Clinton Lashes Out At “Sanders Lies” and Sanders Reaffirms Accusation That She Is Taking Fossil Fuel Money

hrc-1-300x202Given the Wall Street poll showing that one-third of Sanders voters are not willing to vote for Hillary Clinton in the general, the outburst by Clinton over the “lies of Sanders” is not going to improve those numbers. While Clinton dismissed the young person as a Sanders supporter, she is not. She is an uncommitted Greenpeace volunteer. Various media sites have challenged Clinton’s denial of receiving money from the fossil fuel industry and Sanders went on television to repeat the basic allegation. They say that she has received a great deal of money from people in the industry and her PAC has continued to take such money. They argue that she is again making a technical defense (direct contributions from companies to the campaign are not at issue because such donations would be illegal). At issue is the fact that Clinton has refused to sign the pledge of Sanders not to take fossil fuel money. Like the recent Clinton campaign demand that Sanders change “his tone,” this videotape will only likely cement the opposition of many Sanders supporters and prompt them to vote in the fall for Green Party candidate Jill Stein or other candidates.  Ironically, Clinton once attacked President Obama on this very point: for taking money from individuals in the industry.

Clinton blew up at Eva Resnick-Day when she asked why she would not sign the same pledge as Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders to turn down such money. Clinton responded with “I do not have — I have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies. I am so sick — I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I’m sick of it.”

Resnick-Day posted this statement and noted that Greenpeace has been running a national campaign to get Clinton to commit to the pledge that Sanders signed “immediately.” The Sanders campaign also issued this statement challenging the truth of Clinton’s denial.

According to records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, the Clinton 2016 campaign has received about $160,000 to date from oil and gas company employees. Clinton is third on the list of those who have taken such money — Republicans Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush top the list with $499,000 and $273,000, respectively.

Greenpeace says that Clinton has received over $1 million from lobbyists and bundlers connected to the fossil fuel industry and that her Super PAC has received over $3 million from donors in the industry.

Notably, it would be illegal for the campaign to accept any direct contributions from any corporation, so that was never the issue. The question is money from people in the industry.

One way to silence critics over her acceptance of industry money would, of course, be to release the transcripts of her speeches, particularly those on Wall Street. Clinton has insisted that she said nothing that would bother voters but has steadfastly refused to allow voters to read her comments to these powerful groups.

Here is the exchange with Eva Resnick-Day:

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  1. Suggestions are like butt holes, everyone has one but smart folks don’t talk about them.

  2. The mainstream media outlets glossed over a very important revelation by NYC Mayor, Bill De Blasio, on his contrary view of why young Bernie Sanders supporters.

    These young Sanders supporters aren’t naïve as the mainstream media has portrayed them but actually more mature than their parents’ generation.

    De Blasio pointed out many of these young people were, directly or indirectly, affected by the housing foreclosure crisis perpetrated by the banking and mortgage industry. Either them or their friends were made homeless due to our dysfunctional campaign financing system that represents “corporate persons” more than “human persons”.

    If this perspective is accurate it explains why many Sanders supporters have no interest in voting for Clinton. For some reason this interview is to hard to find on any internet search engines or on mainstream media sites.

  3. hskiprob
    Maybe I’m just a little extra dense this morning. I see that you included my name in your post, but I’m sorry to say I don’t see what one has to do with the other.

  4. Politics – The art of trying to convince the majority, that you are lying the least. phillyT – when the Federal Judiciary denied the right to petition for redress of grievances in the We The People vs US, case, didn’t it send you a message that we have lost control of our government, if the majority ever really did have any control over it. Since it is not longer a society with a foundational rule of law (Constitution and Bill of Rights) it is now a law by those who rule and who are in current power, hence why who is elected is more important then what the other corrupt branches of our government are doing. I prove in my book that the IRS, Treasury and Justice Dept. not longer follow the rule of law and I sent Jonathan a copy. I wish this weren’t true. The professional class is afraid of our government and why it doesn’t effectively join the majority in the fight to end the corruption. People like myself don’t really have much to lose so we can fight and right books that show the corruption but for many, keeping their noses clean and to themselves and going along with the status quo, keeps them in their Tesla’s and BMWs and a membership at Trump International Golf and Country club. If you can’t beat them, join them.

    Just so you know, the petition for redress of grievances we filed in 2002 was 62 questions relating to the Federal individual Income tax prepared by the We The People Foundation, a group of some 6,000+ people, many of them with some impressive credentials. No one in the IRS, the Treasury or the entire 535 members of Congress have still to this day answered the questions. So we sued in 2006, myself as one of the named Plaintiffs. The Federal Judiciary said they did not have to answer the questions with the SCOTUS unwilling to here the case in early 2008 after appealing the second time. As an IRS agent told a friend, Mr *********, you may be right, but that is not how the game is played. Didn’t Franklin say something about “A Democratic Republic Mam, if you can keep it. We the people no longer control our society, special interest do. It is why I’m a libertarian. Without the protections of individual rights, this is what happens and this has happened to every single nation state in history.

