Saudi Family Therapist Explains The Islamically Correct Method Of Wife Beating

dmvidpics-2016-04-23-at-16-41-00At times Saudi Arabia and its medieval Sharia system seems a bad parody of itself. That is the case with this video of a leading Saudi family therapist inexplicably sitting on a chair in the middle of the forest discussing calmly the Islamically correct way of beating your wife. What is even more unnerving is this guy, Khaled Al-Saqaby, is not only viewed as sane and learned but is probably viewed as a moderate on the subject.

Al-Saqaby explains with obvious understanding and patience that men will face this problem because women will “undoubtedly” cause problems since many “want to live a life of equality with their husbands.” Silly wives.

He then moves to the methods of necessary discipline, starting with a stern talking to “to remind her of your rights and of her duties according to Allah” and then a decision to “forsake them in bed.” You can move from there to the beatings though he admits it is a “thorny” issue but “Allah willing, we will cross this bridge safely” — which I assume is a reference to the men.

He cautions that “the beating should not be performed with a rod, nor should it be a headband, or a sharp object.” He prefers a “tooth-cleaning twig or with a handkerchief’ to beat a wife and to beat them only until she “feels that she was wrong in the way she treated her husband.”

That is still more restrained than other lectures on Islamically correct wife beating with such limitations as “try not to make her look ugly.”

Source: Metro

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  1. Islamophobia isn’t the answer, friends we have to respect everyone’s right to live and breathe without fear, without hate. However, in the immortal words we have to remember all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to stand idly by. Evil has a new face, but not all Muslims live by its code. How do we tell friend from foe? Radical from informed progressive? We can’t but it’s not down to us to judge, that is for our courts and Governments. They have to wake up soon or we’ll all end up in Hell in a handbasket.

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