Red Alert In The People’s Paradise

130px-Mao_Zedong_portrait220px-beijing_smog_comparison_august_2005We have another dispatch from the Worker’s Paradise. Beijing has issued its first ever “Red Alert” due to the city’s smog– forcing the capital into virtual shutdown.

The red alert requires a shutdown of schools, construction and other industries in the city. While the pollution has been even higher recently, officials expect a significant increase i the coming days. These levels mean that some people can fall ill simply by being outside on the streets.

The air pollution monitor operated by the US Embassy that the level of the poisonous, tiny particles of PM 2.5 as 291. The World Health Organization considers 25 micrograms per cubic metre to be a safe level.

On Tuesday, the levels were 15 times higher than the allowable levels under the World Health Organization.  Millions of cars were ordered off the streets and the city left in a shroud of pollution.


Beijing is not even the most polluted city. Indeed, some of the countries now opposing restrictions on air pollution in the climate change conference top the list of the most lethally polluted cities.  Here are the top ten:


1 Delhi, India 153
2 Patna, India 149
3 Gwalior, India 144
4 Raipur, India 134
5 Karachi, Pakistan 117
6 Peshawar, Pakistan 111
7 Rawalpindi, Pakistan 107
8 Khormabad, Iran 102
9 Ahmedabad, India 100
10 Lucknow, India 96

11 thoughts on “Red Alert In The People’s Paradise”

  1. Smog….whatever. Until the inversion breaks there will be smog. A Persistent high pressure system will also smog a place up. With a city the fraction of bejing. Sometimes places are built in stupid places. Like building denver airport lee of the rockies. Not the best place of leeward distance for a typical weather scenario. Same for bejing?

  2. I have a friend who works in China who keeps inviting me to visit him. This is why I do not go.

  3. The head Chinaman did not tell his citizens to stop smoking did he? This is similar to the One Child policy. They need folks to die off because they have too many folks in China. When you watch the news on TV last night and today then look at the degree of pollution they have inflicted on themselves. You humans in America who smoke tobacco are dumb. Guns are quicker. Suicide is dangerous. Know what you preach to your kids. If you smoke in front of them you are telling them something. Sixteen generations of imbeciles are enough.

  4. It’s all about King Midas. When people become increasingly greedy, their newly found wealth destroys everything in their midst. China needs to be careful about following the folly of Western Capitalism.

  5. But, but, but, China is a developing country. It would be unfair and racist to impose environmental standards. Oh, never mind. That is actually what India said last week. Another of the world’s greatest polluters.

  6. Our corporations must be salivating! They see the power of a country controlled by a government corporation. That is what they want here and are slowly but surely getting.

    As China buys more and more of our country and others and its lobbyists suit up in DC you’ll see more and more Chinese companies joining the ranks of our sainted corporations, making our laws and controlling our courts and Congress.

    I find it strange that the Europeans make no connection between this out of control pollution and the new World Bank the Chinese are starting. Their goals are long term and ideological. Their business ventures support those goals and make some special Chinese very rich.

  7. Well they’re not dead yet, so I guess that’s why the GOP wants to lift the oil Export Ban and ship more polluting fossil fuels over there. Let’s just get right to the Climate Catastrophe and screw the suspense.

  8. Promote the General Welfare is the mandate in America.

    Government shall promote clean air. Government may creatively promote clean air.

    Government has no authority to dictate or otherwise order clean air.

    Freedom and Self-Reliance means the people must accomplish clean air by choice.

    Americans attempted to stabilize the birthrate and population, and clean the air in 1960 but the Presidium

    ordered more “Central Planning” and more profits through more “immigration.”

    Overpopulation may be a problem for China. Fewer people in China would pollute less.

    Overpopulation may be self-resolving. From the looks of it, overpopulation will be the death of China.

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  10. It’s wonderful when the State is God…..right? As much as ISIS is evil. it hasn’t killed and pillaged even a fraction of the Mao dynastic enterprise does each year. Ah the little red book. I’ll take the New Testament any day.

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