Student Steals Teacher’s Phone and Posts Semi-Nude Private Pictures . . . School Demands Resignation of Teacher

DSC_0850_pp-Dr.E1Ok, this would seem a straightforward case. A student at in Union, South Carolina, steals his teacher’s phone and then accesses her private photographs. He finds semi-nude pictures that she took for her husband for Valentine’s Day and shared them with other students. Result? Union County schools superintendent David Eubanks (left) and his colleagues demanded her resignation. I can certainly understand why teacher Leigh Anne Arthur might be a tad confused.

Eubanks had a truly Orwellian take on the situation: “I think we have a right to privacy, but when we take inappropriate information or pictures, we had best make sure it remains private. Students had access to very inappropriate pictures of a teacher.” What? The student did not have “access.” He stole a phone. Under Eubanks’ approach, a bank robber is given “access” to safety deposit boxes.

Eubanks seems to believe that the mere fact that a cellphone was unlocked is a matter for termination. Does that mean that teachers with unlocked cars or coats hanging in the teacher’s lounge would also be fired for a theft by a student?

For her part, Arthur forgives the 16-year-old student and says that teenagers can do some really stupid things. Arthur shows far better judgment and understanding than Eubanks or her superiors in Union, South Carolina.

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  1. What does one expect from South Carolina? Adherence to national standards and law?

  2. So teacher is robbed of privacy, as if she left her front door unlocked and the student walked in and saw….what??

    He sends pic to others and one is traumatized. School administration tells attorney who tells another one. The traumatic is called and files a suit.

    Yada, yada, …court awards tens of thousands to attorneys and 500 to kid.

    School administrator gets mysterious check. Court fees paid.

    Teacher and public screwed.

    A John Grisham style short story keeps getting written without even his putting a pen to paper.

    It’s a national conspiracy to fund progressive agendas…..or take your pick…..the story’s plot line is still developing.

  3. @isaacb

    Oh its easy to imitate the liberal twits. I have done a little theatre work here and there, and if you put yourself into the mind of these libs, the shallowness of thought mindset becomes simple to pick up on. The next step is to ask yourself what it is that they really expect, and while it is grossly unrealistic, it is easy to play the role.

    I promise you that I have nailed the secret desire of most white liberals, that is to be worshipped as The Bringers of Light To Persons Sitting in Darkness. It’s the same thing that lah-de-dah Christians wanted a century ago, so most of the underlying psychoanalytic work has already been done by famous dead white authors.

    Sooo, while I truly appreciate the compliment, really, there was nothing to it. The liberal subject matter isn’t very deep.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. There is a fundamental difference between “Voter issues” versus “Court Issues”. Sounds simple enough but harder to live by.

    Using a sports metaphor: Voters issues have to operate within “constitutional” out-of-bounds (as interpreted by the referees, the U.S. Supreme Court).

    For example: even if 90% of voters voted to take away women’s voting rights, that vote is out-of-bounds constitutionally, it crosses constitutional boundaries. If Congress or a state legislature passed such a bill and it was signed into law by a president or governor – it would be overturned in the courts.

    The state legislature in South Carolina can’t legally enact an unconstitutional law and the police can’t legally enforce such a law that violates a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the First Amendment. It appears that is the case here.

  5. @randyjet

    Thank you, Your Royal Majesty, for deigning to spend your precious time to come onto this website and provide your Royal Pronouncement that Southerners are really, really stupid, and reminding us that Very Important Persons, such as your Royal Self are so goooood and sooo smart. Oh Praise God for Noblesse Oblige! Praise God for Randyjet! And Curse Those who say that you are just a supercilous twit with delusions of grandeur and brains. Oh, if only those benighted souls could just comprehend the breadth of your wisdom and superiority!

    Genuflecting. Kneeling. Curtseying. Groveling.

    Salaam. Salaam.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. This is South Carolina. That says enough as do the results of the election. Nothing will happen to the super and the poor victim will be fortunate to get the hell out of the place.

  7. Did the school purchase the phone and pay the monthly bill? In other words did the school (government entity) own that citizen’s property?

    Although federal “color of law” statutes haven’t been used to prosecute public school officials, the letter & spirit of some Title 18 (criminal statutes) could make Mr. Eubank’s violation of the First Amendment also a federal crime.

  8. Superintendent has myocardial infarction after viewing teacher’s semi-nude photos. Blames her for their publication and his health issue after consulting Lindsey Graham.

  9. This is a case where I say arrest the creep and charge him with theft and sexting with a minor. She better hope she has a strong union.

  10. Here’s the thing. Schools teach, as do parents. Many times, a parent teaches by their actions, not their words. In this case, the school district is teaching through its superintendent (without probably recognizing that they are so doing) and the lesson they are teaching seems to be incongruent with what most intelligent people would see as the real lesson that should be taught.
    Just as with bad coaches, the students that are affected may not figure out until much later that they are being taught by a bad example. I learned a lot from bad coaches, which helps me now to deal with others of the same ilk. Problem is, the kids that are not really smart, and absolutely accept what they are taught, will never change.

  11. Where the photos of herself (the teacher)? There is something I did not quite get here. Post the photos for Christ sake. Shoot the Principal. He is no Pal.

  12. Clearly the teacher is at fault. What decent God-fearing woman ever allows herself to be semi-nude in private?

  13. Hey, it’s Union, South Carolina. The teacher assumed the risk that something nutty would happen when she accepted the job. Had she never read any Southern literature?

  14. Again, a story that leaves you convinced you’re reading satire. Nope. This ain’t The Onion, this is real life and it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

  15. Seems as if the school district fails in its duty to provide the families, living within that district, with a competent and capable superintendent.

    His eyes are pointed in opposite directions. Fire him.

  16. Seems as if the school district fails in its duty to provide its employees a work environment where their property may be reasonably free from risk of theft, and they may be free from these sorts of unwarranted intrusions into their reasonable personal property & space.

  17. Eubanks needs to go and Arthur should get some money. This is the only way to stop this sort of lunacy.

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