Washington Lawmaker Needs To Know If Visiting Students Are Virgins

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Mary Dye
Mary Dye

Washington State Rep. Mary Dye of Pomeroy seems to have a curious interest concerning students visiting the state capitol–they should be questioned as to their virginity.

As part of a visit to the Washington State Capitol, Planned Parenthood’s annual Teen Lobbying Day participants met with Representative Dye to advocate bills proposing the expansion of insurance coverage for birth control. But it seemed that our representative wanted a little more information than expected.

It apparently was necessary for these teenagers to disclose their sexual activities to Washington’s self-appointed Virgin Tester.

It was not enough that our representative wanted to know these student’s sexual history, but she went even further to accuse one of them of actually not being virgin, according to the students and Rachel Todd, a Planned Parenthood worker accompanying the teens.

Todd stated, “after [Representative Dye] made the statement about virginity, all my teens looked at me. And I said you don’t have to answer that. You don’t have to answer that.”

From there Representative Dye began to lecture the students about sex and making the right choices. This was overheard by others in the room.

After the controversy Dye provided the following information.

I shared with them that I did not support the issues they were advocating for. Following a conversation they initiated on birth control for teenagers, I talked about the empowerment of women and making good choices– opinions shared by my mother and being a mother of three daughters.

In hindsight, a few of the thoughts I shared, while well-intended, may have come across as more motherly then what they would expect from their state representative. If anything I said offended them or made them feel uncomfortable, I apologize.

Erik Houser, Spokesman for Planned Parenthood’s advocacy arm in Washington, did not take lightly to the remarks offered by this representative.

I’ve never been in any type of meeting, especially with teens where an adult, especially an adult legislator, who was so incredibly disrespectful and inappropriate. Our teens, many of them who are lobbying for the very first time, expect a certain amount of professionalism in these meetings.

Given the perennial controversy manifest in many legislative bodies with regard to sexual adventurism, I tend to think that it should be the students asking such questions. I also find it rather arrogant that this representative chose to describe which she termed a “motherly” relationship with one of her constituents. It is not the place of elected officials to dictate moral parenthood over any citizen. But then again,  it seems that  many of them have an insatiable need  to know everything about each of us.

By Darren Smith


The Seattle Times

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31 thoughts on “Washington Lawmaker Needs To Know If Visiting Students Are Virgins”

  1. This is what is effing wrong with voters today. They are utterly inept at forming opinions about anything without first identifying the party affiliation. Dye can ask whatever intrusive questions she wants and these citizens were under no obligation to be there, let alone listen to her or answer them. Dye’s constituents will be stupid enough to reelect her because she’s a Republican or they will deem her character is contemptible and decide she doesn’t represent them in the manner they want to be represented. Dye’s of this country are electable because our progressive-designed education system is turning out civically illiterate citizens. So thank the progressives.

  2. Actually, I think it is a fair question. Since they are being escorted by PP and they are trying to get free bc for teenagers, then the question is: do they have skin in the game? Are they here selfishly or altruisticly?

  3. Joel, why did you leave off the most important part of that passage, the ending?
    Liberals always do that.

    “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”

    “No one, sir,” she said.

    “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.

  4. She’s like bait. She brings out the other extremists. She serves a purpose. Get yer right wing nut poster child. Ya can’t tell the other nut cases without yer right wing nut poster child.

    “f you don’t want Republicans knowing what goes on in your bedroom, don’t vote for Democrats that give them the key to your house.”

  5. “questions is almost always inappropriate, other than during a medical consultation.

    Too bad.
    You want free stuff?
    Then you’ll tell who asks.
    Foolish to think otherwise.

    That is, typical socialist unicorn thinking.

  6. “The Gospel According to John”, chapter 8, verses 3–7

    And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst,  

    They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.  
    Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou?  
    This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not.  
    So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.  

  7. That is an incredibly inappropriate personal question.

    I suggest asking such personal questions is almost always inappropriate, other than during a medical consultation.

  8. Lloyd, Dems demand the same info.
    Most government workers are Dems.
    And Dems write all the little regs that I have to follow, including the intrusive issues about your sexual history.

    If you don’t want Republicans knowing what goes on in your bedroom, don’t vote for Democrats that give them the key to your house.

  9. As usual, republicans want goverment out of the lives of everyday Americans unless it involves sexual activity, sexual preference, sexual images, sexual readings, and sexual fantasies to name but a few. Republicans want to lower your taxes but greatly heighten their oversight of your bedroom and technology activities. Now that’s what I call freedom!

    Since the only subject that has no limits to republicans is how many and what type of guns you own, or who owns them, those weapons can be used to shoot off the chastity belt locks that all teen girls will be required to wear.

  10. So teenage girls want taxpayers to pay for their birth control?
    Then their sexual history is part of the deal.

    I’m required to get my nose in all sort of issues at the behest of the government, precisely because they are the payer.
    I’m not permitted to skip those questions.
    And there are more and more every year.

    Get used to it girls. They own you.
    You want free healthcare and medicines?
    Then tell Uncle Sam about your sex life.
    Get right up on his lip and whisper it to him. Spare no details.
    They’ll store your sex history online and be pretty careful with it most of the time.
    They might sell it, or maybe look you up if they meet you or you’re in the news or you’re running for office or you piss them off.
    No worries.

    You don’t like being interrogated about your bedroom activities?
    Then buy your own OCPs.

    You don’t enjoy traditionalist Republican lectures about sex?
    Democrat lectures about sex are worse (pansexual transgender Dionysian nonprocreative and transient), resulting in anxiety, semi-colon tattoos, and mood disorders, followed by claims of rape culture.

    If you want to be left alone, then buy your own.
    It’s pretty simple.
    But most women and all beta males seem unable to understand the concept.

  11. Phillyt thanks for confirming her affiliation. You right it wasn’t in the article although I just assumed it. Thanks again.

  12. Darren,
    Why not state her party affiliation in your article? Or did I miss it? It took me less than fifteen seconds to confirm that she is a Republican. Did you think it wasn’t relevant or were you afraid the right wingers on this board would accuse you of partisanship?

    Rep. Dye is apparently another extremist pro-birther. One of those Republicans obsessed with other peoples’ sex lives, obsessed with punishing women who are sexually active, and obsessed with fetuses. Babies and children? Probably not so much.

    One out of four children in Ohio is at risk for hunger. But by all means, let’s make sure women don’t have access to birth control and family planning services, let’s make them have those babies and then make sure they don’t have enough money to take care of them.

    Ladies and gents, this is your Republican party.

    (and yes, I donate to my local food bank and the state Hunger Alliance)

  13. ” So Ms. Dye were you a virgin before you got married?”

    she might be of the opinion that she’s still a virgin.

  14. So Ms. Dye were you a virgin before you got married? Tell us YOUR sexual history…NOW! I don’t really want to know but if this mother wants to invade other humans privacy she should have to go first and let’s make that under penalty of perjury shall we?

  15. You never know when you might need to sacrifice a virgin to appease the gods. It’s always good to be prepared.

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