Conservative Student Leader at University of Southern California Faces Impeachment For Inviting Conservative Speakers To Campus

University_of_Southern_California_USC_174423This week we discussed the effort to impeach two student leaders at Bowdoin. Their offense was wearing sombreros as a fiesta-themed party. Now, there is an effort to impeachment a conservative student leader at the University of Southern California for inviting a conservative speaker to campus. Jacob Ellenhorn appears to have done little more than facilitate conservative voices to be heard on campus.

Ellenhorn is a student senator at USC and president of the College Republicans. The official complaint alleges that Ellenhorn “created a hostile environments (sic) for our USC study body, and has also violated our USC Principles of Community by bringing a speaker and moderating an event that blatantly perpetuates sexism.”

That speaker appears to be Milo Yiannopoulos, a Greek born British journalist and the Technology Editor for Yiannopoulos says that he has faced a slew of cancelations on campuses as groups call his views “hate speech” or denounce him as “a rape apologist.”

Yiannopoulos is obviously very, very conservative. However, colleges are supposed to bring together different viewpoints and voices. Yet, faculty and students were outraged that such views were expressed on campus. Stephen Smith, an adjunct professor and executive director of the USC Shoah Foundation, insisted that Yiannopoulos is prejudiced and that “Harmful speech has no place in the Trojan community.” Smith seems to discard any notion of diversity in speakers:

“Whatever Yiannopoulos has to say on campus, his invitation here calls into question the human values as well as the academic standards of the USC College republicans. Controversial celebrity presenters may draw an audience, but the integrity of the USC College Republicans is rubbished by such content, the high standards of excellence we all try to uphold at USC are undermined, and the USC community as a whole is deeply offended on behalf of its women students, staff and faculty.”

What is particularly troubling is how the mere expression of controversial views was viewed by some as intolerable and even personally threatening. Marcus Robinson, president of Pitt’s Rainbow Alliance, said that having Yiannopoulos speak made him fearful of being on campus. He is quoted as saying “I felt I was in danger, and I felt so many people in that room were in danger. This event erased the great things we’ve done.” Robinson reportedly said that the University should have provided counselors in a neighboring room to help students who felt “invalidated” or “traumatized” by the event.

I have never heard Yiannopoulos or read his work. However, I fail to see how allowing a conservative voice — even an arch conservative voice — should be “traumatizing” to those who disagree with such views. College is a time to hear a plethora of different voices and values, even some which you may reject. If students feel “invalidated” by a conservative speaking on campus, they can “validate” their own views with their own speakers.

Source: FOX

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  1. Issac writes, “Regardless of spleen venting, you can either pick the clowns from the Republican party or the clowns from the Democratic party. . . .” Trump will get us close to WWIII, but I think Hillary will beat him because of the African-American and Latino vote. They’re like choosing between pig testicles and chitlins as an entree.

    TYT reported yesterday that Rubio did no political advertising in Florida because he’s out of money. Not the way to run a campaign. Although I can’t stand him or his politics, I give him lots of credit for hanging in there at the prepubescent age of 35.

  2. Watch a Trump rally. The dastardly liberals voice their opinion and try to keep their opponents out of their world, using the vehicle of free speech. When they inhibit free speech it is free speech that plays the part of the watchdog. The Republicans ‘sucker punch’ them, three fat cop subdue them, threaten to kill them, etc. So, take your pick. The difference is that when, in a liberal world you speak out, speaking for or against usually follows, extreme moves are taken to task, as is seen constantly by people speaking out against extreme positions, left or right, while in a Republican world you get punched, handcuffed, yarded out of the place, and have your life threatened.

    America’s shame and failure is that its democracy has morphed into an oligarchy with one more choice than a dictatorship. You can choose a bought and paid for liberal or a bought and paid for conservative. The past eight years have illustrated that the bought and paid for conservatives would rather see the country go down the toilet than to lose power. There is a certain treason in holding all the people hostage, just to make a point. Take a moment and observe the Republican patriotic league as it deals with replacing their lap dog Scalia. They have no precedent other than the many that argue against them, yet they will jeopardize the judicial system of the United States to get in a few parting licks. Treason, perhaps not. But, almost. The bought and paid for liberals have fallen short but are moving in the right direction, forward.

