The Mizzou website still lists him as Adjunct Instructor of Arabic in German & Russian Studies.

Omar is accused of attacking the teenager by pulling her down the stairway by the hair and striking her in the face after seeing her with a hijab.

Notably, in an edition of “Artifacts,” Omar wrote and Editor’s Introduction that said “It is very hard for some people to be away from their own culture because they find themselves confined to the deep-rooted beliefs and customs they acquired and learned from the communities in which they were born and raised.” He may be a case in point but his “confinement” will now be more concrete if convicted.

It is always more disconcerting to see someone not only with advance degrees but actually teaching at a university commit such acts of violent intolerance and orthodoxy. Omar himself is an “artifact” of orthodoxy in believing that he had the right to physically punish a girl for wanting to go to school without a veil.

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  4. The physical and emotional mistreatment of women is wrong, regardless of the religious or cultural doctrines we may invent to support it, and the demands of tolerance do not preclude punishment for actions which reason condemns.

  5. Still, folks, not one word from po–not a single, relevant thought or remark–about the topic at hand–the young, Muslim girl brutally and savagery pulled from her school, by her hair, slapped and pushed into a waiting car, by a non-custodial male relative for the grievous offense of failing to wrap a dirty rag around her head. NOT ONE WORD. What do we get instead? Another of many psychotic rants about the scores of Jews converting to Islam, which, of course, only exists within the confines of po’s disturbed, and, mostly delusional mind. The truth is that scores and scores of Muslims are desperate to leave this insidious and perverted death cult, but, unfortunately, due to their lives being threatened for the audacity of wanting to leave Islam–including threats to the lives of loved ones–they are incapable of escaping this dangerous and religious prison which surrounds them. The incredibly brave and courageous ones, who openly tout their escape from Islam, are under the constant threat of death, which, of course, po also fails to acknowledge. I personally know and help some of these families, so I know the difficulties that they face in attempting to extricate themselves from this fiendish belief system. Po will never reference that. CAIR would cut his paycheck.

  6. I don’t know, bambam, dbq, seems to me that you are just frustrated at the fact that though you urge bombing and quarantining Muslims, more and more people are embracing the faith, especially white, Jewish guys and women!
    My Buddy Markus just converted to Islam. He was a non-practicing Jew, but Islam really appeals to him, as it does to 1000’s of people everywhere, chinese, korean, Japanese, native american, latinos…
    No need to be hateful guys, everybody is welcome :)))))))
    As long as you leave your dark heart outside the door, come on in!

    bambam, perhaps you’ll get to see what I really think of the issue when/if you ever remain on topic and refrain from turning every post into an islamophic rant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For someone so sensitive to antisemitism, you are pretty clueless!

    I wish you both that your daughters marry a black man, or a muslim, or both…:)))
    Sorry, sorry, did not mean to give you a heart attack…

    Where is my friend Karen? I miss her stories about her many “moderate”muslims friends who so conveniently contrast her many more stories of evil muslims!

  7. All this stuff about how misunderstood Islam is as a religion is just ridiculous. It is what you see it is. Do people disbelieve their eyesight? Muslims are in a mess because of their philosophy of life.

  8. You Must go back to India. You Must go back!

    Or sorry, Libya.

    He went to Mizzou before they hired him. Good old boys from Old Mizzou. Went in dumb, come out dumb too. Hustlin round Atlanta in their alligator shoes. We’re keeping the women down!

    Jail would be good for him. He is probably bent so make him sit solo.

  9. @ Bambam

    Don’t waste your time engaging with po. Seriously, a waste of time and effort. You are never going to have a rational conversation. Ignore.

    Furthermore, let him/her just blather on. The more he/she exposes the agenda, the clearer it becomes that Islam is incompatible with civilized people and should be quarantined like a plague of smallpox

  10. As usual, po exposes himself and his blatant and proud support for criminal and barbaric acts when those very criminal and barbaric acts are committed by one of his fellow adherents to the death cult known as the Religion of Peace. Even when presented with the most obvious example of criminal conduct, his response is, as usual, to deflect, start flapping his wings and blather on about how other sick individuals turn to Islam as some sort of retreat. Islam is spreading? Yeah, so is cancer. Not a word of condemnation regarding what happened to this young girl. So, so typical and expected.

