Toy Manufacturer Scrutinized For Fighter Jet That Plays Islamic Hajj Prayers Instead Of Jet Noises

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

From screen shot
From screen shot

One concept that local producers seem to miss when dealing with Chinese manufacturers is Quality Assurance, something that often must be addressed at higher levels and greater frequency than what is customary in the United States. The allure of fast turnaround and cheap production costs often blinds companies to underlying problems. Examples include asbestos in crayons, cadmium in toys, toxic dog treats, and even the bizarre examples such as a shaved dog substituted for a lion.


KING5 News reports of a local father who purchased from Amazon a Wolvol Air Combat Ace F-16 toy fighter jet. Unexpectedly, instead of jet sounds, the toy played Islamic prayers.

Nadeem Israr, President of the Islamic Society of Whatcom County, explained: “This is a prayer you’re supposed to say when you’re performing Hajj.”

I would expect such an event to be troubling for those of the Muslim religion as the Hajj is one of the highest forms of devotion and is to be practiced at least once in the lifetime of the faithful, if they are able.

wolvol-air-combat-act-boxFrom a quality control perspective I have difficulty accepting the notion of this being an unintentional act by an employee at the Chinese factory. The toy does not sound remotely like a jet and even if one does not understand the Arabic language spoken, lacking many of the phonetics within the various dialects of the Chinese Language, it is obvious this is a human voice. Moreover, it is probable the sound file loaded into the toy came from a download from the internet. I doubt a mistake was made between Jet and Hajj via file name. If this came from a particular batch of the toys, especially if it was not the first batch produced, it would be strong evidence of employee tampering.

Note the unconventional English usage
Note the unconventional English usage

The Wolvol company website did not feature this jet when I reviewed the site.

Many companies are better served to have QA personnel in China on the production line or hire reputable QA providers in the country to review manufacturing and perform random tests of the product. It doesn’t pay to simply make an order that is directly shipped to a reseller such as Amazon, which Wolvol’s website which shows a direct link to Amazon for ordering of each of their toys. I believe this might have been the cause of a breakdown in the Quality Assurance chain.

Click HERE for the article along with video of the toy.

By Darren Smith

Source: KING5 News

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  1. Po… response to your 1:19 PM comment……..I did NOT say that out loud. Consider this response a “POism”; I.e., making a statement, denying making a statement, then accusing others of misstating my statement.
    That simple.

    1. Tom, it is really not that difficult, all the statements made were right here on this thread.
      You brought up the comparison, then accused me of having made it, then justified the actions of your party over the actions of the other party, which when shown you the pictures that counter your argument, you offer a plate of red herrings by bringing in Eric Holder.
      The record is pretty clear…friend!
      This is where you take my advice, as I took yours on another thread, and drop it.
      You cannot regain what you’ve already lost, this argument. Tripling down would only cost you more, your integrity!
      Chalk it up to experience and gear up for the next meeting 🙂

          1. Not sure if any disabled people were shot when the couple in San Bernadino targeted a center for the disabled.

            1. In the process of going against Islam in shooting up people, they could very well have…
              Then again, we blame the law for people breaking it, don’t we?

              1. No, I think the couple would have faced serious, legitimate charges had they survived.
                And the idiot who gave them the guns is facing serious, legitimate charges.

  2. Let’s call for an end to illegal land grabs! This land belongs to the American people, not the ranchers! They steal our land to graze their cattle and never pay for the privilege! Let’s have some personal responsibility here! Who do these people think they are leeching off the government and the people? No more welfare for ranchers and so-called sovereign citizens.

    Follow the law and you won’t get in trouble! Right? Let’s apply the same rules to lawbreakers across the board. If we’re going to arrest protesters in Fergusen and Baltimore, let’s arrest them in Oregon and Nevada as well!

  3. DBQ, unlike Back people protesting, who are met with with war weaponry and attitude, the authorities around this event are working very hard to downplay its seriousness…as they did at the Bundy ranch when militiamen , and women, had their scopes trained on police officers.
    As I keep saying, to justify it for some and not everyone is …well…!

