Clinton Lashes Out At “Sanders Lies” and Sanders Reaffirms Accusation That She Is Taking Fossil Fuel Money

hrc-1-300x202Given the Wall Street poll showing that one-third of Sanders voters are not willing to vote for Hillary Clinton in the general, the outburst by Clinton over the “lies of Sanders” is not going to improve those numbers. While Clinton dismissed the young person as a Sanders supporter, she is not. She is an uncommitted Greenpeace volunteer. Various media sites have challenged Clinton’s denial of receiving money from the fossil fuel industry and Sanders went on television to repeat the basic allegation. They say that she has received a great deal of money from people in the industry and her PAC has continued to take such money. They argue that she is again making a technical defense (direct contributions from companies to the campaign are not at issue because such donations would be illegal). At issue is the fact that Clinton has refused to sign the pledge of Sanders not to take fossil fuel money. Like the recent Clinton campaign demand that Sanders change “his tone,” this videotape will only likely cement the opposition of many Sanders supporters and prompt them to vote in the fall for Green Party candidate Jill Stein or other candidates.  Ironically, Clinton once attacked President Obama on this very point: for taking money from individuals in the industry.

Clinton blew up at Eva Resnick-Day when she asked why she would not sign the same pledge as Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders to turn down such money. Clinton responded with “I do not have — I have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies. I am so sick — I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I’m sick of it.”

Resnick-Day posted this statement and noted that Greenpeace has been running a national campaign to get Clinton to commit to the pledge that Sanders signed “immediately.” The Sanders campaign also issued this statement challenging the truth of Clinton’s denial.

According to records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, the Clinton 2016 campaign has received about $160,000 to date from oil and gas company employees. Clinton is third on the list of those who have taken such money — Republicans Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush top the list with $499,000 and $273,000, respectively.

Greenpeace says that Clinton has received over $1 million from lobbyists and bundlers connected to the fossil fuel industry and that her Super PAC has received over $3 million from donors in the industry.

Notably, it would be illegal for the campaign to accept any direct contributions from any corporation, so that was never the issue. The question is money from people in the industry.

One way to silence critics over her acceptance of industry money would, of course, be to release the transcripts of her speeches, particularly those on Wall Street. Clinton has insisted that she said nothing that would bother voters but has steadfastly refused to allow voters to read her comments to these powerful groups.

Here is the exchange with Eva Resnick-Day:

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  1. And somebody PLEASE call Hillary on her support of the Honduran coup when she was Sec of State!! Neo-Liberals are like any other Corporate politicos: once they ‘join the club’ they collect deferred compensation from exploiters and forget about the rest of us. She’s a perfect shill- and this is a teaching moment about how both corrupt parties have been double-teaming us for ages.

    1. Great comment. I like the term double team. I’ve noticed many times throughout history while viewing voting records at the state and federal levels, every time our rights were being trampled by legislation, just enough of the Party members on the other side of the isle, would jump ship from their Parties position and join the other side. Of course, if it was legislation protecting individual rights, it would seldom pass. They play this adversarial game, pretending to be opponents, but when the vote actually comes, the Citizens most always get screwed. Occasionally, they will throw the dogs a bone, to give us hope. As Nobel Laureate Milton Freedman points out in his book Free To Choose, American was in a depression, recession or war, 1 out of every 2 years in the 20th century. That is not possible without the silent hand of the free market, being chained by expansive government social policies. How many pages is the IRS code? Does anyone really know exactly how many government agencies there are unless you look it up and then it would probably be incorrect as we can pretty much assume, because it is so large that one hand of government does not really know what the other hand is doing. Even though we know there are vast problems, the professional class is afraid to join the masses for fear of losing their financial position. It is a system perfectly devised to maintain the status quo and the majority are the ones taking the greatest hit.

  2. Reagan was one of 24 members of the CA Board of Regents. He had one vote. He could not fire Kerr. The Board of Regents, at least 13, fired Kerr. There was a Supreme Court case which held that people could not be held in mental institutions against their will unless they were a danger to themselves or others. Mental institutions across the country were emptied. This was not Reagan’s fault.

    FDR was a socialist through and through. He would not know capitalism if it jumped up and bit him on the nose.

    1. That’ll teach them pointy-head librulls like…,…..ummmm, Bernie an’ that there Green Party Right-In lady!

  3. Springtime for Hitler in Germany!
    Autumn for Poland and France.

    That is the begin lyric from a song from the movie The Producers. In regard to the election I see the Springtime for Bernie and Cruz and Autumn for the rest. The problem is that this Spring and summer cannot garner enough votes for Bernie or for Cruz in their respective conventions to beat Trump and Hillary. So we have the equivalent of WWII coming.

  4. A. If you don’t like suggestions, don’t read them.

    B. Time for a little weekend humor:

    German General: We’re mining too many useless ores.
    Hitler: So mine less.
    Grammar Nazi: MINE FEWER!
    Hitler: Yes?

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