Two Tennessee Men Banned From Hunting For Life After Discovery of a Gruesome Killing Spree

635906117074141009-deer-3635906115313479865-deer-1Densibel Calzada, 23, and Eddy Albert, 21, have secured two distinctions in Tennessee. They have not only secured the harshest penalty ever issued by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency but they are generally viewed as this week’s worst human beings in the state or possibly nationwide. The two men have been banned from hunting in Tennessee and 43 other states after they illegally killed as many as 40 deer. They added to that carnage with sickening videos mocking suffering or dead animals.

Officials are still not sure how many deer the two killed but counted at least 40. In one video a deer is still alive when one blew its head off and then celebrated with the bloody scene. The two were first stopped trespassing on private property but two days later they were found with beer and a dead deer in their car. Search warrants then revealed the gruesome record.

The nationwide ban is made possible under the Interstate Wildlife Violator’s Compact, where a ban in Tennessee is enforced by every compact member.” The men also were assigned court costs and the state confiscated their rifles and bows. Each also faced $5,000 in restitution fees and at least $1,800 each to post bail.

Nevertheless, there remains a question of whether hunting laws need to be strengthened to allow for jail time or felony records in the most extreme cases. These men are responsible for a long, calculated, and unlawful killings involving dozens of deer. The most serious penalty is a hunting ban which should be obvious and automatic. However, do you feel that there should be a more serious penalty?


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  1. The vitriol against these 2 guys is understandable. They’re no Elmer Fudds. But, has anyone looked past their sociopathy and lawlessness, and considered that they were hunting for FOOD? Or, did I miss something …

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a gun-owner, or a hunter.

    1. ExpatNJ – in Montana residents used to (and may still get) 2 deer and an elk on their resident license. That was winter and spring meat. What those guys shot would feed a homeless shelter.

  2. What a disgrace to humanity. They say Marijuana is a gateway drug. Its evident the pleasure they enjoyed is a sign of worse acts to come from these two criminals. Some one needs to wake and see this for what it is. America’s next terrorist threat.
    Lock them up and ban them from ever owning a firearm.

  3. Hire these guys to kill innocent babies in the womb. On the other hand, the world would be better off if these two perps had not made it out of the womb alive. Hitler’s mom wanted an abortion. Look what the deniers got us.

  4. “Hang em”, “kill em” or let them be hunted.

    Is your indignation this passionate when a baby is aborted and their arms, legs and heads are cut off and sold for profit?

    Yet we reward them with $500 million in tax payers money to keep doing it!!!!

    “Hang em”, “kill em” or let them have their skulls crunched! I think more appropriate punishment for killing innocent babies in the womb.

  5. Already have a mass of penal statutes. Usually laws in response to a specific situation are bad. I dont trust government not to abuse power given to it, so any new law would have to be narrow enough that it could only apply to the most egregious hunting abuses and not leave discretion to local authorities.

  6. Good! They deserve even more. I’ve hunted most of my life. There’s a reason that there are season and bad limits. I live in a small eastern state and the job that the fish & game biologist have done is fantastic. Back in the 1960’s the deer harvest got below 1000 animals. Now the average deer harvest during hunting season is approximately between 12,000 and 13,000 animals. The F & G estimate that there are now roughly 100,000 in this small state. This is due to management & conservation. Poachers mess up great management practices.

  7. Wife is ugly. Hubby can not get it up. So he gets on his outfit and goes out and kills a deer. What a man!

  8. Animal Hunting deserves a spot in the DSM 5. That is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Vol. 5, which is the book of faith employed by medical doctors and judges to determine is someone is mentally ill and unfit for walking the streets or woods.

  9. I agree with Doglover.

    Also I agree with Paul.

    It is a macho thing. They do not have successful sex lives so they strut, they boast, they waive their guns when they can not waive the other thing. Some are gay and this is a way– to mask it.
    Kill em.

  10. So you sit there sipping coffee and brandy from your $50 thermos and take aim with your high powered Mauser Shmauser with 30 rounds in the magazine, and blow away a deer. This is not hunting. This is one step from the couch.

  11. I’m with CK07, these two have a blood-lust that seems to make them the ISIS of the deer world. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night so I would suggest they be tagged, clip their ears and put a tracking collar on them. Then turn them over to the Army Ranger school and use them for “hunting” practice.

  12. Hitting them in their wallets will stop the abuse of hunting and killing a disproportionate amount of deer.

    Gun control is bs, the gun didn’t shoot those deer, the hunters did. If we outlaw hunting, then the deer population will get out of hand and people hunt to put meat on their tables.

    These are two people who didn’t follow hunting laws. Putting them in jail is over the top. Save jail for real purps. Murderers get less press and jail time for killing people for their crimes than people who kill an animal. Nuts!

  13. The first thing that needs to be done is to correct the word used for killing animals. Killing is not “hunting”, it is not “recreation”, and it is not “sport”. It is brutal, savage, killing. Many men go killing every fall. The licenses should be labeled “killing” licenses so that those who enjoy killing stop thinking they are fooling everyone about what they enjoy doing.

    1. Doglover – hunting is the correct term. You are licensed to hunt, but you are not guaranteed a kill. And your license is often for a particular zone.

  14. Tin: This was the method used by our people, our government, our military, in the Vietnam War. They recruited from jails, mental wards. They did not have to go in and ask. Their relatives and lawyers saw the Army as a way out of jail, jail time, dismissal of charges, release from the mentall ward.
    PTSD is a term used for mentally ill people who have been in some combat situation. The wrong word is the first word. “Post”. That word declares that the mental disorder (they only say “stress”) occurred and was caused by “stress” and they imply that the stress was in combat or in the military.
    O contrere.

    Paranoid schizophrenia and other such words come to mind. Of course my mind is fragile.

    So the time when wackos like these deer killers could just go into the Army and head over to Nam to kill the so called enemy may still be with us. But these dorks here are not facing crime, or the draft. We do not want them in the military. Neither do the other humans in the military or the other humans in the world in Afghanistan.

    These deer killers need a new culture. They come from one which glorifies deer killing. Ask their daddies.
    If you don’t think so then ask your doctor.

  15. There was a time when young men who got in trouble with the law could join the military and make the whole thing go away. I don’t know if the Marines would take these psychos, but if they like to kill, send them in against ISIS.

  16. Place them in a cage unarmed with a spooked deer to exact revenge. I don’t know what studies have been done to show a link between torture of animals and tendency to commit heinous acts towards humans but I would think this warrants some flagging and perhaps restriction on gun ownership. Sure the 2nd amendment is strong but even the 1st amendment has limits. I wouldn’t trust these two near a mall with a weapon containing a high magazine.

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