Sixth Secular Writer Murdered in Bangladesh

8373_1016738261734454_7993140973619507866_nWe have been discussing the surge of Islamic extremism in Bangladesh, particularly targeting secular writers. This week we have another tragic victim: law student and secular writer Nazimuddin Samad, 26. For simply espousing secular viewpoints, Samad was hacked to death by three or four men on his way back home from classes. Samad and other victims have appeared on a list of 84 “atheist bloggers” published by Islamic extremists.

It is a telling scene as these cowards stopped Samad after his return from school where he was learning about the rule of law and civil liberties. These men cannot tolerate such opposing views to be heard.

Samad was a masters student at Jagannath University and is now the sixth secularist writer or publisher to have been murdered in Dhaka in the last 16 months.

The national Dhaka Tribune newspaper reported that the assailants shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) as they murdered Samad in plain view of pedestrians on a busy street.

The bravery shown by these students and bloggers is incredible and inspiring. They are fighting for a separation of church and state that guarantees free speech, free association, and yes, free exercise. The murder of this young man is an unspeakable crime, but in the twisted logic of these attackers this will be celebrated as some type of victory for their faith.

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  1. Sixth Secular Writer Murdered in Bangladesh

    Crazed religous zealots of all sects fail to understand words are more powerful than steel or lead.

  2. We need to ensure that more such Muslims become US citizens to help with the conversion effort in the US. There should be government subsidies to help advance the Islamic point of view, which is to say that Islamic Law shall be followed by all or death will be the consequences. These are certainly worthy goals, and I’m sure that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will show compassion for the Muslim point of view, and stop the needless dwelling on the deaths of useless Infidels who don’t follow the Islamic Law.

    However, I wish that the mindless leftists, like Jon Turley, would stop referring to such Islamic acts of terminations of Infidels as the work of “extremists.” There is no such a thing as moderate, conservative, or extreme Islam. There is only ISLAM. You follow Islam or you do not. It’s that simple. Islam isn’t like religions like Christianity or Judaism, that hold different points of view among their practitioners about what actions and activities are appropriate.

    Although I’ve posted this video before, I will obviously have to post it again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again — until the reality that there is no “extreme” Islam eventually sinks in. I realize that I’m dealing with leftists and that there is a lack of rational components in the leftist DNA which makes understanding basic truths exceedingly difficult. But I am a very patient person, and I fully comprehend the disabilities of leftists. So I will repeat the message as necessary for your benefit.

  3. So sad. It’s very sobering to think about what reformers face in areas where Muslim extremism is common. It’s so easy for us to criticize wrongdoing here. We’re safe with our Free Speech constitutional rights. Speak out for reform in a Muslim extremists society, and you’ll get murdered.

  4. Ya gotta have “faith” or you will be killed or ostracized in most cultures in this world. It is kind of like being an Oscar Meyer Weiner without any mutard.

  5. And I say Allah Akbar, as I drop the bomb on the terrorists. And as their particles come twittering down from the air, I say: Good riddance. As my plane circles over the village and the engine farts. I drop a leaflet. It says: Belief in God is a belief in itShay.. Then I drop the Pig Latin dictionary out of the plane and fly off.

    How do you know you have only bombed terrorists? I am asked at church on Sunday. That I can’t answer. I am only a drone and can not think.

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