Ugandan Elections Spur Rash of Child Mutilations and Murders To Guarantee “Good Luck”

125px-Flag_of_Uganda.svgCoat_of_arms_of_the_Republic_of_Uganda.svgJust when you thought you could not get more depressed about the state of humanity. Uganda officials are dealing with a rash of mutilations and murders of children. The reason is chilling. Some Ugandans believe that mutilating and murdering children can bring you good luck. With the recent Ugandan elections, people appear to have tried to rig the outcome through child ritualistic murder. Makes you feel a little better about the current crop of candidates in our elections. Ritualistic child murder is perhaps the only thing that they have not accused each other of.

Uganda has long dealt with a common belief in blood sacrifices. We previously discussed how Ugandans were kidnapping and ritualistically killing albinos.

Some of the children have their hearts and livers ripped out. Others are missing their heads.

Shelin Kasozi of Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM) has dedicated an entire charity to the care for survivors of attempted child sacrifice.

President Yoweri Museveni ultimately won the February 18th election, extending his 30-year rule in a highly questionable election.

Advocates have documented at least seven child and six adult sacrifice cases in 2015 — compared to nine child and four adult sacrifice cases reported in 2014.

In one of the most disturbing cases from 2012, Hanifa Namuyanja, 82, was sentenced to 15 years in jail for taking part in the sacrifice of her granddaughter Shamim Nalwoga. The girl was found with her tongue and eyes cut out and genitals mutilated. That only gets the grandmother 15 years? What does it take to get a life sentence in Uganda?

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  1. Well, why not allow a massive migration here with unlimited immigration? After all, anything less than completely open borders is inhumane. Building a wall is even deemed unChristian. (Geez, am I actually defending something Trump said?) Child mutilators from Uganda? Drug Dealers from Sinaloa, Honor Killers from the ME, Tonton Macoute from Haiti, slave owners from Senegal, ISIS from Syria…

    THIS is one of the reasons why I only support legal immigration, and common sense limits on immigration. Our country is, indeed, better than the rest of the world. And there are a great many people whom I do NOT want here, of which the above list is a sample.

    The fact that these kinds of acts go on in the world just turns my stomach. Whenever I read about such atrocities against children, I wish so very much someone had just been there in time to save them. Those poor kids. Maybe a stipulation to receiving US aid should be that the country cannot engage in child sacrifice. That shouldn’t be raising the bar too high, should it?

  2. @isaacb

    You said, “There is always money being made. The problem is who is in bed with whom.”

    Good! You had a great thought there! Now, ask yourself who makes money off poor black folks, the barefoot and pregnant??”

    Answer, THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. It needs poor folks to purchase its product—various kinds of giveaways—through its votes. It is obvious to the meanest intelligence, and if white liberals can stop patting themselves on the back for all their racial tolerance crap, they would pick up on it too.

    That is why the Democrats are all for millions of illegal immigrants, Those people don’t help the economy. They don’t help create higher wages. Heck, the labor surplus puts downward pressure on wages. Why else would the Democratic leadership be for it? VOTES, so white liberal and their stepnfetchit blacks can stay in power. Why would Democratic party supporters be for it??? Because it makes them feel sooo good about themselves.

    As a result, most black kids in the country are born into, and live in HELL.

    Think about it. You don’t have a problem believing that people will sell out Africans for money and power. Why stop there? Why not ask yourself who makes money and gets power from impoverished blacks in this country?

    It ain’t hard. You can do it. Just leave your comfort zone.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. Olly,
    Yes President Obama tried to make nice with Rick Warren and the Saddleback Church people, who promptly stabbed him in the back and failed to support him or his efforts in any way. It’s not like they stayed pals over the last eight years so I didn’t mention it.
    As for Hillary, I do see that she has been associated with the whole prayer-breakfast C-Street Family group. Thanks for pointing that out. If you want to throw her under the bus for being associated with that group of bigoted extremist christians, be my guest. The only reason I would EVER vote for her is to keep any of those regressive right wing idiots calling themselves republican candidates from taking over and re-creating the horror we suffered under W. Bush.

