The Face Of Evil: Tashfeen Malik Finally Shown In Photo


ht_tashfeen_malik_float_jc_151204_12x5_1600We finally have a face to go with the name of a murderer who would abandon her own baby and slaughter people, including some who had thrown her baby shower. It now appears that San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS and left her baby in pursuit of paradise in return for her massacre of her husband’s co-workers. Malik and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, not only left their baby and family to face the aftermath of their despicable crime but killed people who had supported them both at and outside of work.

As we noted earlier today, it appear that Malik may have played a critical role in radicalizing her husband. She was born in Pakistan but moved to Saudi Arabia 25 years ago at the age of four. She traveled back and forth between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia — two hotbeds of Islamic extremism. She went to college in Pakistan at Bahuddin Zakri University in Multan where she was known as a top student.

UnknownWhat is clear is that she and her husband Farook embraced extreme Islamic views and turned their house into an IED workshop. Malik came to the U.S. on what a “fiancé” visa, which allows an American fiancé to petition for his or her partner’s temporary entry before marriage. She then joined her husband later in a bloodbath at his workplace. There appears to be few pictures of Malik. What is clear is that her daughter will eventually be told of how her parents chose their pursuit of paradise over her well-being.

The question now is what to do with the child. Police say that the apartment was full of weapons and pipe bombs while his mother lived there with their baby. It is hard to conclude that the grandmother is an appropriate custodian until we can determine her level of knowledge not only of the specific attack but the general planning for violent jihad.

What do you think?

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  1. @issac Who?

    I don’t actively promote terrorism at all. I don’t encourage it. In fact, I’d rather that everyone be safe, protected, and kept from harm. Despite what I said, I don’t promote conspiracy theories. If it is a conspiracy theory, it is. If it is not, it is not.

    Do you think I’m a conspiracy theorist when I said Sandy Hook was a hoax? Would you say I’m a conspiracy theorist when I don’t believe that it is right for the FBI to allow the media to waltz right into the shooters’ home? Am I one when I said the FBI would not allow unfettered access to every home of every terrorist, serial killer, and everyone on their Most Wanted List?

    It’s called critical thinking, issac. I’d rather obey the laws, try to do right by the Constitution, but I won’t actively go so far to stray from it or the laws that were set down. So no, I’m not going to break any laws any time soon nor in the future.

  2. FBI, at least the rank and file, are in revolution mode, not cahoots, w/ Obama.

    @ Nick

    I believe this also. The rank and file of FBI, CIA, Police and Sheriff departments are not with Obama. In fact, should Obama try to ram some executive action that is meant to gut the 2nd amendment, we already know that many Sheriff’s have already said they would not enforce any such laws imposed by Obama.

    Unless Obama plans to unilaterally and without Congress, send in the military and forcibly go house to house to round up guns,(something which WOULD precipitate a civil war), anything he says tonight is just more hot air. This doesn’t mean we can ignore what he says because it is a clear indication of what the left will continue to try to do to us.

    And I agree a coup by the military or other agency is something that may not be ruled out.

  3. Anyone remember the wife Herodias had a grudge against John?

    For Herod himself had given orders to have John arrested, and he had him bound and put in prison. He did this because of Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife, whom he had married.
    For John had been saying to Herod, “It is not lawful for you to have your brother’s wife.” So Herodias nursed a grudge against John and wanted to kill him.
    But she was not able to, because Herod feared John and protected him, knowing him to be a righteous and holy man. When Herod heard John, he was greatly puzzled; yet he liked to listen to him. Then came the vow.

    The king said to the girl, “Ask me for anything you want, and I’ll give it to you.” And he promised her with an oath,
    “Whatever you ask I will give you, up to half my kingdom.”
    She went out and said to her mother, “What shall I ask for?”
    “The head of John the Baptist,” she answered.

    At once the girl hurried in to the king with the request: “I want you to give me right now the head of John the Baptist on a platter.”

  4. There are some conspiracy theorists on this blog that are potentially more dangerous than any ISIS terrorist. I hope they remain benign. However, we may unfortunately be reeling from their exploits in the future, when they flip out. The really scary thing is that they don’t have to go to some cesspool like Saudi Arabia to get fired up. They can find all the support they need right here on Turley’s blog.