    1. “Protests” involving widespread arson and rioting, as in Ferguson, are likely to result in a response by law enforcement.

      1. Come on, Tom, 🙂
        Armed militia men with guns trained on law enforcement, stating very clearly that they will resort to violence against law enforcement, vs non-armed populace protesting mostly peacefully?
        Come on, tom!

        [Ryan J. Reilly
        Justice Reporter, The Huffington Post
        WASHINGTON — Law enforcement officials responding to demonstrations and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, following the death of Michael Brown last August used a variety of inappropriate tactics and strategies that often exacerbated tensions, according to a report by policing experts that the Justice Department is releasing this week.
        The assessment finds that deploying dogs for crowd control was “provocative,” positioning snipers on top of armored vehicles during daytime protests “inflamed tensions,” tear gas was “deployed inappropriately,” and law enforcement used unconstitutional policing strategies that suppressed First Amendment rights. Such strategies “had the unintended consequence of escalating rather than diminishing tension,” the report states.]


        1. Po……maybe Eric Holder was on the ground in Ferguson that first night, advising law enforcement to stand aside as the widespread looting and arson occured.

  4. As to the Indian occupation of Alcatraz, it had some positive outcomes, forcing the US Government to change some its oppressive policies towards the Tribes and change some of their high handed actions.

    Here’s hoping that the people who are protesting the BLM and Government oppression of the land owners and ranchers in the West and the illegal government land grabs can also have a positive outcome.

  5. .yet there are those that will try to equate this with San Bernardino, Paris, etc.

    Well….I equate it to Alcatraz 1969 when a group of Indians (american kind) took over the island. Everyone in the media loved it and they were a cause celebre and the darlings of liberals.

    BLM bureaucrats are nothing less than a bunch of power mad gangsters.

  6. Fred Rautha…….yet there are those that will try to equate this with San Bernardino, Paris, etc.

    1. Tom, are you supporting this? Are you saying that people are right to take up arms and take over spaces in order to protest their grievances?
      Is that what you are saying?

      1. To Po……I said it’s a false comparison, and a real stretch, to equate the situation in S. Oregon to the dangers and damage seen in San Bernadino, Paris, etc.
        In this particular case, I don’t think you’d see the militia activity if the original sentence had been 5 years. Or if the 9th circuit had not decided to send these two guys back to prison after they’d been released.
        The sloppy handling of the sentencing aspect of this case was like waving a red flag in the faces of extremist militias.

        1. Tom…YOU are the one who made such comparison! Am I wrong?
          So you are saying that there is justification for the hostile takeover of a public space by groups with grievance?
          If so, do you also feel that every group with perceived grievance can act similarly?

          If I remember well, the BLM, which was non-armed, caused the national guard, flanked by military grade weapons and vehicles to head to Ferguson…!

          1. Po……you said that “societal breakdown” will happen because of “white males of Christian persuasion”.
            Your comment immediately followed the post about the situation near Burns, Oregon.
            Your comment is consistent with your numerous previous attempts to downplay the threat of Islamic terrorism, and magnify the threat from “Christian terrorism”.
            YOU are the one making those “comparisons”…….that’s what I responded to .

            1. Tom
              here is my actual comment, which does not exactly say what you claim it does.
              “” As I keep saying, the ones through whom societal breakdown will happen, for better or worse… white males of christian persuasion…
              Nowhere did I make any link to islamic extremism, nor did I compare the two.
              Yes, I have supported previously that islamic terrorism is the lesser threat to us than Christian extremism, but I have also stated previously, independently of the other premise, that christian extremism is the ultimate danger to us, which is where the above comment from comes in.
              That link was present in your mind because you have been one to suggest such ultimate danger from islamic terrorism.
              Notice I said societal breakdown, which implies the tearing apart of societal order, which suggests civil strife and groups taking arms against other groups, and groups taking arms against the government, and only white males of christian persuasion (our American taliban) are angry enough and privileged enough to sacrifice the whole for the sake of their grievances. rightfully or wrongfully is another subject…but that is not just my opinion, better informed and smarter people have said so for ages.

