New York Taxi Driver Fined For Refusing To Allow Woman To Ride In Front Seat Due To His Islamic Beliefs

Tamsir Drammeh, a New York cabbie, has been hit with a $350 fine after he refused to allow a mother to sit in the front seat after she and her family piled into his cab at Penn Station. Drammeh reportedly said that the husband could sit in the front seat but that having a woman in the sit would violate Islamic values.

We have previously discussed such conflicts with Muslim taxi drivers and others such as the case where Muslim drivers refused to drive people bringing bottles of wine or alcohol from the airport.

The driver in this case said that Islam bars him from being so close to a female stranger, a position rejected by many Muslims. Notably, one Muslim driver said that he could allowed her in the front seat but could refuse her if she was “wearing a skirt hiked up to here” and then “He wouldn’t have her in the front, but only if she is alone.” Even that is a rather curious and arbitrary rule for women to have to deal with in trying to determine when their dress barred them from sitting in the front seat of a taxi.

Notably, this was a mother who got into the taxi with her two children and husband. However, Drammeh still considered her sitting in front to be an affront to Islam.

In contesting the fine, Drammeh found himself facing Judge Laura Fieber, who ruled “That his religion did not allow him to sit next to a woman is not an acceptable defense in an occupation that is operated to serve the public. Of significance, respondent made it clear that the husband would be welcome in the front seat, while the wife/complainant would not be.”

Despite his discrimination against women, Drammeh was only suspended for a day.

Source: NY Post

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  1. The guy is in a business of taking people, all people, from one place to another in his cab. Unless the passengers are violent, excessively drunk, present a physical danger to the driver, there is no excuse for discrimination.

    If there was a rule that applied to ALL taxis where no one is in the front seat that would be acceptable. Personally, if I were a taxi driver, I would not want anyone at all in the front seat with me for my own safety. If there is not such a rule, he doesn’t get to pick and choose.

    He doesn’t get the right to discriminate based on HIS religion unless WE get to discriminate based on ours.

    Can we refuse to get into a taxi driven by a Muslim when that cab is the next one in line at the airport? Can we refuse to use their cab if they show up with a Muslim and demand a different driver? I think not.

    Multi-culturalism and tolerance only seem to go in one direction, doesn’t it?

  2. Now some of po’s rants make sense. He is driving and blogging.

    Renegade – the days are going to start getting longer here, too.

  3. From Lisa: “If you can’t follow our laws or traditions, go back to where you came from”

    I agree completely. If you are not willing to live as Native Americans have traditionally lived and fit in with Native American culture, speaking Native American languages, go back to Europe.

    1. What have “Native Americans” got to do with this? They were almost destroyed by the European settlers in the 19th century. They still don’t have their lands back or compensation for the theft of them. I’m not proud of my heritage either btw, nor the way Africans were uprooted and transported half way around the planet. Thing is, if you come here to live (whichever country here in the West you choose) live by our laws and customs, which permits you to follow any religion you want, don’t try telling us how to live. You need us more than we need you so put up or ship out we won’t allow you to destroy our peace.

  4. Any time religious perspectives like this and when so called devout Jews hold up a plane because they don’t want to sit next to a woman, the call should be religious extremism and ‘no fly’, etc. Perhaps the person replacing the woman can refuse to have a religious extremist sit next to him. “I am afraid for my life and the lives of the passengers on this plane, having this religious extremist sitting next to me.” That is a vastly more believable statement than, “My religion won’t permit me to sit next to a woman.”

    I have refused cabs with BO that I knew would attach itself to me. This cabbie placed his religious perspectives-not even shared with all Muslims-above society’s laws. He should be placed on a watch list. People going around with a separate set of rules in their back pocket are a danger to society. That’s why we have a society that excludes religion yet includes reason and common sense. I’d follow this guy and see where he goes.

  5. NYC. Figures. The next time this happens all the persons get out of the cab and call another one. If you get a second muslim driver with similar views from Yemen then call another cab company. Third time is a charm. If you get a third muslim driver with any BS attitudes then steal the friggin cab. It is all about attitudes and latitudes and the friggin muslims have to go back to India, Yemen, Saudi whatsits name, or where ever.

  6. (a little tongue in cheek)
    Actually this is a clear case of a violation of Western and Islamic Cultures. The husband should have taken the front seat as the woman/wife/mother should have had the place of honor in the chauffeured seat. Riding cabbie shotgun is the least honorable of the positions. Therefore two opposing fouls offset and the down needs to be replayed.

    Go Seahawks.

  7. So, big deal–he’s fined a minimal amount and suspended for a day. What will those penalties do to rectify the underlying problem and prevent future such occurrences? Answer: nothing. How has the issue regarding females needing to sit in the front seat of these cabs been addressed? Let’s say that instead of a family entering the cab–where the male has an option to sit in the front seat–a group of females needs to get into his cab. What then? The Taxi Commission should have a contract, that all cabbies, without exception, must sign, which prevents them from pulling this crap–whether it pertains to refusing women to sit in the front seat or refusing rides to those with bottles of alcohol or service dogs. Automatic termination should be the remedy for any who are found not in compliance with the rules and regulations. No fines. No suspensions. Immediate termination from employment. Period. My guess is that CAIR will jump in, along with the EEOC and the other alphabet soup agencies, to protect these guys. What else is new?

  8. Having hopped into my fair share of NYC cabs during my lifetime, I’ll just take a wild stab at what may have transpired here–Tamsir’s cab, most probably, reeked from a toxic and nauseating mixture of curry, garlic, lamb and a virulently potent form of b.o. of unknown origin, anyway. The woman should’ve been relieved and thanking her lucky stars to have been relegated to the back seat with the kids, thus leaving the poor husband to sit in the front with Tamsir, where he would no doubt enjoy being serenaded to by lovely Arab music, consisting of relentless bongo banging, as he watched an assortment of dangling chains and amulets swing from the rearview mirror. All in all, I’d say that this was her lucky day.

  9. Sounds like the EEOC needs to get involved to uphold the beliefs of the faithful against the tyranny of the state . . .

  10. If his religious views do not permit him to provide the service, he should get out of the business. No excuses no religous exemptions. What’s next –no women in my cab without a burqua.

  11. I have to assume that the family, likely the wife, filed a complaint with whatever city department regulates cabs. If true, I’m proud of the family for standing up against that idiot. Political correctness (e.g., don’t criticize Muslims or Islam) would normally prevail, especially in NYC. Bravo to the family and the judge.

    Having said that, I wonder if the family is at risk for retribution from the cabbie’s running buddies for blasphemy.

  12. Easy solution. Toss the cabbie in the trunk with the luggage. Husband wife sit in the front hubby driving wife henpecking or giving ‘turn left right now’ commands and the kids sit in the back and fight. Keep the fare and leave the keys in the ignition. It’s NYC the cab will be stripped or sold and the cabbie? What cabbie?

  13. This is a perfect example of these foreigners coming to the US and trying to destroy our traditions and laws.
    If you can’t follow our laws or traditions, go back to where you came from.

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