Sunni Leader: Gender Equality Is “Un-Islamic” and Women Are “Fit Only To Deliver Children”

Kanthapuram_AP_Aboobacker_MusliyarSunni leader Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musalyar (head of one of the traditionalist Sunni Muslims in Kerala, India) has reportedly confirmed that worst expectations of women and civil liberties advocates in India with recent comments calling the concept of gender equality “un-Islamic” and saying that women could never equal men as “they are fit only to deliver children.” It is a chilling reminder of the intense prejudices and oppression faced by women in many traditional Islamic areas.

Musalyar, 76, the chief of All India Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulama, insisted at a camp of Muslim Students Federation (MSF) in Kozhikode that women lack the mental strength and power to control the universe, “which lies in the hands of men.” Ignoring the advances in civilized countries, he predicted that “Gender equality is something which is never going to be a reality. It is against Islam, humanity and was intellectually wrong.”

He further added “Women can never equal men. They are fit only to deliver children. Women cannot withstand crisis situations.” He further denounced plans to allow girls and boys to share seats in colleges as “part of a calculated move to destroy Islam and culture.”

Musalyar is obviously an extremist and many Muslim women have made tremendous achievements in science, education, and politics. However, Musalyar’s leadership position shows that his views are shared and replicated in this area. It is a glimpse into the lives of women in the area and the religious and cultural barriers that they face.

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  1. fnn – Interesting. Government(s) getting involved in a marriage or for that manner any contract seems to do more harm than good. Those in power have used women just as they use immigrant to gain popularity and votes. Women, even more than men love stuff for free so naturally politicians started giving them free stuff, as well as legal benefits in exchange for supporting progressive social policies. Men are much harder to pay off because they are willing to do those things, no matter how physical or mentally difficult, nasty or dirty they are. However the bureaucracy is full of those who will take benefits in exchange for loyalty over ethics. One of the many reasons all democracies have failed throughout history.

    It is so interesting to me how Americans look at our politicians as if they are angels and saints when there is little evidence of such behaviors. It is always our alleged opponents who are the bad guys, but never us. Perhaps it is a mental illness like the normalcy syndrome?

  2. All fundamentalist religious belief crap like this. I went to a christian fundie wedding a few years ago where there was a good chunk of the sermon on the wife’s responsibility to obey her husband. Utter garbage. So it’s not just an Islam problem.

  3. Kerala doesn’t fit the usual stereotypes:

    Education of the Poor
    Kerala’s unusually sophisticated education system also helped communism flourish in India’s post-independence period. According to “Isis Magazine,” Kerala’s high literacy rate encouraged peasants and other working-class citizens to engage in politics. Once they gained power in 1957, the CPI(M) rapidly expanded the education system. The school system led Kerala to the highest literacy rate in all of India by 2007, but communist control of the schools also enabled the indoctrination of the state’s young people. That, in turn, allowed the party to maintain control of the state for generations.

    Absence of Sectarian Conflict
    Another factor that helped communism take hold in Kerala was the relative absence of sectarian conflict. In the first several decades of Indian independence, many parts of the country were rocked by constant religious and ethnic violence. In Kerala, however, such sectarian violence was rare. In other parts of India, poor Hindus and poor Muslims were politically divided. The divide made it impossible for a single party to win the support of all the elements of lower classes. The peacefulness of various religious sects in Kerala facilitated cooperation among the lower classes of society, allowing the CPI(M) to lead a strong majority of voters.

    1. fnn … 10th platform of communism is “free education of all children”. Communism is always the result of a fascist oligarchy using social policy to control the majority. They can redistribute the wealth into their own pockets and keep the majority in economic chains.

      An example, SS recipients are not getting a cost of living increase, yet the politicians voted themselves a raise this year.

  4. Believing in a religion is a form of insanity, and being a Muslim is the most violent, dangerous kind of that type of insanity. It soon will be destroying the US in the same way it is destroying Europe.

  5. Barkin Dog, Saddam was Iraq’s Hitler, and you know what the US did to him.

  6. Since Kerala has a long history of progressivism, this statement may owe as much to Western-style Culture War as Islam.


    People say the rot set in with no fault divorce, but it is worse than that. The rot set in with George the Fourth’s unsuccessful attempt to divorce Queen Caroline. We then, in 1820, first see the doctrine that women are angels, with no sexual character, therefore do not need restraint, supervision, and discipline. Around 1960 or so, the left doctrine that women are angels with no sexual character was replaced by the doctrine that woman are angels even if they have sex, and history was abruptly rewritten to attribute the previous version, that women are sexless angels, to the right.

    Of course the actual right wing point of view was always that given half a chance, a woman will bang a total stranger like a barn door in a high wind, should he superficially appear sufficiently high status, with utterly disastrous results for her family, her children, and herself, and that therefore women had to be restrained for their own good, and the sake of society…This left wing doctrine, the angelhood of women, led the state’s destruction of the family, starting in England with the Matrimonial causes act of 1857. It set in a fair bit earlier in the US, though this is complicated to track in the US, being primarily done in state rather than federal law, with some US states obstinately holding out until the civil war, which was fought not only to free the slaves, but also, among other things, to destroy marriage.

    The British Matrimonial Causes Act of 1857 meant that a woman who left her husband had the legal status of an independent household, but not a man who left his wife – thus began what in due course became unilateral divorce at female whim, and the requirement for continuing moment to moment consent to sex, rather than consent to sex being formally given once and forever. A woman could wash her hands of her husband, but not a husband of his wife. Hence the 1860s begat the 1960s. Smash monogamy and all that. If a wife left her husband, perhaps in the hope (seldom realized) that her demon lover would visit her more frequently, she gained, under the 1857 Matrimonial causes act, full control of her income and finances, but did not automatically and immediately lose the husband’s obligation to support her. Every change since then as just been doubling down on that big 1857 change.

