Iranian Women Barred From International Volleyball Competition

Football_Federation_Islamic_Republic_of_IranIn a direct violation of international rules governing these sporting events, the Iranian government barred women from entry to the Beach Volleyball World Tour event on Kish Island. The FIVB had expressly required Iran to guarantee that women would be allowed to enter and watch the matches. However, the Iranians barred them anyway at the five-day competition.

Iran routinely bars women from male-only sports. What is most disconcerting is the feeble response From the FIVB, which preferred to call the barring of women as a “misunderstanding.” A misunderstanding? This was a five day event and a clear requirement was the entry of women.

FIVB spokesman Richard Baker maintained this line despite the fact that objections were made and the Iranians did not allow women to enter. Baker added that the Iranian federation “has the best intentions but there are cultural issues.” Well, yes, those “cultural” issues were the very reason that Iran was required in advance to promise to allow women to enter. The treatment of the issue was a disgrace. It was a highly questionable decision to hold the competition in a country that discriminates against women under medieval religious principles. However, to then dismiss the violation as a “misunderstanding” did a disservice to both women and the sport as a whole.

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  1. Paul

    You gone over to the rabid Obama haters, blamers, wing nuts? Or are you just looking for an argument. There’s not much else that would give credibility to your comment.

  2. Just for clarification, Iran would like to be the major player in the Middle East.

  3. When you consider your vote in November, remember that person is going to have to repair all the damage done by Obama in international relations. Iran is a country that lies as a matter of course. They lied about a treaty with us, why would they not lie about women’s volleyball.

  4. If this was a soccer tournament they’d be in the clear, or at least most of them would. Eight out of the 12 team members of the Iranian national women’s soccer team are males.

  5. I always find it remarkable and disturbing that these theocratic supposed tough guys are so afraid of women having the same rights as men. It shows how they and their system are so weak and lacking in substance.

  6. Game, set, and sale, kaching, another so called international member of some group that is supposed to represent human rights in the 21st Century, is bought and paid for. How much does a FIVB spokesman go for these days, Richard?

  7. But I don’t really think he’s capable of being that suble – he’ s probably just kissing the mullahs’ happy-ends a la Italia!

  8. There is a saying in German, “Good intentions is the opposite of a job well done”. (You hear it a lot today in reference to Merkel.)
    Anyway, since Mr. Baker said the Iranians had had “the best intentions” I can only assume he meant that they had done the worst job.

  9. Dave: Professor Turley left out the word “spectators”. If you read the source article, you’ll see what he meant.

  10. I read the article but then I miss under stood. Was there a female team which was barred or were females barred from watching the male team. Miss Under Stood was elected to the Iranian Parliament many years back and was forced to not attend due to her incomprehension.

  11. Fretting over a mere sport? Worried about a soccer game? Scratching your head and wondering why these subhumans would lie? Seriously? Small peanuts. No worries. Just wait. There’s going to be another “misunderstanding” when Iran decides to nuke us and violate the airtight “agreement”–you know, the one that was so skillfully crafted and hatched by the incompetent, moronic doofus, Kerry, and his blatantly treasonous boss, Obama–an agreement forged with the insane and psychopathic mullahs. It’s laughable when the world feigns surprise with regard to the brazen and consistent lies spewed by these maniacs.

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