California Thieves Steal Tanks From Truck . . . Only To Learn That They Have Cornered The Market On Bull Semen

Full_Blood_Wagyu_Bull_in_ChilePolice are dealing with a somewhat unique crime in Turlock, California where thieves stolen tanks from a truck. Since they also stole gasoline from the truck, the thieves might not have been aware of what was in the tanks but had succeeded in stealing $50,000 of bull semen.

The tanks contained enough semen to impregnate 1,000 cattle. The 3,500 “units” include some from the fifth highest ranked bull in the world. It might be a challenge for thieves to find a way to fence tanks of bull semen. However, to do so, they would have to be able to handle highly volatile tanks. The semen is kept in a deep freeze in tanks filled with liquid nitrogen. At about -320 degrees fahrenheit to keep the sperm frozen, the tanks are highly dangerous to handle.

What is interesting is that, if as suspected the thieves did not know what was in the tanks, they stole a valuable commodity that they probably could not easily sell. Nevertheless, they are subject to a major felony theft charge valued at $50,000 or more.

If they do not cause some catastrophic accident, the thieves will likely be a tad grossed out from their haul on this job. In the meantime, police are likely watching for a flood of blackmarket bull semen.

11 thoughts on “California Thieves Steal Tanks From Truck . . . Only To Learn That They Have Cornered The Market On Bull Semen”

  1. This was a devastating loss for the breeder. This is how he makes his living and it’s suddenly gone.

    Which is especially frustrating if you have any idea what you have to go through to collect bull semen from an animal that could kill everyone in the room.

    Maybe karma will come true and they’ll think it’s ice cream.

  2. Why do you think they dont know what they stole and it’s not already in argentina? Have you ever gone to a pawn shop and seen liquid nitrigen tanks? Thiefs dont just steal they steal things worth something….so cut them some slack. Has a person with @400 point credit score seen theirs stolen? Now that copper is down….how much gets snagged? So we are suppose to believe the tanks are worth something empty? To who…
    Who is the local pawn shop going to sell such tanks to? Its not liquid …not really. You can bet the semen is in russia. Because a couple years ago they only had half million head of cattle. And they need to improve theur stock. No better way than the best sire.

  3. Just outside Madison, on the interstate toward the Twin Cities, is American Breeder’s Service. ABS caters to the needs of WI. dairy farmers. You got to keep them milkers barefoot and pregnant in order for them to produce! ABS has a famous billboard on Interstate 90/94 w/ funny double entendre phrases they change every week or two.. A few good ones.

    ABS..From Here to Maternity

    ABS Bulls agree, What’s Love got to do w/ it? for cows

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    ABS studs don’t need mistletoe

    Our sires do the lam-bull leap.

  4. My brother spent years as an inseminator. Good money. However, you have to be trained to do it. Not something the guy off the street can do.

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