Oberlin President Rejects List of Rambling Demands From Black Students

krislov-marvinFormal_Seal_of_Oberlin_College,_Oberlin,_OH,_USA.svgWe have been reporting on the protests occurring on college campuses and the troubling demands sometimes made by the “Black Lives Matter” movement in terms of academic components and programs, including college newspapers. Oberlin College President Marvin Krislov finally had enough after receiving a list of rambling demands from black students — demands declared to be nonnegotiable for the Administration. Krislov correctly refused to concede core control over the academic mission and yield to such demands which included things like the firing of certain employees and enrolling recently released prisoners.

While saying that some of the demands may raise compelling ideas, he would “not respond directly to any document that explicitly rejects the notion of collaborative engagement. Many of its demands contravene principles of shared governance. And it contains personal attacks on a number of faculty and staff members who are dedicated and valued members of this community.” Bravo.

The 14-page list of demands contains rambling and ridiculous demands. It can be seen here. This includes the demand for instant tenure for named academics — a decision that must be based on peer review of their publications and teaching — not by plebiscite. It also contains a list of academics and administrators to be fired immediately.

It further states:

Oberlin College and Conservatory is an unethical institution. From capitalizing on massive labor exploitation across campus, to the Conservatory of Music treating Black and other students of color as less than through its everyday running, Oberlin College unapologetically acts as unethical institution, antithetical to its historical vision. In the 1830s, this school claimed a legacy of supporting its Black students. However, that legacy has amounted to nothing more than a public relations campaign initiated to benefit the image of the institution and not the Africana people it was set out for … [T]his institution functions on the premises of imperialism, white supremacy, capitalism, ableism, and a cissexist heteropatriarchy. Oberlin College and Conservatory uses the limited number of Black and Brown students to color in its brochures, but then erases us from student life on this campus. You profit off of our accomplishments and invisible labor, yet You expect us to produce personal solutions to institutional incompetencies. We as a College-defined “high risk,” “low income,” “disadvantaged” community should not have to carry the burden of deconstructing the white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist system that we took no part in creating, yet is so deeply embedded in the soil upon which this institution was built.

Krylov however appeared to agree that the college has racist problems: “We are not where we want to be. So we must commit ourselves to deep study of how systemic barriers persist at Oberlin.”

That will obviously not satisfy the students who expressly warned that they have provided “demands and not suggestions. If these demands are not taken seriously, immediate action from the Africana community will follow.”

Source: PBS

40 thoughts on “Oberlin President Rejects List of Rambling Demands From Black Students

  1. This is all revolutionary lingo. (I wonder where I can get a current lexicon). Find out who’s funding them – they’re just the avant garde in a proxy war.

  2. It is encouraging that he did not cave to unreasonable demands and accompanying threat.

    However, let us see how he weathers what follows. He’ll be labeled a racist, of course, and there will be protests. Will reason win out?

    Race relations have deteriorated so drastically in the past 8 years. It’s so sad. There is absolutely no comparison to the state of race in the 1960s. And yet now if you disagree with Bernie Sanders you’re antisemitic, with Hillary Clinton you’re a chauvinist (or you’ve turned your back on your own gender), with Obama and you’re racist.

    Everyone races to assume that you must disagree based on some severe moral failing, rather than simply talking about positions on issues. You are not qualified to disagree because you must be (fill in the appropriate label of racist, etc.) It’s become a ham-handed attempt to bully anyone who disagrees with ultra-Liberal philosophies. I don’t understand this urge. If someone disagrees with Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina or Donald Trump, I assume it’s because they disagree with their position, not because they are black, or a woman, or a rich white guy.

    The trend is divisive, and very troubling. The world would be a better place if we could just talk about issues.

    I do not believe that this is what MLK, Jr fought for.

  3. I am shocked that JT is siding with College President Marvin Krislov, who refuses to give in to Black Lives Matter. Clearly, as any dedicated lefitists nows, anyone who does not agree with Black Lives Matter is a a racist and a bigot. What’s next for the leftist JT? Is he going to next argue that Islam isn’t the religion of peace? That global warming is a hoax? I for one refuse to believe that JT has given up his deeply held leftist belief system and that sooner or later, he will come back to the realization that Black Lives Matter knows what is correct and righteous. We’ll just chalk his latest article here to a brief moment of hysteria and that he will return to his leftist roots.

