The Oxford: A Rave Review

photogallery_exterior2I often like to combine my business trips with a travel blog, particularly in discussing different hotels for our readers who travel on business or pleasure. Unfortunately, what I have hoped to be a couple days in Denver (one of my favorite cities) turned into a one day affair due to the approaching snow storm in Washington. Right after my argument in the Sister Wives case before the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, I dashed to the Denver airport to beat the storm. However, I was not without something to report. Whenever I go to Denver, I stay at the Oxford Hotel — a hotel that I have used for two decades. I have never however done a travel blog on the Oxford, which is strange because it is in many ways my ideal of a hotel.

photogallery_lobby1The Oxford is a historic building with beautiful rooms with antiques and a certain nineteenth century charm. It is a small and quiet hotel located in LoDo near many of my favorite haunts like Wynkoops brewery. If you are tired of the cookie cutter, chain hotel experience, The Oxford is the remedy.  It is warm, authentic, and endlessly charming.

This trip showed just how different a stay can be at a hotel like The Oxford. For example, I could not sleep before my arguments in the Sister Wives case and at midnight called down to the desk to ask if they had any Advil PM or other sleep aids for sale. It was hardly a surprise to hear that they did not. I then went back to work, reconciling myself to an all nighter. Five minutes later, a bellman knocked on the door. The hotel sent him to an all night pharmacy and bought some Advil PM. They wouldn’t allow me to reimburse them. They simply wanted to be sure that I got some sleep.

After my argument, I found a seat on a flight leaving in two hours. Not only did the hotel excuse my charge for a later cancellation due to the storm, but Carly at the front desk proved unbelievably helpful. Rushing to the airport I was struggling with the large record in the case. I was unable to stuff the record in my suitcase. Carly volunteered to help with packing up the record to allow me to run to the airport. When Fedex arrived with boxes, she arranged to send it to Washington and then called me on the plane to assure me that everything was squared away. The Oxford is very fortunate to have Carly and the rest of her co-workers. Every person in this hotel seems entirely committed to finding ways to help guests, even stressed out insomniac lawyers. You feel like you are at home — assuming your home is a beautiful, nineteenth century establishment filled with antiques.

The Oxford is a gem in Denver and worth a visit if you are looking at options for your next trip. It is a bit pricey for non-business travelers, but, if you can swing it, it is a great experience.






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  1. $0 at midnight thereafter hired counsel took advil pm. After resigning himself to an all nighter (caffiene?). There is no evidence of this except by above articles admission. Then you make the plane…back home. Before mid day. Do you think you ethically did your job? You wanted advil PM…an attorney who wanted a half bottle of tequilla…would face sanctions if the client complains. If you “knew” how you handle advil…you’d of carried it with you. Legal and all. Same same for the lawyer falling to sleep on tequilla….he’d of arranged it. But the difference in ” competence” must be the use of a socially acceotable legal aid vs a legal aide. The difference being the lawyer aiming for booze to fall asleep doesnt advertise. The one reaching for “pm” pills did. The guy reaching for booze likely knows how it affects his morning. Does the dabbler in pm aides? Who is more competent really?

  2. Sounds like a great place. While the facility and grounds are important, a great hotel has great staff. I love the Advil PM story. Not only will you never forget that kindness, every time I think about a hotel in Denver, I and many others will as well.

  3. Bravo for the Oxford and its people. I remember the Oxford from many years ago when that area was renovated. I still get into Denver from time to time and will check it out. Thanks.

  4. I appreciate your accolades for the hotel and staff. The photos are great. It is good of you to show this appreciation. You were quite busy and could have spent time on something else. But this article on the hotel is appreciated by me and your stay was made much better by having found this place. Now we will go there the next time Denver is on the travel stops with me and my half blind human pal for whom I am guide dog.

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