Introducing The RRS Boaty McBoatface

15583117-1458567987-640x360Democracy can be a tricky thing in presidential elections and ship namings. When the National Environmental Research Council decided to enlist the public in naming its new $300 million boat to be launched in 2019, the public was delighted. The top name? “Boaty McBoatface”. Yes, Boaty McBoatface could soon set sail and I for one cannot wait for the christening.

Boaty McBoatface is a 128-yard-long, 15,000-ton ship to serve as a “new polar research vessel which will deliver world-leading capability for UK research in both Antarctica and the Arctic.”

Other popular names include “RRS Ice Ice Baby” and “RRS Boatimus Prime.”

For my part, the public’s choice is perfectly brilliant. There is no better handle than Boaty McBoatface. The tee-shirt sales alone would be a bonanza for arctic research.

So raise a glass and join in a toast that the sun shall never set on Boaty McBoatface.

Source: CBS

14 thoughts on “Introducing The RRS Boaty McBoatface”

  1. Call in the black helicopter parents. Mc boat face….why would kids come up with that? Where did the mc mic come from? Racist kids still copping on the irish….if it weren’t for happy meals it wouldnt be called mick anything. But its mcboatface.


    Now what?

  2. Three sheets to the wind. Red sky in the morning mcfly. Shit faced. Of course they don’t know what they name.

  3. Well maybe if you are half shitfaced. Or wholly three sheets to the wind. Dont deny the next generation their definitions…..for all we know mcboatfaced is a “wtf” moron. We don’t know….hence there is more to life. The unfolding of it.o

  4. I dont even allow internet,at my house….so from tv my under tens told me about mcboatface. That’$ how catchy it is. Fine. Let it sail. They will remember when it passes or fails. I ‘ll be sure of that. Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me. So what imbeciles came uo with the name and fostered a youth following. The test results are what matter. Opportunnitty abounds.

  5. Haha! Best news in a long time. I think that was the best choice of the listed options. It is a very lighthearted name, some say childish, I say it keeps your work grounded in reality.

    I think it will keep the crew in good spirits as when things get too serious, it will be reminded just what ship you’re serving on. Also it has the potential for a good ocean going song.

  6. I’m with Girl Reporter on this one. I think it’s an appropriately light and humorous appellation in a zeitgeist chock full of Darth Vader.

    Of course, the next thing we’ll learn is that Boaty McBoatface is an electronic warfare/spy platform.

  7. Are we going to change the name of this blog to Jonathan Turley McBlogface? After all, you are Irish, show some pride man.

  8. Sounds like some script kiddie wrote a program to flood the voting site with fake users who chose the kiddie’s favorite name.

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