  4. This poorly written demand letter doesn’t instill much confidence in the academic or intellectual abilities of Oberlin students. If I were the college president, my first thought would have been to question the quality of the admissions process. There are tens of thousands of young people who would cherish the opportunity for an Oberlin education. Perhaps Oberlin should admit FOREIGN black students to fill their diversity quota. I had classes with students from Ethiopia and other African countries. They were quite studious and tended to major in engineering, computer science and other challenging programs. They appreciated the opportunities provided and were quite gracious.

  5. “immediate action from the Africana community will follow.”

    Africana huh? Let’s have all the students from Africa, and not double digit generation born in the USA, step up. The rest go back and study grammar and prose.

  6. Soros is funding this group so they have the money they need to make waves. I am sure they have read Alinsky and they now have zeroed in on the President as their target. I hope he has the support of his Board.

  7. Universitas delenda est.

    But first, get rid of all “Studies” majors.
    They are a waste of time and a signal of someone who is litigious and therefore unhireable.

  8. This is Latin from SW Missoura: Ya can’t cure an idjit.”

    This is from Blazing Saddles: “Where da White women at?”

    This is from Al Capone: “We will take that issue up tonight.”

    This is from Black Labs Matter: “Woof!”

    Next thing they will demand is “instant intercourse”. Of course.

  9. Back in the 70s in universities across Canada there was a sizable influx of foreign students from Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, primarily due to Hong Kong and Canada being part of the British Commonwealth or other such arrangement, facilitating immigration, and the impending take over of Hong Kong by China.

    There were many students that qualified in all subjects but simply did not have sufficient mastery of the English language. This caused a lot of problems when they took their places in classrooms and slowed down the learning process for everyone.

    The administrations’ response was to create a set of fast track classes to bring the student’s level of English comprehension and expression up to a level whereby they could participate in the subjects they were studying without impeding the process for all.

    After reading this ‘manifesto’ it might be a worthwhile experiment in the US universities and colleges to institute such a program. A sizable portion of university and college students today in the US have such a wanting working ability of the English language that it not only frustrates the learning experience for the rest of the students, it affects them in an adverse and enduring manner. If they obtain a degree and still cannot speak with some level of competence and command, then they have been encouraged to continue on in their initial clumsy manner instead of acquiring a reasonable and workable ability to speak clearly and accurately.

    Regarding the dysfunctional conglomeration of ideas and expressions, after their content has registered, the universities and colleges cannot help those missing that many brain cells. The of course, there is Sarah Palin.

  10. These ignorant illiterate creeps sound frighteningly like the ignorant illiterate creeps led by Bundy et al that occupy the wildlife refuge in Oregon. While people like this hope to generate sympathy by portraying themselves as victims they are the exact opposite of victims. They are victimizers and opportunists and have no place in an institution of higher learning. After reading their manifesto, one wonders if basic literacy is no longer a prerequisite for admission to this college.

  11. You don’t like the school you are attending for some reason, go someplace else more to your liking. That’s part of living in a free country, which the USA still is to some degree. Nobody is forced to go to any particular school, at least. Evaluating the opportunities of a situation and making a choice that presents the best outcome in your opinion is part of growing up. Demanding that someone bend to your desires and attend your every needs is simply childish. An attitude they can grow out of if shown the way properly.

  12. Jeff Field

    Now that you bring up Bundy here are some questions for the NRA and gun advocates.

    -Does taking over a government facility by armed force constitute domestic terrorism?
    -Should the rights of all citizens override the desires and intentions of special interests when it comes to government provided facilities or services?
    -Should the government protect its citizens from marauding and armed groups who inflict their peculiar desires and demands on society in general?
    -Does allowing domestic terrorists the freedom to occupy by force public lands demand a response by the government?
    -Should religious fanatics that receive their orders from their god be allowed to use these so called rights to usurp the authority under which we all function?
    Should religious fanatics be allowed to possess arms?
    -Should domestic terrorists be allowed to possess arms?

    Let’s see if anyone on the gun side has the minerals or the mental capacity to respond.