  4. Another thing, we all get outraged about how kids are treated in Uganda, but what about how black kids in America are screwed up by their their black welfare moms? We can’t do a lot about Uganda, but heck, we can cut the enabling money transfer to welfare ho America. If nothing else, for future welfare hos. Tommy Sotomayor has a lot of great videos about how black welfare single moms are screwing up black kids, and the black community. Here’s one recent one. The “BT” stands for “Black Terminatrix.” The lemmem hunnits is the BT-1100

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. neighbordave

    There is always money being made. The problem is who is in bed with whom. Why is it just money going from have countries to have not countries, the bulk of which ends up in Switzerland? There is much more money to be made through jobs for those from the donating countries as well as those in the recipient countries. It is simply too much trouble and those at the top in the donating countries are just courting the signatures on the contracts for whatever resources they are now pillaging through buying them instead of playing the ‘great game’. China sends engineers and workers, employs locals, and builds all sorts of stuff to get its raw materials out of Africa. What’s wrong with the West? Could it be shame for a colonial past? It could be done right, easily. Those responsible for doing it wrong should be hung out to dry in the media. We need more investigative journalism, more muckrakers, more stone over turners.

  6. Depressing? Chilling? At the very least. When these stories come up we forget or prefer to ignore how much of this old time superstition and/or religious based garbage is still practiced today.

    What does it take to get a life sentence (or death sentence) in Uganda? Of course, just be gay. Glad they didn’t Scalia sitting on their court.

    One would think American Christians like Scott Lively would be satisfied peddling violence and murder in this country. But no they also feel the need to export their religious based hate. Even on the presidential trail wasn’t Cruz (believe he had Hucksterbee and another conservative candidate with him) just a month or two ago hanging out with another one these kill the gays christian prophets?

  7. I think that, in order to win elections, bringing school, clean warer or at least pork to the district is more efficient than murdering the children of your constituants.

  8. Not a real fan of General Clark but he tells you the truth about our govt , wars, the Middle East and Africa in this video.
    This video will take 2 minutes of your time and educate you in ways about your govt that you really never wanted to believe.
    It will make you think twice before making tin foil hat jokes about conspiracy theorists in the future.

    Make sure you watch the last 30 seconds.

  9. That is a chilling abomination — in Uganda! To properly rip out the eyes an tongues and hearts of children it should be done with US and Israeli bombs and drones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Palestine, to name a few apparently more acceptable locations.

  10. issacbasonkavichi
    I suggest to you that there is money being made by someone, and that is the ultimate factor that allows the perpetration of the 30 year rule. The big money is really big and does not give a s**t about a few children in their own country much less some remote place that provides some natural resources you can’t get elsewhere at the same price.
    What does Uganda export?

  11. If the West is to give anything to these retarded societies it should come with conditions and be directly administered and distributed by the West. The West placed its boots on the ground when it, for centuries and to this day, took whatever it wanted; it would only seem fitting that the West, if it wants to help, should do so in a manner that ensures the best interests of these people as humans, not as animals. Even animals are not this depraved.

    Food, agri-technology, education, etc should all be directly and completely controlled. There should be absolutely no cash payments to these cesspools of administrations, governments, clans, etc. You nurture a society by watering the roots. Giving money to the leaders is just as stupid as the trickle down theories where you water the leaves, that don’t need any water, hoping that some of it will dribble down to the roots.

    The big question is when will we stop mindlessly following ideological premises and simply look at what makes sense and what works. Trickle down/dribble down is stupid. Empowering society from the bottom and center works. But that all depends on who is on the supreme courts, government positions of power, etc.

  12. “Pretty sure you forgot to mention him in your article.”


    Rick Warren, famously included in Obama’s inauguration AND Hillary Clinton, a supporter of The Family since her White House days..

    Pretty sure you DIDN”T forget to mention either of those facts.

  13. You forgot to mention the continuing support given to the Ugandan government by “The Family” and the many many members of Congress who belong to The Family.

    Among others:
    Sen. John Ensign (R-NV),
    Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC),
    Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK)
    Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI)
    Sen.James Inhofe (R-OK) is The Family’s missionary in Uganda and travels there several times a year.

    Rick Warren, famously of the Saddleback church is also pals with this skeevy government. Pretty sure you forgot to mention him in your article.

  14. I’m appalled with you Western imperialist racist elites questioning the cultural practices of noble Africans. You should all be ordered to sensitivity training immediately. Shame!

  15. Just think–these animals, who were still swinging from vines in the not-so-distant past, participate in the sham, that is the UN, and actually cast votes. That’s a comforting thought.

  16. Question: What does it take to get a life sentence in Uganda?

    Answer: Uh. . . being white and saying the “N” word 17 years ago???

    No wait, that’s here in the U.S.A. Never mind.


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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