Mornings on the Billy Goat

IMG_3954One of my favorite regular hikes is Billy Goat Trail at dawn on the weekends in Maryland. For a few weeks, the trail has been closed due to snow melt. However, you are able to still do the Towpath. Yesterday, the trail was open and glorious. I wanted to share a few pictures of the high water from the last couple weeks. I am making plans for a couple of great hikes this year, including a hiking and travel blog to Alaska where I have to give a speech. First, I hope to do my Spring hike on Old Rag Mountain in the coming weeks.

One of my hikes started out with a standoff between two deer who wanted to use the access bridge to the towpath. Well, it wasn’t much of a standoff. They took little notice of me.



The flooding was spectacular and the trail now has new trees balanced on the rocks. In the last few weeks, the wood frogs have been in an early mating season which added a cacophony of background music to the hike.










6 thoughts on “Mornings on the Billy Goat”

  1. I am so glad the working men and women of america….who will never see these places….have yet preserved them for you. It’s all about equal opportunity. Kinda like the boundry waters….preserved only for those who have disposible income to buy the permit….and a job with vacation hours that coincide with the permit’s award. Kudos you got the permit and the right days off. That’$ great. But who is reallt paying for it?

  2. If you come to Seattle, I will be happy to take you to an eye-popping hike, if you like elevation gain and alpine views.

  3. I too always enjoy the photos. And Spring can be loud. Although I’m glad whooping cranes have made a comeback, they have a VERY loud mating call. Fall is much quieter.

  4. I especially enjoy your Maryland hikes! We moved from Frederick, MD eleven years ago to SC. Living in the midlands, there isn’t much to look at. Central SC is not beautiful and we long for what we left. Soon we hope to move to the central part of Virginia. We desperately need lovely views for our retirement.

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