    Regardless of spleen venting, you can either pick the clowns from the Republican party or the clowns from the Democratic party. There’s something Murnau about the Republican clowns. It’s not a great choice but it is an obvious one. If you need convincing, attend a Trump rally, but be careful, be very very careful, and watch out for old bu**ers looking to wail on liberals. If you need more convincing revisit Rubio as he attacks Trump for the size of his hands and dic*, then watch Trump defend himself. The most revealing perspective of this sideshow is that the only level headed conservative is Kasich and Republicans prefer the clowns. Dwell on that for a while.

  3. If you don’t agree with me, I’m going to take my (nerf)football and go home. I also need a support group and a safe space. Where’s my trophy for participating?

  4. Their marching orders are coming from the DoJ, what else do you want them to do. It is reported that the DoJ is now considering microaggressions as sexual harassment. The FBI is telling high school students to report students who are anti-government. The Stassi are here.

  5. I have had “liberal” discussion groups tell me that they do not welcome dissenting views, that the group is a “gathering of like-minded people so that we can discuss our views without being threatened by ideas whch do not agree with our principles.” Or words to that effect. I told them that they were not a discussion group, but were merely an echo chanber.

  6. “ effort to impeachment..” You mean an effort to impeach. But where does this impeachment term come into play. To impeach is to remove an officer from a public position. Perhaps an officer of a private institution. But impeach does not mean to censor. Or to kick someone out of school.

  7. Strange. Milo Yiannopoulos is a right wing gay man? Here are some of his quotes:

    I’ll never forget the precise moment I chose to be gay. It was the endpoint in a process of rebellion against my white middle-class parents that climaxed
    with me smuggling a black drug dealer into my bedroom at 3 a.m. on a school night aged 15.

    All the best sex – in fact, all the best things in life – are transgressive and naughty. But there’s a problem when forbidden fruits go mainstream.
    When you teach yourself to be excited solely by transgressive acts, and end up only really happy when you’re breaking rules or upsetting someone, you’re at the mercy of changing fashions.

    Today, thanks to society’s endless mollycoddling and celebration of “alternative” lifestyles, the joy of rebellion is drying up for me.
    You see, I only plumped for homosexuality to irritate my parents. But now even they are fine with it. A few years ago, my mum said, perhaps cannily, “All I want is for you to be happy.”

    Here’s a Milo and Boy George video.

  8. I wonder if anyone will tell me with a straight face that hate speech laws are not soon coming to America. Sure the First Amendment may still exist but with “exceptions”.

  9. Clearly, no one was “in danger.” However, the idiot conservative spoke, and now the idiot liberals are speaking. Looks like free speech to me. Next.

  10. “College is a time to hear a plethora of different voices and values, even some which you may reject”

    Not anymore. I may disagree with what you say, therefore you have no right to say it ever anywhere.

  11. The old Nazi appears to be up way past his bedtime. PBS must be showing a documentary on the SS.

  12. As a rule, “conservatives” are all in for endless poverty-inducing foreign military excursions for no good reasons, debt to infinity (see earlier item), eliminating personal freedom at every opportunity, and placing Israel’s needs IFO our own.

    In this context the word “conservative” is as oxymoronic as the term “Judeo-Christian” and “mid east peace process.”

  13. Voltaire must be really spinning in his grave. He has rolled over so many times already that momentum must be building.

  14. The whiny libs have to keep control of the universities lest students graduate without being properly indoctrinated with all the liberal memes. Look, you don’t get to stay at the top and run the Main Stream Press, for example, if you don’t keep everybody in line and stay on top of the narrative. Any good cult leader will tell you that! They don’t dare let any Reality into the mix.

    I think the student ought to ask Tommy Sotomayor to speak there, or Taleeb Starkes, That would result in a really good race riot. (Even though both men are black.)

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  15. The guy named Marcus Robinson is a total weeny. Where was Moses when the lights went out? Down in the cellar eating sour Kraut. Such talk would scare Marcus.

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