  11. And these:
    We accept everyone, including scientists, porn stars, athletes… You don’t have to be born muslim, nor do you have to be arab…are you a human being, do you want a personal connection with God? Do you accept the legacy of Prophethood from Adam through Muhamad, including Moses and Jesus?Then friend, you are

  12. HAHAHAHAHA…Am loving this!
    The hatred, the bile, the same words spouted against Muslims are the ones spouted against Jews before, and Irish, and chinese…Such hatred!

    Which holy book states unequivocally that men and women are equal?

    Meanwhile, western white women (and men) are converting to Islam in great numbers…do we ask ourselves why? Either they find something in it that suits feminism or they are brainwashed, what do you think?

    Interestingly, the more the west attacks Islam and demonizes it, the more Western people convert to Islam…
    I’ll just let these women speak for me:

  13. Well, well, well. . .color me surprised. While JT doesn’t go into sufficient detail in his article about the actual details of this specific episode, where this young girl was dragged by her hair, from her school, by a non-custodial relative, down a flight of steps, slapped and forced into this dirtbag’s vehicle, a simple google search of this incident reveals a series of events that, in my opinion, should’ve been charged as a kidnapping. Although the law regarding kidnapping is difficult to define, as it varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, generally, kidnapping occurs when a person, without lawful authority, physically asports another without that person’s consent and with the intent to use the abduction for some nefarious purpose. In this situation, terrorizing and inflicting bodily injury would, in my opinion, would apply when considering whether that nefarious purpose was present. Federal criminal code 18 USC, Section 1201, makes kidnapping a serious felony with prison sentences of 20 years or more. It’s fascinating how no one seems to question the fact that this “refugee” is capable of breaking both state and federal law with impunity.

  14. @ John

    We tolerate millions of illegal immigrant Mexican immigrants

    Maybe YOU do. I don’t tolerate illegality. What can I, as an individual, do about it? Probably not much.

    You are quite correct. The elites, the Chamber of Commerce big wigs, the wealthy who are walled off from the consequences of their creation are madly in love with bringing in illiterate, cheap labor and don’t give one thought to the degradation of the quality of life of the rest of us. As long as they can have their cheap nannies, lawn and pool boys, cheap construction, restaurant slaves….it doesn’t matter how many American Citizens are driven out of the work force.

    So while we are being flooded with illegal immigrants and possible terrorist we are supposed to be tolerant. Guess what. There IS an end to being tolerant and being told to turn the other cheek and seeing your life being swept out from under your feet by the complicit help of the crony capitalist system.

  15. We tolerate millions of illegal immigrant Mexican immigrants that are the least literate and most culturally backward of that population. Why shouldn’t we tolerate a few million Muslims? The capitalists of America want more cheap labor and they have security to wall them off from social problems.

  16. Well… least the other students in her school got a good first hand lesson in how the “moderate” Muslim treats the women and girls in Islam. Beat them up. Pull them down stairs by the hair. Torture and mutilate. Yep. This is moderate. Can’t wait to see what ISIS has in mind for us.

    The girls (I hope) learned that you put your life in jeopardy if you do convert to Islam as a woman.

    People will say, well, it is just their culture and we should be accepting of it.

    I wonder how tolerant they would feel if it were a backwoods redneck uncle in a wife beater t-shirt (named that way for a reason) who grabbed his teen niece and beat the crap out of her in the school and drug her down the stairs by the hair……would they be accepting and tolerant of that culture??? I doubt it.

    No. We do not have to tolerate this type of barbaric, animalistic, stone age mentality. Get out of this country if you can’t be civilized. We do not tolerate inhumanity.

  17. All of the “great religions” of the world are based on misinterpretations of the teachings of the enlightened persons who inspired them….at best. Otherwise the teachings have been purposely perverted to serve the power mad. Case in point: “Love thy neighbor” morphs into The Inquisition.

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