Police Arrest California Man Who Allegedly Bought The Guns Used in The San Bernardino Massacre

We have another unnerving case of a recent convert to Islam allegedly turning quickly to involvement in terrorism. Enrique Marquez, 24, legally purchased the AR-15 rifles that his neighbor San Bernardino gunman Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik used to kill 14 people and injure 21 others. Police say that former security guard Marquez had recently converted to Islam and was part of the planning for the attack but got cold feet after the arrests in a nearby town of terrorism suspects in an unrelated case. He will initially face gun charges since he transferred the weapons to the couple after serving as the purchaser.

Marquez is also related to Farook by marriage. He married the sister-in-law of Farook’s older brother. Marquez and and his new wife, Mariya Chernykh, listed their address on the marriage license at the same Corona home where Syed Raheel and Tatiana Farook live. He also converted and had gone to a few services at the local mosque. Just seven months ago, Marquez was attending punk rock concerts. He was working at local Wal-Mart, which has since fired him.

Law enforcement officials say that Farook and Marquez had discussed carrying out attacks in the Los Angeles area in 2012. executing an attack somewhere in the Los Angeles area in 2012, but decided not to do so after four people were arrested in nearby Riverside County in an unrelated terror case.

Marquez checked into a mental health facility after the attacks in San Bernardino. It will be interesting to see if the policy will seek confidential notes from that mental health visit. In the Menendez brothers murder case, police used the notes of the therapist against them at trial. L. Jerome Oziel was later accused of violating confidentiality and stripped of his license in 1997.

The rapid conversion and alleged radicalization of people like Marquez makes the task of law enforcement all the most difficult. It also shows the folly of Trump’s plan to simply bar all Muslims from entry into the United States. A terrorist is willing to kill innocent people. He clearly will not be troubled in saying that he is a Quaker if needed to enter the country. Moreover, these groups have ready made recruits within the country, particularly among the mentally unstable in the population.

Source: FOX News

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  1. Obama’s Press Secretary Cannot Explain How More Gun Control Would Stop Shootings
Reporter calls out White House on executive push
    My personal take on this is that they want to show that background checks won’t stop these (fake) shootings so they can escalate to gun registration and gun confiscation. If I’m right and they succeed in the subterfuge, we’re all toast, including all the goody goodies ala ninianpickett’s of the world.

    I could be totally off base here but maybe after guns are banned then the likelihood of bombings go up. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t bombs capable of killing a lot more people all at once? Oh wait, banning guns will make terrorists stop wanting to kill people all together or better yet, let’s just ban everything, including our murderous government. .

  2. @ Karen.

    Yes. You need to upload to a photo hosting site….like Photobucket or Imgur (I use both) and then link to the photo on that site. That is a good thing to do even IF you can link to your computer. It adds another layer of distance between your personal computer and the internet where malicious people might be able to access your computer or find out personal information.

  3. I have answered many, many times that I do not excuse wrongdoing because of religion. My comments bear this out, as I have criticized Jews on relevant posts here, such as when the extremists killed a Palestinian child in revenge for the murder of a Jewish child. It’s irrational to keep asking the same question.

    Is Po still claiming to be Mexican American whilst simultaneously claiming to be from Africa?

    DBQ – you are right. I was working, although staring at a blank wall would be more rewarding than getting sucked into Po’s issues.

    If you have a photo on your computer that you want to post, do you have to upload it to an internet site first, and then copy and paste that address?

    1. karen, why not make it easy and clear, we do not remember your criticisms of jews before…
      Considering you asked a direct question, then demanded I answered, which I did, why not do the same and answer my direct question?
      Unless you agree that jewish terrorism is not terrorism, that terrorism is ONLY when arabs do it?
      That a child burnt to death along with his sleeping family is not terrorim?
      That children missiled on the beach is not terrorism!
      If so, please just stand your ground, be proud and tell us very clearly that only Arab terrorism is terrorism!
      Either way, let me reiterate, alongside DBQ, my complete support for you!
      You have both the right and privilege to be an islamophone, a bigoted and hateful person, beside being dishonest and immoral.
      I’ll defend to my death your right to be that.

