Meet Sam, Space Dog

UnknownA toy dog named Sam has been sent into the Earth’s atmosphere by schoolchildren in Lancashire, England. The videotape of Sam’s wild ride is below. He returned safely and the world’s coolest stuffed toy.

Sam was attached to a helium balloon and was filmed travelling 25km (15 miles) into the stratosphere as part of a science project by Morecambe Bay Community Primary School.

For optimal viewing, here is an appropriate music track . . .

12 thoughts on “Meet Sam, Space Dog”

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  2. (music- Same Stone)
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  3. While I was watching the video another video popped up at the end saying that Bruce Springstein canceled a concert in NC because of the gay bathroom issue. I am wondering if he is “bent”. Does anyone on the blog know? This is not “off topic” because it was afterall, on the screen.

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  5. Apparently they found the camera almost 50 miles away but, unfortunately, “… do not have any data on the aerodynamics of a toy dog.” 😉

  6. I heard on the news this morning that Sam was dislodged and has not yet been found.

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