  13. Okay these are paying students. Just take your money elsewhere if you’re not happy. If a establishment treats me badly I never go back, I spend my money elsewhere. I suggest these students do the same. These are just cry babies looking for their 15 minutes. They need to be told – and in this case they were – you’re out of line.

  14. An alien should not have the right to bear arms (i.e. gun powder fired weapons). Oh, if they are crippled and need a left arm or right arm that is one thing. But no weapons for aliens. Aliens includes those who are not citizens as well as that guy from Remulak. But this dog is on the “gun side”. My “minerals” tell me that no friggin muslim should be allowed to have a friggin gun. Nor be around a bear, whether it be grizzily or black bear. And black bears matter.
    Religious fanatics: they need to be home schooled.
    Domestic terrorism: when the maid dumps poop on the un-made bed.

  15. The Oberlin President has to stand up and be counted. In response to their demands (if I were hime) I would hire a special needs tutor to give them some education about how to read and write on a fourth grade level. After all, they are in college. I would ask them the Saint Louis Question: Where did you go to high school? Then I would not accept an applicant from that high school in the future. As to the male demanders I would tell them to “pull out now like your fathers should have.” I would quit the Oberlin job and go find a job at a bank or something.

  16. Oberlin College are 72% white, 7% Hispanic, 5% Black and 4% Asian and students come mainly from California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York and the faculty diversity equals the student racial proportions.

    Of all students enrolled, 87% is progressive liberal and 13% liberal and 50% do not affiliate with any religion and 100% are accepting of the LBGT community. 71% is accepting of students who falls into the ethnic, sexual or religious minority. 3% say the campus is split on its acceptance on minority groups.

    Some student reviews state mainly that Republican/Conservative/Christian views are not tolerated on this campus. Some state the majority of the students are rude. Some students claim that Oberlin is very accepting of minorities with many organizations designed to make people with varying beliefs and lifestyles feel comfortable.

    Oberlin College was the very first college to accept black Americans and the college offers a wide variety of cultural awareness classes, promotes it and the theme of campus life. Most claim there is a segregation of race amongst their groups by race.

    These stats came from colleges.niche.com and gives Oberlin College an “A” rating. Yet the 5% black student population insist on the majority of other students and faculty meet their demands. They are a minority who demand majority status.

    This college’s liberal, atheist, non-Republican Christian school helped create this monster called Black Lives Matter aka The New KKK group that are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats whom are throwing a fit because they want to make the whole faculty & student population follow the minority rules and demands.

    Wilberforce University is 95% black and 1% white and rated B- in diversity with 20% of the student population claiming it’s hard to be a minority at this school.

    Yet 0% of student population at Oberlin college claim it’s hard to be a minority, which is rated an A in diversity. So what race isn’t very accepting of other races here?

  17. Occupy Wall Street…Occupy Oregon…looting and riots after Brown…threats against Oberlin.

    Small groups of people trying to force their ways on others in defiance of a democracy.

    Isaac – the definition of terrorism is using violence and terror to force a government to do what you want, either foreign or domestic. I believe that actual murder or attempted murder or injury has to occur in order to meet the definition. To be honest, I have not taken the time to read much about the state park takeover. Of course as a conservationist and environmentalist I vehemently oppose private parties trying to usurp public land without going through the process to try to obtain it legally. I also object to perma-protests like Occupy Anything. Have your sit in or protest and then go home. Rinse and repeat. And don’t prevent people from running businesses or enjoying public space so you can have your say.

    If the group engages in violence or tries to in order to coerce the government to give them what they want, then, yes, they are domestic terrorists. Planning or trying to blow up a building would be an example. Shooting up a mall or planning to do so to get what you want would be another example. From what little I know, this group has violated a series of laws. I am not aware of any violence attempted or planned, however. But I may read more that may change my opinion. If they break any laws that make them felons then, no, they will no longer have the right to bear arms.


  18. Karen

    Is that a pipe in my pocket or am I armed? If an armed group takes over a government or any facility and then says that they are under their rule, from their god, and yet if they do not kill anyone; then is this terrorism. Does someone have to get killed in a bank robbery for it to be a bank robbery?

