German Chancellor Merkel Continues To Lose Credibility On Free Speech Issues

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Angela MerkelGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel keeps digging herself deeper with her latest statement regarding her government’s prosecution of satirist Jan Böhmermann at the behest of Turkish President. Now, the chancellor expresses her regrets for offering support to President Erdoğan at the expense of her countryman, claiming it was a “mistake”.


Last weekend I featured an article HERE describing how the all too eager German Federal Government initiated a prosecution against one of its own private citizens who criticized Turkish President Erdoğan in a poem he regarded as personally insulting. The most likely explanation for the lack of defense of her own citizen was to throw him under the bus to entreat Erdoğan and garner favorable action on the refugee situation in Germany.

A few weeks ago, Chancellor Merkel mentioned to the Turkish President during a telephone conversation that Mr. Böhmermann’s poem, televised on German television, was “deliberately offensive”. But now, she states “In hindsight, that was a mistake”.

If that was not enough she continued:

“I believe [allowing the investigation] to be correct, same as before. It allows German courts to decide, taking into account the presumption of innocence.”

[Freedom of Expression] is important to me, and it will continue to be important to me, and that guides me in all talks.”

Her remarks were made just prior to a scheduled state visit to Turkey where she will meet with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to discuss the refugee crisis. She will not meet with Erdoğan. It seems that despite her kowtowing to Turkey’s president demand to prosecute Mr. Böhmermann, he wouldn’t even grant a visit, but then again “sic semper tyrannis”.  I doubt Mr. Böhmermann feels any sense of justice in that.

Nevertheless the German government continues to allow these injustices against its own citizens. And, now that its citizens are outraged, it has committed itself to a situation for which Ms. Merkel is certain to fail in digging herself out. Despite her claim that it is now in the hands of the court, there is no mention of reversing the process and leaving this man alone.

It seems Chancellor Merkel in washing her hands she sealed her political fate.

By Darren Smith

Source” Deutsche Welle

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39 thoughts on “German Chancellor Merkel Continues To Lose Credibility On Free Speech Issues”

  1. Merkel Regime is just an extreme example of the hybrid totalitarian capitalist-cultural Marxist system that is taking over the West/American Empire.

    “If we broke up the big banks tomorrow,” Mrs. Clinton asked the audience of black, white and Hispanic union members, “would that end racism? Would that end sexism? Would that end discrimination against the L.G.B.T. community?,” she said, using an abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. “Would that make people feel more welcoming to immigrants overnight?”

    At each question, the crowd called back with a resounding no.

    Hillary Clinton, quoted in NYT 021316

  2. Next thing you know, you’ll be saying Obama or Hillary Clinton “continues to lose credibility.” Well, at least you didn’t say “loose credibility.” I just hate it when people use “loose” for “lose.”

  3. Merkel “continues to lose credibility”?

    Who said Merkel EVER had any credibility???

  4. Most of the time when I post something here it has a touch of satire. But this thing about free speech bothers me. We have to really safeguard this right we have. Censorship is a very dangerous thing. We;’re lucky where we live.

  5. Angela is nuts. She will flee to South America like her father Adolf.

    A 1945 FBI Report Details How Hitler Arrived In Argentina With Eva And Their 2 Daughters One Of Which Was Named Angela

    New Scientific Evidence That Hitler Escaped Nazi Germany-FBI Files Opened-Not Exactly Breaking News But Der Fuhrer Still Seems To Have A Rock Solid Fan Base (Nieuw keihard bewijs dat Hitler Duitsland ontsnapte met behulp van CIA)

    German Eurosceptic Leader ‘Shocks’ by Predicting Merkel Will Flee to South America
    A German Member of the European Parliament (MEP) has suggested that Chancellor Angela Merkel will have to go into hiding in South America following her tenure, for fear of violent reprisals from the German people for her immigration policy. Her comments, made during a television debate, drew audible gasps from the audience.

    Beatrix von Storch, a spokesman for An Alternative for Germany (AfD) was immediately confronted by the debate host, Anne Will, who challenged her with one of her own Facebook posts in which she accused Merkel of “ruining our country like no one since 1945”.

    “I’m taking bets that Merkel will leave the country when she steps down – for security reasons,” the post continued, reportsDie Welt.

    Von Storch had earlier blasted Chancellor Merkel on Facebook for “ruining our country like no one since 1945.”

    1. I hope she escapes to darkest Africa where she will receive some dark meat, just like Germany is receiving because of her ignorant naivete.

  6. I gather that Erdogan only knew about the poem because Merkel told him.

  7. There is a good article in the Washington Post today about Obama and his visit to Germany. It is good on explaining the complicated situation which Germany is in.

    1. It’s not complicated. That dopey cow Merkel invited a bunch of stone age baboons to come and demolish Germany.

  8. Nick – I learned that bit during all the charity drives to help Haiti. It’s what really hit me in the gut – the kind of desperation that led women and girls to wear jeans under their skirts just to slow the ravening rapists down. There were reports that a 12 year old girl was raped by the man who pulled her out from under the rubble. That’s also why they needed antiretroviral drugs so desperately. It’s a hotbed for HIV, and antiretrovirals can give rape victims a chance not to get infected.

    Haiti is also the land of the Tonton Macoute, the “boogeymen” who ravaged the countryside with unspeakable violence. One of their terrorist acts was to force mothers to march through the streets with the severed heads of their sons, as a warning to anyone who would stand up for them.

    A lot of suffering in Haiti.

  9. Merkel grew up in East Germany, What do you expect? If you haven’t seen the movie “The Lives of Other People” you need to.

  10. She hasn’t sealed her political fate with this. Just listen to our kentucky guy…on cspan today he admitted politicians know ppl are sheeple with short memory. Caveat… unless it affects them daily and directly. Which Ttip will. Merkel – kin of marx- is obe by ttip….not this.

  11. Karen, I didn’t know that about Haiti. Maybe that’s why Bubba spends so much time there “helping.”

  12. It’s like going to Haiti, the rape capital of the world, and instead of rescuing only rape victims and families, you take the rapists, too.

    I recall the women wore pants underneath their skirts after the earthquake, in an effort to slow all the rapists down enough that they might be rescued in time.

  13. Wait – I came up with a better analogy that clarifies the problem of mass migration from terrorist misogynistic hotbeds:

    It’s like going to a KKK rally, and telling everyone you have free housing for the entire membership in Ferguson. Just come on down right after you’re done cleaning up that burning cross! No, no, we’re not going to just save that black guy they’re trying to lynch. We want EVERYONE to come!

    What could go wrong?

  14. Elias Canetti once remarked applicable to effect thickness false arguments: “The force of false arguments based on their extreme falsehood.”

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