“Goodbye Phillipines”: Drunken Man Dies After Hugging Explosive Just Before Detonation

180px-San_Diego_FireworksNew Year’s Eve brought in the New Year with the usual array of injuries from the combination of excessive drinking, crowds, and other factors. Perhaps the most bizarre and ironic was the death of a Filipino man who decided to hug a giant firecracker appropriately named “Goodbye Philippines” just before it exploded. It took the man with it.

The man was reportedly quite drunk, though it is bizarre that no one was responsible enough to keep people away from the huge pyrotechnic device. In all the health department reported that this death was part of 380 injuries due to fireworks and four others due to stray bullets. At least nine involved children with amputated fingers due to fireworks.

The case is reminiscent of our recent discussion of the Maine man who died in a drunken game with a firework.

Some New Year’s deaths were just garden variety negligence like the man who died Wednesday after climbing on the catwalk about the Four Season’s hotel in Manhattan to take pictures with his friend.

In the meantime, Dubai went ahead with its firework display despite a huge fire in one of it luxury hotels.

Source: ABC

16 thoughts on ““Goodbye Phillipines”: Drunken Man Dies After Hugging Explosive Just Before Detonation”

  1. He could not get laid so he went out with a bang. He had been hoping for a gang bang.

  2. Tyger, I still like to do childish things. I love to body surf @ age 63. I love playing w/ kids who I unabashedly love. It’s just fireworks don’t interest me. Maybe it’s the loudness of them. I’m an introvert. We do not like loud and love quiet.

  3. Nick, the child in me will always love the sparkle and booms of fireworks. The adult in me has learned (and continues to learn) how to protect both of us from the dangers of life, man-made and natural. Some dangerous things can be beautiful if viewed and heard from a distance or with appropriate caution. Fireworks and lava flows are two examples. Horseback riding and hikes deep into a wilderness are two more. Taking photos of a rattlesnake is another. http://www.TygerGilbert.com/Photo.htm?PicNo=003957&Back=000076 In some people, their adult just never sufficientlly develops and they do dumb childish things and get hurt or killed. In other people, their adult always keeps their child safely locked inside, producing a life that is less stimulating and fun — and healthy — than they could be enjoying. To these overly serious people, I often suggest they open up and let their child explore and do crazy things — under reasonable inner-adult supervision — and they will live longer and be much happier. “What good is Life if you don’t have fun with it?” is a frequent quote by Tyger Gilbert. Of course, only you can judge whether any of this is applicable to you, and your adult who writes here is intelligent and experienced enough to make that judgement. I have promised my inner-child we will have more fun in 2016 than maybe ever before.

  4. John, if you’re referring to my comment, “Maybe that’s why we need to live in a police state.” it’s sarcasm.
    I’m a busy activist in the Liberty Movement.

  5. And so because these people injured themselves (or let kids be injured), the rest of us will have restrictive laws that treat US as idiots too….

    AGAIN, explain to me why do we need to save people from the shallow end of the gene pool?

  6. MSM TV newsman Brian Williams was fired soon after we learned his alleged heroic military exploits were lies made up to endear him to war mongers (i.e, gullible average Amerikanz). Polls showed how far he dropped on the Amerikanz “trust” scale.

    And who topped the list on the Amerikanz “trust” scale? A man who makes his living convincing persons he is someone other than himself, professional actor Tom Hanks.

    Even if he’s guilty (I don’t know or much care either way), all this professional actor has to do is walk up there and do what’s earned him several hundred million dollars, act like a non-rapist. Talk to a professional therapist to find the exact personality traits of a non-rapist and act them out for audience (jurors).

    I’m not saying every woman deserves to be raped for being alone w/a male “celebrity,” but it’s not exactly rocket science that celebrity status generally comes w/an inflated sense of self and self righteousness. Am I the only one who remembers the sex pervert Michael Jackson hanging his baby upside down by the feet outside a hotel window, and of course Jackson walked away unharmed by the law for that crime. And thinking he, as an adult, deserved to sleep w/children, saying it’s completely normal?

    Generally, the greater is one’s celebrity status the worse is their personality.

  7. My eye doc tells me he always has extra docs from his office on call during the July 4th and NYE holidays.

  8. my son-in-law took me to the Vikings/Giants game last Sunday NIGHT. It was supposed to be a noon game. This was their last regular season game in TCF Stadium, the U. of MN. facility that holds a cozy 45k. I wanted to see an NFL game in a stadium less cavernous than all the huge ones in the NFL. Getting to my point. Prior to, and during the game, there were lots of fireworks set off around the stadium. The Giants lineman, Jason Pierre Paul, blew off part of his dominant hand w/ fireworks last summer. I wondered aloud if the fireworks before and during the game caused PTSD. I have never gotten the attraction of fireworks for grown men. I mean I liked playing w/ them as a kid, but by my 18th birthday those days were over.

  9. @JT
    “In the meantime, Dubai went ahead with its firework display despite a huge fire in one of its luxury hotels.”
    Miraculously, the Dubai hotel wasn’t pulverized by the fire into microscopic dust as were the Twin Towers in NYC on 9/11/01: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_3p8NVOJJk

    And see pictures of all these other steel and concrete buildings whose long-burning fires also miraculously did not bring them down, let alone pulverize them into microscopic dust:

    Can the natural (rather than a supernatural) explanation be that fire and steel just interact differently in New York City?

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