    1. Ever wonder how and why the term “conspiracy theorist” became a popular insult? Ever wonder why “conspiracy theorists” are now considered a bigger threat than terrorists?

      1.) “A contemptuous term used primarily by the main stream media to slander anyone who questions their monopoly on truth.”

      “Even though he has done his own research and has concluded that the official account of events is either lacking or inaccurate, he is still a conspiracy theorist because he does not believe what the main stream media proclaims to be the truth.”

      2.) “A term in which its true meaning has been completely obscured. It is used to attack the credibility of people who seek the truth within crimes committed by the government. It is used by those committing the crimes to make those who seek to expose them seem crazy and wrong.”

      “The witnesses who heard a gunshot and saw smoke coming from the grassy knoll during the Kennedy assassination are conspiracy theorists. The witnesses who felt, heard, saw, and were harmed by explosions during the attacks on the World Trade Center towers basement levels on September 11, 2001 are conspiracy theorists. Anyone who believes the government doesn’t love them is a conspiracy theorist.”

  5. Nick: The FBI should be held to a higher standard, much more than the LE. LE should be held to a high standard, yes; federal agents, however, have more authority and jurisdiction to operate from. If the FBI is willing to say this is a terrorist attack, I’d be on board with the Special Agent-in-Charge who said that. It is a terrorist attack. if Obama says it’s workplace violence, I don’t agree.

    I don’t know but I do know that there are military operators in our military who are loyal to the Constitution and are willing to stand up for it. There are LE, currently working their jobs, who are ready to defend the Constitution if needed. People, who were Oathkeepers, are ready to keep the Constitution too as well. So America isn’t truly lost.

    I wouldn’t be shocked at Obama declaring war on ISIS. He’d be saving face, pretending to do this so that he could garner some approval. Hollande just sent in the French army and they’re whupping ISIS’s butt right now in collaboration with the Russians, the Chinese, and who knows how many other nations are going to get involved. It really warms my heart to know that they’re actively attempting to nip ISIS in the bud so they can send all those Syrian refugees back.

  6. Nick; “If this Prez is not careful, he may have a coup on his hands.” Sorry Nick I simply haven’t had time to get that help you recommended. 🙂

    As far as a coup? Who knows. The military is disheartened, overly deployed, exhausted, PTSD traumatized, drugged, disarmed in some cases… Do they have the cajones? Do we want that? I don’t know anymore, but if I could speak Russian and had the money I’d feel safer in Russia. This country is going down and as far as I can see, Putin is the only world class leader with any integrity.

  7. Obama is completely out of touch w/ the public mood. We may see him double down on, “I got this under control.” I would be shocked if he gave a “we will attack ISIS mercilessly” like Hollande did just a couple weeks ago. He should use this time to invoke Article 5 of the NATO Accord and declare total war on ISIS. Vegas has the odds on that being 150-1.

  8. Obama may use his prime time to announce an executive action on gun control as discussed on another thread. I think the FBI, at least the rank and file, are in revolution mode, not cahoots, w/ Obama. The rank and file Agent in Charge was the first to say they were investigating this as a terrorist attack, while Obama was still saying “workplace violence.” If you know the FBI, that is VERY noteworthy. The FBI usually give out information w/ supreme caution. The military is fed up w/ Obama, as is the intelligence community. If this Prez is not careful, he may have a coup on his hands.

  9. DBQ: If your theory is correct, that means the FBI has lost whatever authoritative integrity it has. If they know the threat here in America is more graver, they’re no longer operating as the FBI, which stands for integrity, pride, the will and means to provide protection to American citizens from those who are tougher to find, harder to get.

    We all know that it will lead to one road if this is true. Red Dawn, except it won’t be the Russians. It’ll be someone else.

  10. Hildegard: Slow down there. I did agree that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

    We may be lemmings but we certainly won’t tolerate terrorism. More Americans are buying guns in order to protect themselves in the wake of those killings.