  5. If you accuse someone of something and then later accuse them of the same thing, you are not affirming or reaffirming the same accusation. If Clinton had “affirmed” the accusation then the word would be appropriate.

    I also agree with the commenter above. Why are we not discussing that new case out of the Supreme Court instead of dirty fossil politics. Are we old fossils?

  6. Wasn’t there an interesting SCOTUS case this week? Luis v United States or something like that? Something about the 6th amendment and the right to counsel and the freezing of untainted assets?

    Do you ever write about that stuff any more or is it only SCOTUSblog that covers that any more?

    Just wondering, cause it seems like you used to be interested in that sort of thing.

  7. Petroleum is certainly a fossil fuel along with coal. Natural gas is usually lumped in with the other two nasties.

  8. Bernie’s problem is that he speaks New Yorkie. Trump does too but not as bad. Cruz speaks like he is on the Mexican border and is catering to the Southern vote. Those three are a bit odd. Hillary has these horrible things in her past like…. Well, the cell phone thing. And the husband thing. You know, Bill cheated on her and porked Monica. And,… Well, I can’t think of them all besides this fossil fuel disaster. Those who mine coal want her. I thought they wanted Trump or Cruz. Those new guys who drill oil and gas should like Obama but he can not run again. The guys who play the stock market should like Obama cause look at where the Dow is now and where it was when Bushie boy left office. If a Republican wins I am taking my investments out of the stock market. Then I will take the cash and “short” the Dow Index on the day that Trump takes office. Then I will make some gains from Dow losses and pull out like my father should have. Then I will go to Canada and sign up for duel citizenship and try and get on their health care plan. So there is a plan in place for me if the Trumpster or Cruzhead wins the Presidency. You’all can take your Chevy to the levee and see if it is dry. And sing Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie.

  9. The Clinton Supporters are unified in one thing, with their Candidate: Deny, Deny, Deny.

    The Candidate with more baggage than the Trans-Continental Amtrak insists she only ravels with a small purse, a single smart phone, and pays all her expenses out of petty cash. Why, they were so “poor” when they left the White House, that’s all she can afford…

    And the Farmer had to haul away another load of BS…

  10. Sanders is behind in every aspect. The only path to the nomination is through the superdelegates and with Bill being the whip, that ain’t going to happen. Ask yourselves if you ready to subject millions of your friends and neighbors to the horrors of a Trump/Cruz/that guy from Ohio presidency just for your selfish principles. You may not like her but she is the best candidate this cycle and we need her to win! True and lasting change happens incrementally not in one fell swoop., ask yourselves why Bernie hired Tad and Jeff in the first place. The GOP will tear Sanders apart in the general and all of you know it, so cut the crap and show up for team blue in November! This is larger than just the White House and bigger than one candidate so take the long view on this. You all will have another chance to pass judgment on Hilary , and find another standard-bearer for the change you want to see in the world. May I suggest someone with a plan and a better record. We cannot let the GOP divide us in this election or all the things Sanders warns us about will come true. It will be a hell of a lot better to sigh as you watch Hillary being sworn in than listing to the new direction the GOP will take us.

    1. Respected Horus –

      Stupidly, in ’92 I voted Clinton – who IMO put the Reddi-Wip, Cherry and Nuts atop the Shit Sundae called Reaganomics – which has led the USA to……wherever it is today. One-trial learning as I learned at then next-to-tuition-free UCLA in the Way-Back-Days. But the sainted Clark Kerr was UC Chancellor and after firing Kerr as his first act as CA Guv, Reagan closed down the state mental health hospitals. The would-be inmates and children may be found sleeping in Public Libraries, city parks and heating grates in my and your towns. No matter.

      FDR saved capitalism through democratic socialism AKA the New Deal. Agreed the Bern’s Den nomination chances are Slim, None and Fat. My guess – and Shrinks’ Crystal Balls are no better than yours – is people are “wised up” to Hillo. She’s not quite “Our Maggie” [so far.] My C.B says the DLC brings in Glenfiddich Joe Biden from the bullpen to…..umm, close the deal. And stay in power for another season 🙂 [yet another wry, reluctant smile.]


      1. bawbtherevelator, You wrote “FDR saved capitalism through democratic socialism AKA the New Deal. Agreed the Bern’s Den nomination chances are Slim, None and Fat. My guess – and Shrinks’ Crystal Balls are no better than yours – is people are “wised up” to Hillo. She’s not quite “Our Maggie” [so far.] My C.B says the DLC brings in Glenfiddich Joe Biden from the bullpen to…..umm, close the deal. And stay in power for another season:) [yet another wry, reluctant smile.]”