          2. Po..
            ..your 12:45 PM comment only reinforces what you have repeatedly, that “Christian extremism is the ultimate danger to us”, and that “Islamic terrorism is the lesser threat”.
            And you used the BLM building takeover as “evidence” of your belief of the relative danger/ threat from “Christian terrorism” is the greater threat.

            1. Yes, Tom, I did.
              The issue however is about the comparison to Islamic extremism that YOU made yet accused me of making.
              I think the facts are pretty clear here, let it go, you’ll get me another time 🙂

    1. As I keep saying, the ones through whom societal breakdown will happen, for better or worse… white males of christian persuasion…

  7. It’s okay, po, just further proof that you see and hear what you want to see and hear and that you continue to make up purported facts, however false, as you proceed through life. Carry on. No new surprises. You will never succeed in defending the indefensible, which is a cult, disguised as a religion, which calls for death and destruction. Trump’s massive appeal bears that out.

    1. Thanks for proving my point, bammie, that bit above is featured in homes and schools as what to avoid:
      1- Make up facts as you go through life and assign such fallacy to others in order to support your own delusions
      2- Again, taking a fact, such as Islam is not a cult, rather it one of the 3 Abrahamic religions, whose history and legacy is quite well accepted by all scholars, and distorting it in order to make your ridiculous point.

      In that process, you are proving your ignorance of history, your ignorance of religion, your ignorance tout court, your bigotry, your anti-intellectualism and worse yet, you are making the case that antisemitism is quite acceptable, for to justify hatred against others is to justify hatred against the self 🙂
      You really haven’t learned much from the shoah, haven’t you?

      The only thing borne out by Trump massive appeal is that there A LOT of idiots in this country.
      Are you one of his supporters?

      And as for every one of my claims, I can support it with facts, so let me offer a Jewish view of Islam:
      Like anything else in Judaism, there is not any one official view. Historically speaking, Jewish communities generally thrived in Muslim societies, beginning with Babylonia in the seventh through ninth centuries, in Moorish Spain in the eighth through 14th centuries, and in the Ottoman Empire from the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492 and well into the 19th century. That doesn’t mean that these eras of co-existence were not marred by periodic intolerance and even violence, but overall it is safe to say that Jewish experiences in predominantly Muslim countries in the medieval period were a world apart from the overt anti-Semitism and persecution that Jews often faced in many parts of Christian Europe. Muslim culture over the centuries has influenced Jewish culture, from philosophy to poetry to cuisine.

      In terms of how Jews have viewed Islam as a religion, one of the early issues for the rabbinic leadership was whether or not Islam—a relatively new religion in the early medieval period— should be considered “idolatry.” Jewish law prohibits Jews from supporting idolatry in any way, so if Islam were ruled to be an idolatrous religion (a lá ancient Roman religion), there would be barriers to social and economic interactions between Jews and Muslims. While there was some debate on this topic, by the time of Maimonides in the 12th century (himself born in Muslim-ruled Spain and living out much of his life in Egypt), Islam was recognized as a monotheistic religion. Like Judaism, Islam prohibits any attempt to represent God with images or objects, and emphasizes the Oneness of God.

      In addition, Islam and Judaism share a legal and ritual approach to religious life, which is shaped not just by belief, but by a whole set of practices, from clothing to eating to business ethics. Some major differences are that Jews do not accept Islam’s claim that Mohammed is the last prophet of God (Jewish tradition holds that prophecy ceased after the time of the Hebrew Bible), nor do we share the view that differences between the Koran and the Torah result from the Koran being the ultimate, whole revelation, while the Torah contains partial truth. From a Jewish perspective, the prophet Mohammed was clearly aware of and knowledgeable about Jewish texts and practices, and seems to have incorporated some of those into his teachings.

