“Blue Drug Fairy” From Viral YouTube Video Found Dead From Reported Overdose

15-2n026-bluefairy-300x300Sharissa Turk, 25, is dead. If you do not recognize the name, your kids might. Turk was the “blue drug fairy” in a YouTube video that went viral entitled “My World Is Blue.” The video was made by Staten Island’s White Trash Clan and produced by Turk’s one-time fiancé Incite DaRiot.

Soon after the video was shot in 2013, Turk was arrested for selling oxycodone. Turk was employed by Edible Arrangements at the time.

Turk cut a deal that avoided prison time in exchange for participation in a drug-treatment program. It did not work. She was found dead by her boyfriend in her Staten Island home from a suspected drug overdose.

Her former fiancé insists that the video was meant to “show the downfall of drug users.” However, it seems to have had the opposite impact on the Internet as a celebration of drug use. You can judge below:

By the way, the film’s alumni also included Gerard Kelly, one of the rappers in the video. He was found dead in August from a likely drug overdose.

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  1. “A heroin addict is still going to be a worthless piece of crap to society whether his fix is legal or not. Somebody is going to have to work, and use part of their paycheck to support the idiot, while he or she lies around in a stupor.”

    Not sure how or why this bit of nonsense stood out from the rest the densely packed gibberish, but you should really consider the case of William Stewart Halsted, one of the founders of Johns Hopkins and a pioneering surgeon.

    There is, also, Keith Richards, another heroin addict who by no means requires no public aid.

    Carry on.

    1. T. Hall – we should also consider Sherlock Holmes, who used a 7% solution of cocaine, as well as smoking opium.

  2. @bananat

    You said, “Yo Squeeky – sorry, but your right to use, or delegate the use of violence to determine what I and other people put into our bodies — for medicinal, recreational, religious or other purposes — has been revoked. ”

    First, you can’t revoke nature. A heroin addict is still going to be a worthless piece of crap to society whether his fix is legal or not. Somebody is going to have to work, and use part of their paycheck to support the idiot, while he or she lies around in a stupor. Which means that YOU think nobody can tell the addict what he or she can do, but YOU insist that you can tell somebody else they must work the equivalent of several hours per week to take care of the addict. Yeah, that’s consistent!

    Second, BeeEss on the libertarian crap that society can’t tell people what they can, and can’t do. That’s just libertarian fantasy stuff. There are all kinds of laws which tell us what we can and can’t do. You just don’t like the ones that prohibit you from using drugs. Because you’re a dope fiend. (I imagine most people with DWIs ain’t too fond of those laws, either.)

    Third. I recommend that you whole heartedly support people who agree with you! Go to a surgeon that is an addict. They are quite easy to find. Help end the horrible practice of yanking and restricting their licenses. Fly on planes with pilots who are jacked up on meth! Why shouldn’t they be as free as you??? C’mon, be fair to everybody! If you have kids, put them on a school bus with drivers who have what us horrible people call “substance abuse problems. Do your part to help end the stigma!

    Fourth, grow up and quit smoking dope. Maybe there is still time for you to save a few brain cells.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. It is sad that large swathes of America is mired in either existential and spiritual pain, physical pain, or BOTH, and finds a need to resort to basically toxic and/or addictive patent medicines that don’t actually heal and actually cause a great deal more harm. 
    Meanwhile, for most of our lives, marijuana, a harmless and physically nonaddictive herb which helps many such people (including myself) was demonized by the self-righteous and ignorant (including my PAST self) and its users and providers were persecuted under what can only be compared to a modern Inquisition. 

    In the War on Some Drugs, as in most of what we do as a society, we deplore and attack symptoms all day every day, yet ignore causes.

    The excesses of the drug culture — and certainly, most of the violence and human wreckage surrounding it — are the product of prohibition and state management of people’s lives in collusion with special interests. (it could be said the state is the biggest special interest going…)  
    Where addiction to drugs such as opiates exists, it could be managed if we weren’t also criminalizing the addict.

  4. Yo Squeeky – sorry, but your right to use, or delegate the use of violence to determine what I and other people put into our bodies — for medicinal, recreational, religious or other purposes — has been revoked. 
    In reality, you never had any such right. No one ever had such a right over other competent adult humans.
    You may have a right to an opinion. Others have a right to ignore your opinion. 

