Saudi Arabia Sentences Man To Death For Renouncing Islam and Ripping Up Koran

190px-WLM_-_roel1943_-_Koran125px-Coat_of_arms_of_Saudi_Arabia.svgSaudi Arabia has produced almost weekly stories of grotesque and medieval sentencing out of its Sharia court system. The Sharia courts apply Islamic law that can be both brutal and primitive in flogging and beheading people for crimes against the faith. The latest is the sentencing of a man to death for renouncing Islam and allegedly posting a video ripping up a Koran and hitting it with his shoe. Saudi Arabia still enforces death sentences for apostasy for those denying their Islamic faith. It is crime that places the Kingdom well outside of the most basic guarantees of human rights and civil liberties.

The unnamed man is reportedly in his 20s and is from Hafr-Al-Batin. He was arrested by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice after the posting of a video on social media site Keek which allegedly shows him ripping up Islam’s holy book and hitting it with a shoe. That constitutes apostasy and blasphemy.

The “court” found “In the video he cursed God, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his daughter Fatimah and ripped a copy of the Holy Qur’an and hit it with a shoe.
‘The death sentence was issued after his apostasy was proven.”

The death penalty sentence is likely the result of the apostasy charge as opposed to the blasphemy charge. Thus, he will be beheaded for following his own conscience and beliefs. Sharia law does not permit a Muslim to leave the faith and calls for the death of those who simply want to embrace a different faith. If Muslim nations are ever to be fully incorporated in the modern world and accepted as advance nations, they must denounce the crime of apostasy which denies rights of free speech, free exercise, and association. The Saudi Sharia system compounds these abuses with a system that lacks basic guarantees of due process. Yet, the Kingdom continues to receive unwavering support from the United States.

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  1. When I head idiotic “arguments” like it’s “[w]orth noting that Saudi Arabia is a tiny portion of Muslims” from Islamic apologists, any civilized, intelligent person should immediately recognize how unctuous, vacuous, hollow, and feckless the speaker is. Small wonder that you won’t find any Muslims winning any Nobel Prizes in science, medicine, or economics — the achievements that benefit humanity. If there were Nobel Prizes in logic, they wouldn’t get any of those either.

    The US has been propping up the Saudis for too long. If the US had had real leadership, the US would have let Saddam Hussein wipe the Saudis out, before stepping in to wipe him out. That would be two cockroaches for the price of one.

    But for those deluded fools, dupes, dopes, and disinformation douchebags who still refuse to recognize that there is no such a thing as “moderate” Islam, you must watch the following video. I have posted it several times before, but, as I have mentioned many times, I understand that the leftist mind is a disabled, weak mind with a DNA structure that blocks the functions of common sense and reasoning. The only potential cure is repetition and avoidance of leftist propaganda. Thus, if you’re a leftist, and you know who you are, you need to watch the following video over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Then, take a ten minute break, and repeat the process again. Given the leftist mental impairment, some level of genuine understanding of Islam won’t come until years of exposure to this video, especially since the weak, mentally deficient leftists will be repeatedly drawn to leftist propaganda like moths to a hot light bulb that will continue to disintegrate what little reasoning ability the leftists may acquired, setting back progress to zero again.

  2. Vietvet,
    interesting that in order to know more about something you would read what an enemy of Islam would write…? It is as strange as learning about Israel through Hamas.
    Or learning about the truth about America through Snowden…
    I am a Muslim, I have a quran, you cand find them online for free, ask me your questions then look up my answers. I can guarantee you that whatever your Egyptian friend said is false and that whatever you therefore believe Islam is, is therefore false.

    I am sure your fellow vietnam vets and the current muslims in the army would have loved/love to hear your view of them as they give their lives to save yours.

  3. Paul, whatever happens in Saudi Arabia is the monarchy…there is no shariah court without the monarchy…you must not know much about the history of Saudi Arabia…
    Apologist for whom?

  4. There is a small yellow soft cover book out there and for the life of me I forget the name. I apologize to all of you on my failing memory. After 9-11 as a law enforcement guy I wanted to know what “religion” would honor the killing of innocent non combatants and still believe there would be 17 virgins waiting for you. I found this book on the Koran written by an Egyptian who was a convert to Christianity. Very telling book and what you could expect in the future from these animals. It would be wise for all to know your enemy you might find that their all your enemies.

  5. Is there some website where they offer copies of the Koran for a real cheap price. I need to get a whole bunch of them for my Koran Party this month. And I will put a copy in each outhouse in my neighborhood. Preach what you wish, wipe all the way, the Koran can make it, all go away.

  6. Worth noting that Saudi Arabia is a tiny portion of Muslims…
    That wahabism was non-existent in the 1400 of the 1470 +- years that Islam has been around.
    That Saudi Arabia is a monarchy, and just like people lost their heads for challenging the monarchy in England or the church anywhere else, so do people lose their heads for challenging the monarchy in Saudi Arabia.

    If you were a king and were most fearful of allowing disagreements and challenges to your authority to undermine your rule, what would you do?
    And then how would you justify it?

    Additionally, those who equate what the Saudis do to Islam are missing the point. The holy book that they claim to follow above all? Well, it specifically contradicts their understanding of it.

    1. po – it is not the monarchy that tried and sentenced him, You need to read the article rather than play apologist.

  7. Why would “leaders” or anyone viciously attack someone for thinking, saying, or doing something like that? Perhaps the “leaders” reason that the mental sustainability of Muslims depends on their belief in Islam, that if they question Islam, they will all give up the struggle because they have nothing else. I don’t know. I’m just guessing at the reasoning.

  8. Some platitudes are in order. First, East of Corfu, the Ten Commandments Don’t Apply. Second, if you are a Saudi, you drive an Audi. Third, all Muslim Lives Matter. Fourth, it is a pirate territory not a civilized nation state. Those only arise West of Corfu.

  9. But but I thought they are so tolerant and kind. Love and peace…of course that is only when you agree with them. Nonbelievers and apostates …forget about it!

  10. Please don’t tell me that this surprises anyone, I would wish that no one was ignorant of the teachings of Islam.

  11. Umm, is this really shocking? After all, that *is* what the so-called religion of peace teaches, and they’re just putting it into practice. The truth is, Islam is not the sanitized religion that so many well-meaning Westerners wish it were. Verily men like Osama bin Laden are the closest followers of Mohammed’s (curses be upon him!) footsteps, if only we knew Islamic history better!

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