    The domestic terrorists in Oregon represent that gray area of America where rule of law by consensus of all comes into conflict with rule of law by consensus of a few. The hypocrisy lies in the fact that these domestic terrorists are masquerading as Americans and not robbing a bank as perhaps, other than Americans.

  19. The President should have corrected the semi literate written demands w/ a red pen and sent it back to them w/ a “D’ grade.

  20. Isaac:

    “Is that a pipe in my pocket or am I armed? If an armed group takes over a government or any facility and then says that they are under their rule, from their god, and yet if they do not kill anyone; then is this terrorism. Does someone have to get killed in a bank robbery for it to be a bank robbery?”

    If what they are doing is acts “dangerous to human life” and intend to “influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion or affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping” then by the definition of the FBI they are terrorists.

    Whether someone is armed or not, if they steal from a bank it’s bank robbery. To be armed robbery they have to be armed.

    Occupy Wallstreet used intimidation and coercion, but the threat was to shut down businesses, not kill everyone. The letter to the Oberlin Admin contained a threat, but they did not specify violence, so they are not terrorists. There are sometimes 2nd Amendment demonstrations where people protest wearing their firearms. But if it is an open carry state and they are not threatening to kill everyone, then it’s just a protest.

    I do not know if the Occupy Oregon (or whatever they’re calling it) are threatening to kill anyone if they don’t get their demands met. If so, then by definition they are domestic terrorists. If an armed group takes over a government then that is a coup. I also do not know if Oregon is an open carry state, or what firearms laws they may have broken. I’m pressed for time this morning.

    As I said, I have not read up on this and so do not know if they are threatening violence if they don’t get their way.

  21. This is what I found:


    “On Wednesday Ward said at a community meeting that the armed group should go home, and took exception to the fact that the occupiers are from outside of the area. He said they “hijacked” the protest over the ranchers.

    “You don’t to come here from elsewhere and tell us how we’re going to live our lives,” Ward said.”

    It sounds like they’ve taken over or interfered with a local protest over the imprisonment of ranchers for burning government land.

    This started over a legitimate protest against government land snatching, the deliberate flooding of ranchers’ property, and the mismanagement of a wildlife refuge. (You will recall that I’ve spoken before about lack of accountability and need for reform in various government environmental agencies. There needs to be a partnership rather than an adversarial relationship between landowners and environmental agencies.)

    The Bundys’ taking over of this protest may have completely ruined it for the locals who are actually affected.


  22. Karen S. I’m very glad that you’re interested in researching the situation in Oregon. It’s absolutely critical that we get to the truth. As the saying goes; follow the money.

    Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russian’s along with one-fifth of our uranium ore

  23. issacbasonkavichi; There you go again, getting all your information from ONE side of the story. Unfortunately your ‘method’ of forming an opinion is all too common; parroting Regressive Democrat talking points gleaned from the sewer main known as main stream media. Do you even know how to think for yourself? The answer is painfully obvious….

  24. issac – a counter-question. Back in the day, the American Indian Movement took Alcatraz Island hostage. Where they domestic terrorists?

  25. Black Lies Matter

    1. “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their


    2. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,…” means exceptional and

    superior consideration and treatment shall be provided based on pigmentation.

    3. Affirmative action is constitutional.

    4. Welfare is constitutional.

    5. Forced busing is constitutional.

    6. Obamacare is constitutional.

    7. “Multiculturalism” contributed to American success and greatness.

    8. Hands up, don’t shoot.

    9. O.J. Simpson is innocent.

    10. Bill Cosby is innocent.

    11. Tawana Brawley was raped.


  26. Oberlin’s President may be whistling past the graveyard but at least he’s whistling.

    Perhaps a new “Politically Correct” dictionary needs to be compiled to disarm the BLM and other social justice movements.

    Perhaps being called a Racist takes on a new meaning, such as “an individual that opposes policies that have proven to harm rather help minorities.”

    Then, when someone calls you a racist you point to this alternative definition and tell them thank you.

  27. Maplady is to be commended. The Cleveland Plain Dealer article provides very valuable context on the protests. I urge everyone to read it. It is unfortunate that Professor Turley so often omits important elements of stories and there should have been many here who asked themselves what prompted these actions. Don’t be afraid to use Google, people. Take the risk to be better informed.

    I think the President of Oberlin acted most appropriately and the students should be embarrassed.

