Poll: Negative Views Of Trump and Clinton Reach “Historic” Levels

495px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_SkidmoreHillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziA new poll again shows what we have previously discussed as the absurdity of an election that produced the two least popular candidates as what many view as the only choices for the general election. In prior discussions, due to the duopoly on power, citizens will be told to choice between two people that they dislike to an unprecendented degree. What is fascinating is the Democratic National Committee head Debbie Wasserman-Shultz has stated that she is opposed to independents even playing a role in primaries — the reason why Clinton has struggled despite every advantage given to her by the establishment. Wasserman-Shultz, who may be the least popular DNC head in history, sees the problem is giving too many people a voice in the candidates.

The poll shows that “no past candidate comes close to Clinton, and especially Trump, in terms of engendering strong dislike a little more than six months before the election.” Clinton racks up 37 percent in the truly radioactive category of “strongly unfavorable” while Trump is at 53 percent. It is the ultimate race between perceived evils and both parties will now work to make voters hate the other more as the strategy for winning the White House. Indeed, another polls shows that roughly half of voters supporting Trump are dong so to block Clinton and vice versa.

“No major party nominee before Clinton or Trump had a double-digit net negative ‘strong favorability’ rating. Clinton’s would be the lowest ever, except for Trump.”

Yet, there is no serious examination of our political system in producing such a disconnect from voters. It is not a problem of the Democratic and Republican parties producing widely disliked candidates. The problem is that the two parties largely control the choices through a system that discourages third parties or independent candidates. While some may be satisfied with this process, most Americans are clearly not happy with the choices. Yet, the view of the majority seem entirely irrelevant to this supposedly democratic process. In addition to the reforms that I proposed earlier, we need to address the dysfunctional reality of our system that can literally produce the two least popular candidates for voters to choose between (unless they are willing to support a distant third party candidate).

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  1. Well then, both candidates with record negatives. Not a complete surprise.
    All things considered the two parties are basically no different. Both are beholden to the billionaires, corporations, the military industrial complex, wall street financial entities. And as we now see with the secrete trade agreements they are increasingly international.
    No one is forcing you to vote for either of them. The Green Party may be the way to go.
    Just saying that until those(previously mentioned above) who control the masses feel their grip on power threatened they will continue to screw us for their own self serving interests.
    Rise up and be counted.
    By the way, voting for the lesser of two evils…
    is still evil.

  2. War Crimes Tribunal Finds Bush and Blair Guilty

    A Malaysian tribunal has found former US President George W Bush and former British Prime Minister
    Tony Blair guilty of committing crimes against humanity during the Iraq war, Press TV reported.
    “Bush and Blair are found guilty under the same law that applied to the Nazis after the end of the World War II. So, they are international (war) criminals guilty of Nuremberg crimes against peace; and they should be prosecuted by any state in the world that gets a hold of them.
    We will continue our efforts to bring Bush and Blair to justice and put them in jail,” Francis Boyle, an international law expert and prosecutor, told Press TV.

  3. Patriot (@musicman27103),

    See the answer to “Was Operation Iraqi Freedom legal?”. Excerpt:

    Yes domestically (see A1), more likely than not internationally (see A2), and yes for the occupation (see A3).

  4. Mike: It’s hardly :fantasy,” unless the FBI investigation is all a mirage. I will not be surprised if she is not indicted. her underlings taking the hit. Someone will do a perp walk. What I am quite certain of is that this “certainty” on the Clinton part is spin. It is their MO. I can smell the sweat. But, time will tell. I’m a patient man.

  5. Mr. Trump has suggested that as our next president he might not pay our national creditors in full or at all. Am I correct that that would be clearly unconstitutional?

  6. Nick:

    I predicted a year ago that Clinton would face Bush in the general election. I was wrong. I have also argued that the Republican Party’s best bet among their entire lineup was Kasich. Republicans disagreed. My bet that Clinton will win is neither emotional nor a product of wishful thinking. I believe that Sanders would beat Trump by a wider margin. However, although she is not my first choice, Clinton is vastly superior to Trump and I believe that a strong majority of people will agree when they enter the voting booth and enjoy the few moments of lucidity that serious decision-making usually calls forth. The real wishful thinking is among those who fantasize about indictments and prosecutions.

  7. Odd. I was pretty sure Turley went on record that there were thousands of FBI agents assigned to Clinton emails. Or does Nick suppose that Clinton leaked that story?

    Pretty crazy thinking but it fits right in with crazy Republicans.

    Did ya hear the latest? Trump is going to reduce the debt by forcing creditors to take a bath.

    Just another brilliant idea from the party of critical thinkers.

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