  7. “It is against Islam, humanity and was intellectually wrong.”

    Well, one out of three is all there is here. There is not much that is humane about Islam, from the most benign interpretations to the rabid dogma hell presented by ISIS. There is next to no if not no place for the intellect in Islam or most other religions for that matter. Religion by its very nature refuses to include perspectives that do not recognize the basic tenets of said religion. There is no place for the intellect in any religion, perhaps a pseudo or gollum intellect. In Islam, the newest of the three ‘answers’ to all questions, the world can find the most paranoid, the most insecure, and the most devious of its populations. The stricter the rules with the more extreme the consequences, the less substance; the goofier the costumes, the further from any intellectual pursuit whatsoever; belief and faith belong to the believer and the person attempting faith. They cannot be shoved down throats, only sourced from a 360 degree perspective of the world. The hell that is Islam is that it attempts to reduce that perspective to nothing, only absolute submission.

    The West has been there, done that, and it doesn’t work. The greatest revelation is the realization that it is mankind only that creates this sh*t and mankind only that is responsible for it. The West is the most advanced in this understanding and is therefore the ‘big target’. War has already been declared against the West. The beginning of something that should have been going on since the start of this nonsense, the development and use of special force surgical attack units, as noted recently, is the weapon of choice to cut out this cancer. Hopefully the politicians will grow pairs and get on with it.

  8. If I lived in a Pirate Territory with Islamic a’holes like this I think I would vote for Hitler. He was elected. You know that don’t you readers? Hitler was elected. India needs a Hitler to get rid of these Islamic terrorists. So does Iran, Iraq and the other hard places in between. And if you are between Iraq (a rock) and a hard place then move on. But not to America.

    1. My understanding is that Hitler was actually appointed by someone who was elected. Doesn’t matter though.

      You are kidding me about wanting another Hitler to ride the world of Muslim terrorists? Elect Trump he’s your man then.

      All dogmatic religions have fought back when attacked. You might consider stopping our foreign interventionist polices as Ron Paul has provided the evidence would solve most of the problems. Shallow thinking will only provide shallow results. The military industrial contractors will be very happy though and will surely reduce global populations, if that is your goal.

      If you do not understand the so called West is trying to set up fascist government allies around the world you do not understand how the current international monetary system works. Sorry BarkinDog, I do not trust your policies and surely do not want the young people of our world to die in mass. Did we not learn from WWI and WWII. Both sides were being financed by the same banksters?

  9. I think that the term Islamic Phobia is too weak a position. Here is a song which is appropriate. It is a take-off from Red Neck Mothers by Jerry Jeff Walker.

    He’s not responsible for what he’s doin. His mother made him what he is!
    For its UP against the wall Red Neck Mothers!
    Mothers who have raised their sons so well.
    He’s 64 and beating up girls for being fine.
    Kicking hippies asses and raising hell.

  10. It’s funny this guy is from Kerala, India. Kerala was the stronghold of Communism in India for many decades. The Communist Party ruled Kerala (democratically) from 1957-2011.

  11. One more thing….women is Islamic country have succeed inspire of this strongly held belief and some have paid with their lives. Previously moderate and forward thinking Muslim countries have turned their back on modernity and are beginning to embrace these kind of beliefs. Saudi Arabia has never embraced women’s equality or freedom of speech. It beheads blasphemers. And yet our President went to that country to more the passing of its theocratic Islamic King.

  12. In more primitive cultures human muscles still do much of the necessary work. At that level of culture men are physically superior to women and contribute more to the community (other than having babies).

    In more advanced cultures where an electric motor can do the work of 100 men, a woman with an electric motor is 100 times more powerful than a man. The level of discrimination against women in any culture has a direct correlation to the level of importance that human muscles provide as opposed to the level of work provided by technology and science. This is also true of pockets of subculture in a more advanced region, as with rural and small town Americans. The more advanced a culture, the less religious people are. The level of religiosity in the US has a direct correlation to the number of Americans with mental challenges.

  13. There is no such thing as Islamophobia. Fear of individuals and groups that believe in this crap is rational.

    I sure wish his mother had decided that she didn’t want to deliver him!

  14. Islam leader Louis Farrakhan would agree:

    Mr. Farrakhan urged the women to embrace his formula for a successful family. He encouraged them to put husbands and children ahead of their careers,
    shun tight, short skirts, stay off welfare and reject abortion. He also stressed the importance of cooking and cleaning and urged women not to abandon homemaking for careers.

    1. When Church and state were one through the world, they taxes their people usually as much as they could get away with. Now that the two are separated in many countries, each still wants their share. Just add 10% tithing on to the high tax and regulatory fees in most countries, Farrakhan and all dogma worshipers are asking the impossible. Now we see that the right wingers are anti-big government.

      The power to tax and tithe is the power to destroy. I see little difference between the two except in how the people are coerced into doing it.

  15. The problem is, your so called “traditional Islamic areas” is expanding in front of our eyes.

  16. I don’t remember ever reading about our resident Muslim’s view on women. We see him condescend toward women here, but he’s never given his views. Well, I guess the condescension speaks louder than any words he might spew.

  17. ninian – according to the quran they are 2nd class citizens and will just have to live with it.

  18. I just can’t believe the non-sense that comes out of the dogma worshipers. The actually believe they can speak on God’s behalf. To me there is no greater example of arrogance then this and it is one of the greatest faults of mankind. Interesting that such leaders often times are the ones who suffer from some sort of psychological or moral defect such as the pedophiles in Catholicism. How often do you hear of a Imam strapping a bomb to their backs. They get the young and naïve to do such things. I tend to think they are all arrogant scam artists like those who worship the nation state. You must admit they have many similarities.

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