  4. @ Dutchjim

    It doesn’t appear that you need HTML formatting on this site to insert a picture or a video

    Find the url for your photo….being sure it ends with .jpg Then just copy and paste. Same dealio with the videos. Go directly to the video making sure it is playing. Copy and paste.

    At least that has worked for me.

  5. Question for anyone who can help: How do you get photographs and videos into this forum? I’ve researched this for days and have not found an answer. Thank you, Jim

  6. I’m Hillary the 8th I am I am. Hillary the 8th I am.
    I got married to the widow next door.
    She got married seven times before.
    And everyone was a Hillary.
    It wouldn’t be a Willy or a Fred.
    For their ain’t no ithBay like Hillary!
    Hillary the 8th I am!

  7. I cut myself off above.
    As time goes on I am more in favor of The Donald than any other candidate. He is a bit wacko. But what the heck. We need someone who is tough and smart. He is not wacko. He is not a weenie. He is not stuck in time like Cruz or Rubio. He is not a weenie like Bushie boy. On the other side of the aisle: there is the winner, Hillary. I mean the Democrat winner. It will be Trump vs. Hillary.

  8. Well. I think that Trump has better chances of being our President as Muslims go on. Or as time goes on. Or…

  9. PO: Couldn’t resist; “John what relationship does Obama have with Iran? Is he a secret shiite?”

    No, he’s a not so secret piece of shite.

  10. PO: Regarding Trump; “…never mind that he has extensive business dealings in Muslim countries.”
    Apparently never mind what he actually said as well. Btw just like many American Latinos appreciate his honesty about illegal immigration, a lot of American Muslims support his viewpoint on Muslin terrorism and what to do about it. Shock of all shocks…a lot more than mass hypnosis media would have you believe.

    We some real bad apples spoiling the whole bunch, do we not? Better to do the best we cam to weed out the bad apples. Will it be perfect? It never is, Po. It never is. Go to the Trump post for a link to the latest Bill O’Reilly interview if you want to know what he’s really saying. I’m not responding to anyone here so it’s nothing personal.

  11. Paul C. Schulte
    1, December 11, 2015 at 5:27 pm
    po – you spend more time off point than anyone I know.
    Paul, you keep making my point… you don’t know yourself…the only explanation for you that I can venture.
    know thyself they say 🙂

  12. Was it said here that Obama kept the “terrorism” aspect out of the news and held the name of the terrorists up in a feeble effort to protect his relationship with Iran?

    For hours the name was withheld by the FBI.

    The President keeping the news from Americans – a cover-up?

    What the —- is going on in this country?

  13. NiCk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Missed you, buddy!
    Always on time for some noontime passive aggressiveness 🙂

  14. DBQ, you ARE speaking for Karen…good for you!

    I say if she has time to ask a question and demand an answer, she has time to reply when the same question is asked back.
    But, I understand that she outsourced the answer to you, you share the same ideals, don’t you?

    Perhaps karen can let us know whether your assumptions are on point, but, yeah, it is hard to find the time to answer a simple question when that simple question may end up accidentally revealing the darkness of one’s heart!
    i would do the same thing and avoid answering!

    Oh no, silly me, I answered the question when it was asked of me! What was I thinking?
    Honesty, when you hold us into your clutches!

  15. That’s a very long list! Pulling weeds, paying taxes, cleaning the oven, etc. would all be part of the “better things to do” list.

  16. Based on karen’s refusal to answer such a clear and basic question, I am now tempted to almost believe that I was possibly wrong to assume she keeps missing the question,

    Not speaking for Karen….however, I would assume she keeps ignoring your condescending, snotty posts because she has better things to do.

  17. I hope that the authorities squeeze this wacko like a pimple and get every bit of info out of him regarding his connections and contacts. He checked himself into a mental facility? Don’t be surprised if some of the goons from CAIR or one of the local mosques get their hands on him to permanently silence him. He should be in protective custody and not shuttled off, hurriedly, to some psych ward. Bad move.

    1. I am heading to the mosque right now, the imam will talk about how to better be a righteous believer, do good, treat people right, pray your daily prayers…etc…etc…
      Come on, bam, we are not the Mossad!

      1. po – it would behoove you to listen to the words of the imam and follow his advice, assuming he is going to say what you say he is going to say.

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