    You’d have to source the 700% increase in killings since Obama took office. That has to be sourced and attributed when you found it. Hopefully, it came from a government or official source.

    The forced vaccinations are not applicable here in Texas. You can either receive those vaccinations for your children, or apply to have those vaccinations checked or removed through exemption because of your religious beliefs. Texas allows both. At least that’s according to my knowledge. I’d have to re-check to verify that it still is true.

    1. Sorry Texan. I posted the stats on the increase in mass killing by president a few times already but here it is again since you’re a newcomer. I’m only allowed to post two links per post but there are more.

      When I said the lemmings “can accept” terrorism, etc. what I mean is that they can accept the official story but they can’t accept being duped by the official story. I also know that vaccinations are being pushed as mandatory in ALL states and this will include ADULTS; you ,me everyone on this post. This is the plan unless we stop it.

      Forced Adult Vaccinations at Federal Levels Comment Period Now

  11. Kudos. Now some anger @ the leaders trying to take away our rights. I believe in using anger as positively as possible. I am making sure I have nothing in arms reach to throw @ the TV this evening except for pillows. I can hear the didactic, condescending, polemic already.

  12. When’s the last time the FBI has allowed the media to enter the home of terrorists, serial killers, and other Most Wanted? I can’t think for the life of me that the FBI would open a home of a terrorist to the media 48 hours later.

    @ Texas

    My theory?

    They WANT the evidence to be destroyed, contaminated and made useless. The destruction of a crime scene by the press(morons) is on purpose. The FBI and the Obama administration does NOT want us to be able to connect the dots or to identify the other middle eastern men who were frequenting the home. They don’t want us to find and neutralize the terrorists. If we do connect the dots and identify people it would confirm that the terrorism threat is much much worse than we suspect It would confirm (as if we don’t already know) that it is ISLAM which is the enemy of the American people and the enemy of Western Civilization. Obama can’t allow that to happen.. It would confirm that Obama has put us into great great danger. And confirm that Obama has done it on purpose.

    I suspect that Obama WANTS more terrorist actions because then he can declare martial law, confiscate our guns and complete his “fundamental transformation” of this country from a free one to a fascist dictatorship. So what if some people get killed. They are just pawns on the chessboard. Acceptable losses to get the agenda rammed down our throats.

    As Lorretta Lynch vilely said. This is a ‘great opportunity’ to make some fundamental changes. The death of American citizens at the hands of terrorists is not viewed as a tragedy or a horrific thing…..THEY think it a wonderful opportunity. How SICK is that?

    Just a theory 🙂 Now I will find my tin foil hat.

  13. Paul C. Schulte: Actually, I don’t trust CNN. They’re not a verifiable source to begin with. On point, I don’t trust mainstream media. That’s why I pointed out that Sandy Hook as a hoax in my opinion.

    I don’t even watch CNN, MSNBC, CBS, or any other news outlet. I glean the news online from various sources, figure out which is real or not. For example, there were people who said that Ahmed, the little boy, made a genuine clock and presented it to school. From what I gleaned on multiple sources regarding Ahmed and his clock, it smelled like a clever ploy to get people to accept Ahmed and his “genius”. He was received attention from Obama, an MIT professor (a Jew by the way), and was given entry to both WH and MIT. What I cannot fathom is how Ahmed was told by one of his teachers never to do it again. He did it again and again to garner attention. When his clock was beeping on and off, it sounded like a countdown clock, not an actual clock that records time properly like any other clock. The clock that Ahmed dismantled came from a vintage clock. An engineer reported that those who wanted to understand engineering needs to use electronic kits to develop their ideas and he had a degree in engineering. He seems pretty well put, placed the photo of little Ahmed’s clock box, and asked one simple question, “What was that silver bag doing there next to the clock? What importance does it play into? More importantly, that silver bag HAS zero connection in charging up this clock.” Police were right to arrest Ahmed and be suspicious of him. Muslims were the major source of terrorism, either foreign or domestic. They had every right to suspect little Ahmed.

    Now, that little Ahmed and his family are suing the government for millions of dollars. They wanted to move out of Texas. Well, let them. I’d glad to kick them out of my own State.