        You should know that this is what the main stream media and the government controlled education system tried to get us to believe, but actually this is not what most economists who studied this financial era believe. Milton Friedman “Free To choose” and Amity Shlaes “The Forgotten Man” just two of many both believe that FDR exacerbated the depression with his socialistic policies. Both prolonging it and making it economically deeper. All the 1928 and 1932 platforms of the American Socialist Party were enacted into law during his reign.

        As you know the Federal Reserve Act itself is the 5th platform of communism, so FDR surely had some help from his fellow ruling oligarchs. They were also continuously pushing for the Federal Individual Income Tax, the 2nd Platform of Communism, but were never able to make it stick until after WWII. The government to this day still won’t provide their statutory authority over Citizens of the 50 States and refused to answer the 62 Questions relating to the tax posed by the We The People Foundation in 2002 in their Petition for Redress of Grievances under the 1st Amendment. The Federal Judges including the SCOTUS, abrogated the Constitution when they also refused to make the IRS when sued by We The People, answer the 62 questions posed in the petition. Part of our 1st amendment rights are now gone.

        As you should also know FDR was Assistant Secretary of the Navy during WWI and was responsible for sending the Lusitania “unescorted” into known German Uboat waters. The Germans even gave press releases to the newspapers in America saying the would sink it, but most of the main stream media failed to publish it. Winston Churchill was his partner in crime as Secretary of the British Navy at the time.

        Amazing what these type people will do to help their fellow investors and bankers within in the military industrial complex make $millions off the lives and backs of the “commoners”.

        1. Where to begin, Bro Hski – or is it “Bro Prob?”

          No, I’m seriously trying NOT to be a 77-y.o. wise-ass – albeit I actually DID say “Stand-Up Comedian” in February, 1956 as a 17-y.o. punk to my U.C.L.A Advisor who shortly and correctly set me straight. Nor am I trying to “pull rank” through age or plead “diminished capacities” because of age. I’ve not read either Milton [and Rose] Friedman nor even heard of Amity Schales’ THE FORGOTTEN MAN – though, luckily living a block from a public library, both these lacks are easily remedied. I am far more familiar with FDR – perceptively pegged by SCOTUS Justice O. W. Holmes as having a “…second-class intellect but a first-class temperament – through decades of reading.

          I’m totally unfamiliar with what you refer to as the “Federal Income Tax[‘s] Second Platform of Communism” or the “62 questions relating to the [income?] tax posed by the We The People Foundation in 2002 in their petition for Redress of Grievances under the First Amendment.” I’m grateful in advance for any assistance in this matter.

          Finally, FDR as Asst. Naval Secretary under Josephus Daniels in the Wilson administration [appointed due to Mama Sarah’s social position] was roughly the early 20th c. equivalent of George W. Bush per “nobesse oblige.” Daniels’ two sons threatened to “beat the shellac” outta the young future 1920 running mate of James Cox v. W. G. Harding. FDR even double-crossed Cox by appealing to then-world hero Herbert Hoover to “storm the Dem Convention” and unseat sure-loser-Cox. Didn’t quite work out…

          It was only after 1922’s polio that FDR found himself flat on his ass next to…well, plain guys like me FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE, btw. Made a man of FDR..imo. Unlike G.H. W. Bush in ’92 – who, if memory serves was fascinated by a super-market’s automatic check-out scanner. probably didn’t help Bush 41’s POTUS re-election “image” a helluva lot either. “You could look it up,” as the baseball saying goes.

          Cheers an’ ‘at :”)

          1. Enjoyed your comment. We The People vs United States 485 F.3D 140 (2007). The entire right to petition case is at – It is interesting that books that play down the memes of the ruling oligarchs like Shlaels don’t get much traction out of the lame stream media. She was an employee of the Council on Foreign Relations which intrigued me at the time and really promoted my reading of it. Not because I’m a fan of the CFR but because I’m generally an adversary. It ended up being pretty good. As you are aware of the lame stream media has a tendency of over sensationalize stories obviously to sell more newspapers. She also notes that the government did not keep unemployment numbers back then so there is much debate on the actually figures. She seems to believe that FDR’s administration may have skewed the numbers to give greater reasons for his increased spending on social programs which of course had numerous negative ramifications as well as the positive ones. All social policies have negative ramification in addition to their positive intentions. It is the negative ramifications that statist try to ignore. In the case of electrical utilities, during the depression, many companies fell on really hard times because of such policies as the Tennessee Valley Authority. They of course couldn’t compete with government funded or subsidies programs. Many middle class people lost their life savings and pensions as companies failed or were forced into bankruptcy. The Gatekeepers as Thomas DiLorenzo likes to call authors who have not told us the complete truth, failed to tell us about all those people who were negatively affected by FDR various social policies or that his polices appear to have prolonged the depression. Interesting stuff none the less. His book Lincoln Unmasked and numerous others have shed some needed light on the various issues effecting the Civil War. The information coming out today because of the internet and increased ease of research is so great it is hard to read all the great stuff being written.

