A Special Homecoming For One Of Our Soldiers


By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

One experience I particularly enjoy is watching videos of soldiers, sailors and airmen returning from duty overseas to loved ones. Occasionally one particular video really touches the heart and reminds us of how difficult separation can be.

I found this video yesterday and quite frankly it was one of the most emotionally inspiring ones I’ve had the pleasure to see in quite a while.


Lieut. Jason Walter of the Colorado National Guard returned home to his girlfriend and had a very special surprise for the love of his life.

I think any of us who have experience proposing to our spouses can reflect on the joy of that memorable day. It too was something for which we shall always remember. And for the Walters, this video will certainly be treasured.

By Darren Smith

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10 thoughts on “A Special Homecoming For One Of Our Soldiers”

  1. My God, Bruce! This isn’t about where you are born. This is about risking his life for his country! Many don’t come home in one piece like this man. Many don’t come home at all.

    About why didn’t the couple marry sooner, it takes men a long time to make that commitment. He waited four years. She waited four years. I’m glad it ended so happily.

  2. It would be nice if our troops who served in during combat were treated as well as the politicians that sent them there. A G.I. should be able to go into any hospital and get treated with the government picking up the tab. This would make the VA become competitive. Obama care wants to give healthcare to all even those that didn’t earn it. Everyone should have to serve this country for say two years in some way to earn all this it has to give . If you don’t serve you don’t get preferred citizenship. you are still a citizen you just don’t qualify for what this country has to offer. There is no free lunch

  3. Cute. Where did the kid come from? If it is his then why did they not marry before?

  4. While I love to see a joyful reunion it isn’t the usual.

    My joyful greeting back home was a ticket from a cop, just minutes out of the airport, who said I was speeding on a Houston freeway when I wasn’t and other vehicles were passing me by. My fellow USMC Sgt and platoon mate was in the vehicle (his sister’s) and told the pig I wasn’t speeding and had just returned from Vietnam. The cop said “yea and I just returned from Iwo Jima”. Yea great start. I stayed in Houston with him and his sister for several days before taking the bus home. Nobody knew I was coming and frankly while surprised and happy to see me, at least my mom was, there was nothing there. I was out in few hours.

    And, Neo is correct. I’ve been fighting with the VA for years and saw many Vets after Vietnam have to fight for every penny they got, when they did get it. I had a roommate, Navajo, US Army Ranger, Silver Star with his legs shot off have to go time and time again as ordered by the VA to see if his legs had grown back. We used to call him Stone Lizard. Well perhaps it was because he was Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Yea, I’m happy for the couple, happy he survived but it isn’t like that for the majority. Semper Fi

  5. Hey Neo…..shut the – – – – up!!!!! Way to go. Take a touching moment that conveys what’s it like for us who came home ALIVE and just crap on it. This note brought to you by two who have had that experience and both are VA recipients as a result of our wars. Both of us tearfully saw the other off and joyfully celebrated the return.

  6. And when they leave service the government can treat them like crap and deny them neded medical treatments in their VA facilities.

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