      Since the early 20th century, Jewish-Muslim relations have been vastly complicated by the Jewish return to the land of Israel, clashes with the Arab population there, and expulsions of Jews from Arab lands in response to the Zionist movement. At its foundation, the struggle over Israel/Palestine is not a religious conflict, but a conflict of national movements and of claims to the land. Many Israelis do not identify as religiously Jewish, and there are Christian, as well as Muslim, Palestinians (and worldwide, the majority of Muslims are not Arab at all). But unfortunately this decades-long conflict has taken on religious overtones and has led some to mistakenly view it as a primarily religious conflict between Jews and Muslims. The good news is that, since 9/11, there have been renewed efforts here in the U.S. especially to foster Jewish-Muslim cooperation and dialogue, and today our communities are learning more about one another and exploring our similarities, as well as our differences.created at: 2014-05-06

      Rabbi Toba Spitzer is the rabbi at Congregation Dorshei Tzedek, a Reconstructionist synagogue in West Newton.

  8. po

    Not that it matters, but I’m not a HIM. I’m a HER. You’ve had that pointed out several times, but I suppose that monkeys with burnt asses don’t only avoid anything red–they also have poor memory recollection. BTW, I have some ointment for your burnt ass. I’ll bet that smarts.

    1. Haha…you are right, bambam, it was mentioned before, but:
      1- I could not believe a woman would be so obtusely hateful…
      2- To acknowledge you as a woman would force me to take it easy on you…which obviously I can’t do considering 1 above…
      So, for the sake of our running battle, let you be a dude…:)

  9. po

    That’s the brutalist nitpicking encountered here this year. Congratulations. Now if the gumshoe can collect his thoughts and resist the pogo stick posting, we may be getting somewhere.

    1. No doubt, Isaac, but as they say back home, the monkey with the burnt ass is wary of anything glowing red….
      Since am on the defensive and forced to defend my faith, I am certainly as sensitive about comments about it as bambam (yes, him again) is about anything Jewish related…. and Nick is about ignorance!
      So what seems like nitpicking to the spectator seems necessary to the player 🙂
      Right Nick?

  10. It’s hard to have any respect for a religion that puts its drivel on kid’s toys. The fact that it’s an item of war is even more telling. Prayer-smayer, it’s rubbish. It may be Islamic rubbish but it’s rubbish just the same.

    That’s the main argument against most religions, the adherents.

    1. Isaac, you are contradicting yourself in the same paragraph. It’s hard to have any respect for a religion that puts its drivel on kid’s toys. suggests the religion, a non-human entity did the act, communal responsibility vs individual one, while That’s the main argument against most religions, the adherents. suggests the opposite, the adherents vs the religion(though I agree with that point, I always say that religion is wasted on the religious)

      it’s not like the Quran or sunnah of the prophet demand islamic prayers be put into children toys …:)

      Additionally, the only thing we know for sure is that the toy was made in china…which is not known to be shariah law country…so please let’s go back to yelling at the Chinese for now.

      I still believe that bambam hacked that plane just so he can come back and blame the mooslims!

  11. What is made in America anymore? Hotdogs? Bread? Farm products. HumpinDog artFayed the other day and it smelled like China.

  12. Fogdog, that is my point. We have gone so far from being self sufficient that I don’t think we have the capability to Manufacture basic goods. We farm out almost every activity from food to toys and military hard ware. Our steel mills are small and very specialized when they are up and running. We export raw materials and buy finished goods. It really is a strange situation and in my opinion a threat to our national security.

    But no worries as our corporations are making billions and foreign lobbyists are funding our politicians.

    1. Well said, Justice, that is indeed a symptom of bigger things and a state of things that is abnormal for any country, let alone the one that calls itself the greatest country in the world.
      You left out any computer/computer part built in China, which comes pre-loaded with bugs ready to steal your information…especially when that computer is used in government and banking.

      It is a fact that none of the major infrastructure we built before, that lasted half a century, we could build nowadays. Not only do we no longer have the skills, we no longer have the material or the drive.

      We are all a bunch of angry immature grownups distracted by medication, drugs, fast food, weapons and iphones…none of which is made here.

      Bambam, what is your address? I have one of such more expensive versions with your name on it…:)

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