Sunbathing Woman Run Over By Police Truck In Grand Isle

20103650-largeIn another case of alleged negligence by beach security or police, Lindsey Gordon, 24, is suing the Grand Isle police after being run over by a police vehicle while sunbathing on the beach. We have previously discussed this all-too-common type of accident.

Grand Isle Police Assistant Chief Norris Esponge was patrolling the beach in a marked police truck, a Ford F-150, when he drove over Gordon. She was left with a shattered pelvis and internal bleeding in the incident. She is lucky (if one could say such a thing in this incident) to have survived this horrific ordeal.

There is no indication that Esponge was rushing to an emergency at the time or had activated his siren. From a negligence perspective, this is obviously a highly foreseeable accident when driving a truck in a sunbathing incident. It is hard to say that this is not negligence unless Gordon was lying in a prohibited or non-public area (and even then it may remain foreseeable and sun bathers would be in the area). This is the type of case that would seem a priority to settle for defense counsel. A jury is not likely to be particularly sympathetic.

15 thoughts on “Sunbathing Woman Run Over By Police Truck In Grand Isle”

  1. Tanning booth tax. Obamacare is the actual and proximate cause. And sebeluis should be a defendant! Gest.

    Worse why was she by herself? There are no safe spaces.

    Sometimes we have to ask about assumption of risk.

    Maybe we need to get back to thinking about survival. I feel bad for her i do….because a self driving car would have run her over too.

    We have become so lazy when it comes to our own survival….we expect someone else to come up with a solution lest we have to think for ourselves.

    The automobile is more than freedom…driving is the only task we do with complex situations that demands on the spot subcons analysis….google aims to outlaw such thinking. And neural networks for self driving cars. Tisk. She looks like sand….mayaswell been buried under it.

    Did he see her?…..obviously not. Just another case for self driving cars. But to cater to them the beach will have to be closed….during patrol hours.

    Accidents happen. Blame could go anywhere. My point being maybe if we cut our finger playing with fire once and a while…..we’d be more keenly aware of hazards. All around all of us.

  2. That’s what she gets for ruining her health with that carcinogenic sun. /sarc off

  3. Minimum $3 M settlement price for a young lady with a crushed pelvis, clear negligence. Major settlement priority, you can say that again.

  4. A city worker ran over a sunbather in Madison a couple summers ago. I watch the beach groomers in San Diego. They are extremely cautious, as are the lifeguards when they use vehicles. And, during Spring Break there are cop ATV’s who again drive slowly and cautiously. Someone has trained these people well.

  5. I agree with Justice Holmes. I would fire the Police Chief. Three generations of imbeciles are enough.

  6. Even if Chief Esponge was in fact responding to an emergency with lights and siren it would not relieve him of a mandate to exercise caution. It is an expectation that individuals will prone out in the sand. In my opinion his culpability would constitute at least negligence.

  7. We would all be better served if police officers climbed down out of their trucks, got out of their vehicles and walked! Driving a 150 on a beach is absurd and dangerous. The assistanc h chief should be put on desk duty and demoted.

    I hope she wins and I am thankful she is recovering.

  8. I liked this post because of your last comment regarding defence counsel. I can’t begin to imagine how much pain he caused her, and while money won’t make the pain go away it will serve as an example that taking your eyes off people and running over those enjoying the beach is NEVER a good thing to do.

  9. Divers have a specific flag. Bicycles have flags. Here is something for “Shark Tank”. A sunbathing flag with a proximity noisemaker and a LCD flashing micro beacon on the tip. The flag could signal availability and sexuality.

    That said….the girl will never be the same physically (mentally?) after the crushing injuries. Oh lord the pain and time to recover and resetting of her future. Money will never recover the ordeal. Hope she has a decent support structure.

  10. Was this a “clothing optional” beach? Maybe the officer became distracted?

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