Alabama State Trooper Given Plea Deal For A Misdemeanor After Allegedly Raping Motorist After Bogus Arrest

48571119.cachedThere is a controversy in Alabama after prosecutors cut a plea agreement with an Alabama state trooper Samuel H. McHenry II, 36, who was accused of raping a woman and forcing her to perform oral sex after a bogus arrest in December 2015. For the crime, McHenry was allowed to plead to a simple misdemeanor for sexual misconduct and only six months in jail. [Warning: graphic content below]

The incident began after a woman called for help after a car accident. McHenry allegedly spotted some pill bottles and an empty nasal spray and threatened to arrest the woman. He placed her in a caged area in the back of his cruiser and drove to another area where her told her, “Fuck me or go to jail.” He allegedly pulled her pants down, raped her and afterward, forced her to perform oral sex. He then dumped her off in the parking lot of a closed store around 1:45 a.m. on Dec. 7.

What is particularly worrisome with the plea is that not only did he face charges of rape and sodomy but the dismissal of those charges (and plea to a misdemeanor) was done reportedly without the approval or consultation with the witness. Usually the victim is made part of this process.

McHenry refused to cooperate with giving a saliva sample after the incident.

In addition to giving up his certification for law enforcement, McHenry was required to pay a $500 fine and restitution for the heinous crime and was ordered not to contact the victim. That is clearly not enough for many critics who have questioned whether someone outside of law enforcement would have received such a plea bargain.

What do you think about the plea bargain?

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  1. @KarenS

    I agree that it is sad, but look at the Jews in the Holocaust. They had every reason in the world to despair, and feel hopeless, and give up, but when the camp gate was opened they walked out, if they were able to walk. Within a few years those same people were building a country and kicking Arab a$$.

    Sooo, the hookers can do the same thing when they decide to quit wallowing around in self-pity. IMHO, they need a good swift kick in the rear end, and maybe a year or two in a special Hooker Prison, to get off drugs, and learn a useful skill besides fellatio. There are organizations that will get them off the street, and help them get re-situated, and if they won’t do it, then that is on them.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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