Cosmetic Surgeon Removes Model’s Ribs To Look More Like Jessica Rabbit

screen shot/YouTube
screen shot/YouTube
There is a truly disturbing story recently about model Pixee Fox who had six ribs removed in an attempt to look like a real life cartoon and break the record for smallest waist in the world. While many view this as a textbook case of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (or just plain disgusting), what was most shocking is that Fox was able to get a physician to do this surgery.

Fox said that this grotesque procedure was the fulfillment of a long-standing dream to look like “pin-up cartoons like Jessica Rabbit.” I had assumed that whoever did the surgery would hide in obscurity from both public opinion and any relevant medical review board. However, Dr. Barry Eppley, an Indiana surgeon, not only has gone public to take credit but defended the practice. Eppley said that rib removal is largely “an urban myth” but he has made it a reality and removed even more ribs than Fox in another patient. In what is a truly dubious statement, Eppley said “It just seems extreme because it is the only plastic surgery other than liposuction [that removes] normal body parts, so it seems extreme.” No, Doc, that is not the only reason it seems extreme. It is extreme because you are in the business of removing ribs for clearly troubled individuals and calling it medicine.

Yet, Eppley insists that only the 10th rib covers “a bit of the kidney” and “[i]n the typical person you’re not losing protections of your organs.” He added “I wouldn’t recommend it for an athlete though.” Really, otherwise he would recommend it?

Fox has reportedly spent more than $120,000 on surgical procedures, suggesting a serious disorder in my mind but not enough for Eppley to cut out her ribs.

I fail to see how such an operation is ethical for a physician. It seems to me that such a removal would create health dangers. However, accepting Eppley’s account that there is no real risk, there is part of me that says (while disgusting) this is ultimately a matter for the individual (as will other surgeries from studs to horns to implants). My problem is that there are some surgeries that seriously raise the question of the sanity of the person for a doctor. Nothing requires a doctor to accept such an operation and I view this type of work to be perfectly horrific.

Yet, returning to the individual choice question, do you agree that this should left to individuals if there is no medical danger in having so many ribs removed?

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  1. Not a medical procedure. Therefore not done by real “docs.” Can be outlawed just like taking doc’s rx off the street. Society has a legitimate interest in protecting the integrity of the medical practice. This is not the same free will as say getting fat…..or smoking or drinking. Instead it uses ” doctors” . now if she pays for any infection or complication herself….maybe. But still real doctors ….. Now find themselves doing the jenner thing…..not medically necessary…..but it will make the patient “feel” better. With that standard anyone who asks the md for oxy or hydro ought to get it. Etc.

  2. Like the person wanting to look like a lion to this person wanting to look like Jessica Rabbit is ultimately their choice. They would be sad being denied that choice.

    Or…the man who wants to have his body “modified” so he can pretend to be a woman. Or the parents who decide that their 8 year old daughter really wants to be a boy….until she changes her minds and starts hormone therapy.

    All these irreversible medical decisions made either on a whim or by mentally unstable people. But…whatever, desire should never be countered with facts or reality.

  3. She is quoted in a newspaper in New Orleans as saying: “I’m Mrs. Rabbit and I am here with the shit.”

  4. Yikes. This woman appears creepy to me. I find the cartoon Jessica Rabbit to be highly attractive. Her proportions are ridiculous, but she’s from someone’s imagination! JR is ‘natural’ in her sense that she’s a cartoon, and fits the fantasy world in which she exists.

    To take a real natural human and try to make them into a cartoon… ugh… But hey, like a lot of people said- her body, she can do whatever with it- decisions made as an informed adult.

    Whatever happened to a ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’? 42 39 56, you could say she got it aaaaaaalll!

  5. Doesn’t anybody see a ‘sex change” in the same light?
    Sick persons like “Bruce Jenner” want their penises chopped off so they can join the favored gender caste, women. A lifetime of wearing panties was not enough, he needed surgical modification.

  6. Would be interested in the professor’s views on removing or altering sex organs to mimic a member of the opposite sex. Don’t remember seeing them in the past.

  7. What is central here is the illusion. To me, a lifelong artist and admirer of the human form as well as nature and architecture, she looks ridiculous and distorted, not lovely and in no way sexually attractive, as well as somewhat animated, like a clown. Her life must center around illusions of beauty and unfortunately other human qualities. I have friends who have had ‘nose jobs’ that actually worked and some who after a long absence look like a traffic accident, you want to look but you can’t. It gets embarrassing in a conversation when you are supposed to make eye contact but can’t help but focus on the other puffy parts of the face. Given all the disasters out there it still doesn’t sink in to some people that the most beautiful expression of the human anatomy is the one nature gave, if you keep it in shape. The whale who filed the false police report is still less offensive looking than the bimbo.

  8. I’m afraid we will only see more of this in the future. I saw a really creepy Law and Order a while back where young people were self amputating limbs. When I look at the freak shows on display at the grocery check out or at the mall, it’s really only a matter of time.

  9. I say three generations of imbeciles are enough. When the woman gets some illness due to lack of child support or rib support like when she is giving birth then she can come after the doctor and cut off his weeny. Tit for tat. Or weeny for ribs.

  10. Doctors should just say no. But I would not enact laws to stop the doctor or the “patient” nor would I stand in a pulpit or elsewhere and suggest either should be killed. I simply register my disagreement and dismay and move on.

  11. Anybody remember the old corsets which were sold to women who then suffered displacement and strangulation of organs. Ah society. While I wonder about the sanity (hers) and the ethics (doc) of those involved, I’m glad it’s her decision re. her body and not some parent “doing” an adolescent child.

    Maybe the gene-pool has run its course….I hope.

  12. You can remove “unviable tissue masses,” you can remove ribs

    (can you charge double murder of a pregnant mother and her “unviable tissue mass?” Oops. Someone’s wrong on that one. Let’s call Gloria Steinham).

  13. OF course it is her choice. The legal system could abide by her freedom of choice, but it could also outline certain procedures that would be unlawful for a physician to perform without approval of three anonymous peers. On an ethical level, a doctor should not do something like this to a person with an obvious mental pathology. Interestingly, this dilemma is in the same vein as a lawyer trying to prosecute a person he knows is innocent, or helping set free a person he knows to be guilty – especially if it is a heinous felony such as murder or child molestation. I believe that the legal profession has never provided an ethical cover for intentionally thwarting justice. Perhaps our esteemed Mr. Turley (truly no sarcasm here – I admire Mr. Turley) could give it his best shot. I feel certain he must have wrestled with this issue. I have a son who went through first year law school at Loyola, only to decide that he did not want proceed because of these very issues – and he was in the top 10% or so of the class, doing very well, but was only interested in criminal justice. Seriously, it would be a gift to hear Mr. Turley on this issue.

  14. I would have to agree that if you are an adult you can do to you body what you want.

  15. Her choice. I’m thinking she just may have had some collagen in those lips???

  16. Like the person wanting to look like a lion to this person wanting to look like Jessica Rabbit is ultimately their choice. They would be sad being denied that choice.

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