  11. Are gas such as natural gas and oil and gasoline all considered fossil fuels? I thought it was just coal.

  12. Saw a great bumper sticker today: “Kenobi 2016! Help us Obi Wan, you’re our only hope!”

  13. Johnlg was she a public servant when she made those speeches….moreover what are the rules on moonlighting? I remember the speech she gave to the cfr while in office. Don’t know if she was a paid speaker….but she basically jided them for her next orders. What they’d “tell her do to next”…. And if she was serious….when she said ” before you tell me what to do”….then there is a problem. Either they pay her and give orders. Or give orders that have consequence and don’t pay her. Or she was in jest and mocking everyone who thinks the gov is run by cfr. Or….

  14. I don’t recall if it was in the 70’s or the 80’s but I recall ads in the New York Times for luxury vacations that were purportedly “tax deductible”. The ads noted that somewhere in the midst of your general merry-making you were expected to sit down for a couple of unspecified lectures about “business”. My understanding that the IRS shut this practice down because it was so transparently a tax dodge.

    So what are we supposed to think when a very influential political figure is repeatedly paid a quarter of million dollars for a “speech”. If the information is really all that vital to the payer’s conduct of business, wouldn’t it make far more sense to commission a printed report? Or is this just another of those wink-wink, nod-nod end runs around the law? It certainly has the potential to create the appearance of a conflict of interests and/or influence peddling when “public servants” get involved in it.

  15. What the girl is pist about at root and doesn’t know it, is like the calif union case…..where your money can be extracted and used for political speech you disagree with. Like everyone else she consumes fossil fuels. And the seller makes a profit…and pays his employees and they like hilly enough to give her campaign money. The complainer feels guilt because despite a tenuos but real causal chain interupted by many intervening events and third party decisions
    ….some of her money wound up in hillaries coffer.
    Its not like the evangelical who can avoid a coke because that company despite boycot laws will boycott georgia if it defends religion. This green peacer needs fossil fuels….like everyone else. So what pisses her off is everytime she pays for some….she has no control of the dimes after that. She doesnt want the dimes she spent for fossil fuel to go to a guys wages and that guy happen to support hilly. Instead of dealing with her own guilt….for not giving up fossil fuels….she likes bernie because………

  16. Speaking of Bernie Sander’s and his followers persistent believe in a socialist utopia (contrary to every time the model has been tried in government), my dad was recently reminiscing about Communism. He remarked how the Communists in Russia had their own communications system, with which they could order anything they wanted. While the rest of the peasants stood in line for hours to get into stores with mainly empty shelves (because that’s what happens in government socialism), the minority Communists lived like kings. Everyone else was poor but equal, and since nasty Capitalism was outlawed, there was not a darn thing they could do to improve their lot in life. They could not give their kids a mouthful of better, more nutritious food. Could not buy art. Could not provide warmer clothes. Work hard, work less, the result was the same. With centralized production, entire regions became completely helpless and dependent on a powerful central government to keep everything moving at a sluggish, inefficient pace. When communism fell, there was no mechanism by which anyone could produce anything, sell anything, or start a business, because the all powerful government had taken control of everything for so long. If they decided what your region would produce, then that’s all it produced.

    Human nature is instinctively capitalistic, whether it utilizes the barter system or money. If you have chickens, you sell the extra eggs. Provide childcare. Sell extra vegetables. Sew clothes. Fix machinery. You think of a way to better your situation, and your customers pay you for it.

    Socialism is a nihilistic, nightmare existence. You become helpless, dependent on a government you pray remains benign. You hope your government cares about your happiness, because it is no longer responsive to complaints. There is nothing you can do to improve your existence. You have to take what the government gives you and be thankful.

    Even nanny state socialism, where the government remains democratic, produces helplessness. The taxes have to go up and up and up to keep paying for more and more and more benefits, until the system either collapses like Greece, or the government takes over industry to try to pay the bills, with the inevitable result of every single socialist government experiment ever tried. Even the UK is on this slide. As it stands, council housing is a Sisyphus quest, where applicants need ever increasing amounts of points to qualify, and taxes spiral. Sweden had to back away a bit from its own socialist enterprise because all of its best people were emigrating.

  17. First, even if some one is a Sanders, Trump or Stein supporter and said she takes money from the oil industry, it would still be true. The person’s affiliation does not negate reality.

    I hope this is the year that left wing people will finally vote for a 3rd party candidate such as Jill Stein. Further, I hope people will stop thinking that our only responsibility as citizens is to vote. It’s not. The enormity of the problems we face cannot be solved by one person in the oval office. There is no savior. This country needs all its people to pull together as best we can and make things right.

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