    If people watched CNN and noticed just how hyped up some of the news are, let’s just say more of them are distrusting mainstream media. They’re doing everything they can to garner ratings and in order to do so, they’d try to make themselves ‘appear honest’.

    I’m in favor of adding a bill that requires media to present the news factually and with honesty. Unfortunately, such a bill won’t pass because of the news citing ‘1st Amendment protection’.

  14. To be fair, the question posed by JT was ‘what should be done with the baby?’ So we all weighed in on that. But I certainly do agree with you that the families of the victims should be of greater concern.

    I don’t see this as being an either/or situation. We can be furious at the killers, at their families who did nothing (that we know of) to stop this horror. We can be disgusted with the moderate (so called muslims) who stand by and do nothing to stop these murderers. We can and should be appalled at the murder of innocents and should do everything we can to support the survivors and the families of the killed and injured.

    We can also have sympathy and concern for the innocent child abandoned by her deranged parents. We can be concerned about the quality/stability/character of the family that she might be released to for custody.

    We can plan on how to stop this in the future. We can decide that we will NOT tolerate this type of mindset in our country.

    We can do all of these things at once. It isn’t either/or. Caring about a small abandoned baby does not mean that a person doesn’t care about the other victims. There is enough care and humanity in us that we can care for those who deserve caring about. The innocent, the victims, they deserve our care. Not caring about the dead murderers, hating them, or even not caring about or hating their families who possibly could be guilty as well, is also something we can do, given the facts. Give me proof and I can hate and expect vengeance with the best of them……..Hating for the sake of hate is what these deranged jihadist muslims do. I think that I’m better than that and would hope that the rest of us are as well.

    Multi tasking.

  15. As for the Boston Bombings: why is a CNN Pentagon Correspondent acting as multiple witnesses?

    I had to go to the Wayback Archives to retrieve this link, because of the earlier video I linked you. The webpage was published on January 12, 2014. Why is this being archived? You only archive something when it’s at least 5 to 10 years old.

    When my professor said the ‘web induces lies, malice, and falsehood.’ He was right but he was also wrong. The media also induces lies, malice, and falsehood as well.

    1. TP – your problem is in thinking that CNN is to be trusted to begin with.

  16. Again today, the chronology of comments is askew. But, that is the least of which is askew!!

    1. Nick – why the comments are in the order they are has been explained. You just need to keep up with the reading.

  17. When’s the last time the FBI has allowed the media to enter the home of terrorists, serial killers, and other Most Wanted? I can’t think for the life of me that the FBI would open a home of a terrorist to the media 48 hours later.

    I saw the link, HIldebrand. I knew Sandy Hook was a hoax. How could Adam Lanza shoot down those children? More importantly? Why did they change Lanza’s first name after his brother was outed on Facebook, publicly ostracized? Why did the father of the “dead child” wheeze, laugh, then hyperventilate in front of a rolling camera before forcefully inducing himself to crocodile tears? Sandy Hook was always a hoax to me, a means to get ‘gun control’ on the table.

    If the media is allowed to enter a home of a terrorist 48 hours later, why did the FBI not allow them to enter the Tsarnaev’s home 48 hours later? How about McVeigh? Oswald? What about Ted Bundy? How about the others on the Most Wanted List?

    I am not convinced this is what truly happened. If it did happen and people died as a result of these two shooters, what the FBI did was mishandle the situation. They are a federal agency who take pride in making sure information that is classified stays classified and out of LE’s reach.

    I sincerely hope this is not another hoax, like Sandy Hook.

    1. Dear wonderful Texan! Thank God you showed up! I’ve been tempted to give up on this crowd, It’s not easy being the only voice of reason in a sea of ignorance. The lemmings can handle of LOT of sh*t; terrorism at their doorstep, murderous breast feeding mothers, a 700% increase in mass killings since Obama took office 7 years ago, the World Trade Center collapsing in it’s own footprint, the sky filled with white trails blocking out the sun and whitening the once blue sky, forced vaccinations, etc. etc,. etc. But what they CANNOT handle is the knowledge that they’re being played like a violin.

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