  28. I doubt seriously if the “students” in military basic training would have long behaved this way. It’s that pesky old “discipline” thing. Why are “students” in an academic setting indulged and enabled?

    “Follow the money,” you say? What did the parents pay for; a party, revolution? Parents can’t give their children a car to drive while intoxicated. Parents should not be allowed to give their children a university to drive while intoxicated. The culprits are the parents.

    Children who behave in this undisciplined, egocentric manner should be admonished, chastised then disinherited. They should be made to experience the full weight of nature – poverty teaches well. Agitation, chaos, slothfulness, indulgence and decadence are not the right lessons to learn.

    By definition, students are uninformed, naïve and uneducated. They are in school to learn, not teach. They are in school to follow, not lead.

    Shut up and learn!

    Violations of law must be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

    Parents must not maliciously matriculate their children with impunity.

  29. To castigate the President of this school and not remark on the idiotic and poorly worded manifesto shows either the author is idiotic, a blind partisan, or likely a toxic combo.

  30. Paul

    The occupation of Alcatraz was one of hundreds of protests in its time demanding equal rights, government guarantees, government treaties be honored, etc. Regardless of whether most of the city of San Francisco was on the side of the Indians-the longshoremen’s union threatened to close down the port if the government took action, the fact that the protesters were armed and eventually, having been reduced to just over a dozen, presented themselves armed to the Coast Guard, the armed insurrection was illegal and only the problems it represented and the fact that the isolation of the site prevented any threats to the general population the act of bearing arms against one’s government comes into play. Both are of the same ilk and wrong.

    However, the Oregon issues present a somewhat more isolated problem. The belligerents are holding the site, through threat of violence, armed to the teeth, for commercial issues. They want the land on their terms to graze cattle and make money. Aside from the vast differences between the times and the events, both groups, having taken by arms public properties should be either refused the privilege or right to bear arms or at the very least be placed on a list and scrutinized.

    Nothing is purely black or white as religious adherents of sacred texts would like. The domestic terrorists in Oregon have displayed the ability to take over large areas of the West, set up road blocks and intimidate citizens. They reference their own peculiar interpretation of some god as giving them the right to make unilateral decisions. It took over a year and a half to resolve Alcatraz and the government won. The people won. There should be no reason to wait that long here.

    The main difference in this gray matter is that the Indians who occupied Alcatraz, although breaking the law, did so at a time and for reasons that the majority of Americans agreed with. This latest expression of ‘rights’ is something that is unique to some ranchers/not all ranchers, has next to nothing to do with the shortcomings of the United States and its citizens, and if allowed to work in the favor of these nut case domestic John Wayne terrorists, will only encourage even more traitorous acts.

    The Indian issues were and remain far, far, far, more relevant and in need of repair. This is nothing more that a very few nut jobs interpreting what America means. Take them down, lock them up, and list them as not to be permitted to bear arms. If that means a half dozen Indians who were at Alcatraz don’t get guns to play with then so be it. If the 2nd amendment is so sacrosanct then it must be treated so. These domestic terrorists all but cr*p on it.

  31. Nat King Cole:

    Ramblin’ rose, ramblin’ rose
    Why you ramble, no one knows
    Wild and wind blown, that’s how you’ve grown
    Who can cling to a ramblin’ rose?

    Ramble on, ramble on
    When your ramblin’ days are gone
    Who will love you with a love true
    When your ramblin’ days are gone?

    Ramblin’ rose, ramblin’ rose
    Why I want you, heaven knows
    Though I love you with a love true
    Who can cling to a ramblin’ rose?

    Ramblin’ rose, ramblin’ rose
    Why I want you, heaven knows
    Though I love you with a love true
    Who can cling to a ramblin’ rose?


  32. @issacbasonkavichi: Have you EVER looked into the other side of the Oregon standoff? I mean EVER? I’ve posted articles, videos, etc. and you’re obviously ignoring the other side of the story. The militia in Oregon is trying to save your as* and everyone’s a*s from this encroaching governmental tyranny and you don’t get it. The media has you convinced that those who are your enemy are your friends, and your friends are your enemy. It’s that simple. I hate to see people so duped.


    issacbasonkavichi WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE….

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