  5. @Randall Lee

    You said a lot of good things, but one way any people can abandon its children and other members is to not remove clear, obvious dangers from the society. If a village is having its kids eaten by tigers, it builds a fence, and it goes out and hunts down tigers. A caring society doesn’t let dangerous predators roam about freely killing kids, and others.

    But isn’t that what we do when we let drug dealers run around loose??? Crap, we jail about 2 million of them, and we are still covered up with them. Some black neighborhoods are nothing but cesspools, and how are their kids going to escape that crap. But not only do we not do what needs to be done, we are actively more interested in the well being of drug dealers than we are their victims. Sheeesh, Mizz Hillary wants more drug dealers in the hood!

    Sooo, we can blabber and carry on about dealing with the problem, but it is all hot air until we start following Saudi Arabia’s lead and giving the predators a one way ticket to Hell.IMHO

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. Squeeky, I disagree that we need a more violent approach.

    The thing we as an adult society need to ultimately discover and teach is WHY so many people wish to alter their natural consciousness. When we understand what is missing within at a psychological level it becomes clear why so many of us at some juncture of our lives fall for the temptation and allure of mind altering substances.

    Some of us understand WHY in varying degrees. But society as a whole needs to grasp this understanding. Some will disagree with me, I am sure, but the root of the inner desire to alter ones consciousness is found in abandonment.

    Children are regularly abandoned in ways most people are never even aware. Though the opposite is often the case, both parents may even be physically present in their lives. But being there physically is not enough where fears and anxieties are not regularly replaced with love, hope, courage.and a working understanding of the natural law of right and wrong.

    When children grow up in a culture purposefully organized by violence and fear, with all its related lies, they know within at the very core of their conscience that such a society is plastic and hypocritical. Their psyche rebels at every opportunity. Although, often unable to articulate their feelings in a way that will result in positive changes to their condition they become depressed and sometimes even nihilist. From this starting point they seek to escape.

    The culture, the family, the village, a victim of its own hypocrisy has abandoned its children, and some still wonder WHY so many seek to alter consciousness. Well, wonder no longer. The solution lies in imparting an understanding of the natural law to a generation of children. Only then will clarity of mind and a correct understanding of right and wrong be esteemed higher than purposefully altered consciousnesses.

  7. @Ron

    Thanks! I don’t know how some of these pro-pot folks think they can get away with lying about marijuana not screwing people up. This is 21st century America, and most all of us either have stoner friends or stoner family members. If regular marijuana smokers were the same as everybody else, we wouldn’t call them “stoners” because there wouldn’t be any difference between them and the people who weren’t smoking the crap. If marijuana didn’t affect people, and make them different, then who would even know who’s using it or not???

    But if you have a friend who’s a stoner, you know it. You know they aren’t going to be interested in a lot of things except smoking pot. You just tend to quit asking them to go see a movie, for example, because you know they are just going to want to stay home and smoke pot.

    I am sorry about your son. I guess the liars got to him.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  8. Squeaky, you are absolutely right. Marijuana is dangerous and, contrary to popular opinion, it can be addictive. I’ve had no choice but to watch my adult son ruin his life with hashish. It destroys short term memory and takes away initiative, both of which make it imperative that it not be used by serious students.
    Like most addictive substances, it turns people into liars, interferes with normal emotional development, causes a loss of self respect and kills ambition. One’s life becomes a series of delusional experiences and irresponsible behavior. The adult is gone, replaced by a shallow image of what the person used to be. One’s potential can never be fulfilled because there is no desire to fulfill it. The person who uses it experiences a loss of self confidence and objective reality. He or she becomes an observer of the world around them without really participating in it.

  9. Upon listening with actual earbuds in to hear more detail, I have to say the production isn’t as dope as I thought: for one thing, the lazy two-note bass line that they added does not even follow the original bass line in the sample, so it sounds awkward and clashes with the original harmonic pattern, which was fine and didn’t need changing. 

    However, rhymewise, the kid definitely CAN flow. He’s not a contender for the world’s best emcee judging from this song, but his skills are solid. 

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