Poll: Negative Views Of Trump and Clinton Reach “Historic” Levels

495px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_SkidmoreHillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziA new poll again shows what we have previously discussed as the absurdity of an election that produced the two least popular candidates as what many view as the only choices for the general election. In prior discussions, due to the duopoly on power, citizens will be told to choice between two people that they dislike to an unprecendented degree. What is fascinating is the Democratic National Committee head Debbie Wasserman-Shultz has stated that she is opposed to independents even playing a role in primaries — the reason why Clinton has struggled despite every advantage given to her by the establishment. Wasserman-Shultz, who may be the least popular DNC head in history, sees the problem is giving too many people a voice in the candidates.

The poll shows that “no past candidate comes close to Clinton, and especially Trump, in terms of engendering strong dislike a little more than six months before the election.” Clinton racks up 37 percent in the truly radioactive category of “strongly unfavorable” while Trump is at 53 percent. It is the ultimate race between perceived evils and both parties will now work to make voters hate the other more as the strategy for winning the White House. Indeed, another polls shows that roughly half of voters supporting Trump are dong so to block Clinton and vice versa.

“No major party nominee before Clinton or Trump had a double-digit net negative ‘strong favorability’ rating. Clinton’s would be the lowest ever, except for Trump.”

Yet, there is no serious examination of our political system in producing such a disconnect from voters. It is not a problem of the Democratic and Republican parties producing widely disliked candidates. The problem is that the two parties largely control the choices through a system that discourages third parties or independent candidates. While some may be satisfied with this process, most Americans are clearly not happy with the choices. Yet, the view of the majority seem entirely irrelevant to this supposedly democratic process. In addition to the reforms that I proposed earlier, we need to address the dysfunctional reality of our system that can literally produce the two least popular candidates for voters to choose between (unless they are willing to support a distant third party candidate).

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  1. The Local and National Media are Liars

    According to U.S. and International Law all the U.S. / Israeli invasions are Wars of Aggression, War Crimes
    These are the same crimes the Nazis committed
    Millions have been murdered & maimed due to these invasions
    Washington, DC = Nazi Berlin
    Anyone who supports the Republicans, Democrats & Israel are accomplices to murder
    The Justice Department, FBI & Court System are corrupt else they would have indicted the Bush, Obama administrations & Israel for 9/11 and war crimes years ago
    Obama & Hillary Clinton are Supreme War Criminals

  2. The Answer is : A “Revolution”…. Revert to What Our Country was to be !….”For the People by the People” Hello… do you Forget (or Know that) Our Founding Fathers Searched & Arrived in this Land to get Away from the Political Corrupt Governments in which they Lived !!!!! We can have Laws & Control “For the People by the People) Look… Computers are for Governmental Control! …The Majority of the People Nowadays are Brainwashed that Computers are for their Benefit! PLEASE…Wake up America !!!!

  3. Some don’t have the critical thinking skills and savvy to understand how the Clinton’s operate. NO ONE has said ANYTHING on the record. When the heat is on, the Clinton’s have their errand boys leak spin, lies, propaganda to the press. When I see an anonymous leak[it’s one person who leaked to CNN and WaPo..classic Clinton operative] like this I know those XXXL Spanx your girl is wearing are soaked in sweat. But, I know better than to argue w/ a Clinton lover, particularly when they’re in denial and say they don’t love them. Those Clintonistas are the worst! You see, if you didn’t love Rodham you would see this as an opportunity to FEEL THE BERN.

  4. All the regressives on the board were THRILLED when unsubstantiated reports came out that hundreds, if not thousands or even millions of FBI agents were working the email scandal and that FBI agents themselves were going to indict Hillary any second now, (even though FBI doesn’t indict anyone).

    Drudge said so! And he NEVER lies!

    Now the pendulum is swinging the other way and regressives are furious! Another scandal! Swept under the rug because Hillary is so powerful.

    So what now? Back to Benghazi? Whitewater? Something-Gate? How about the fact that there are no living state troopers left in Arkansas because she killed them all? What about the lesbian serial murders? Must be something there, these stories don’t just make themselves up!

    Much as I dislike Ms Clinton, the efforts of felon-Darrell Issa and others (convicted felon Tom Delay), to smear here and find something, anything to stop her, have failed. And while I think Sanders would be a much better president, I will hold my nose and vote for her.

  5. philat believes the Clinton spin and Mike A is allowing his emotions and wishful thinking to cloud his prediction. I’m a betting man. I hate Rodham but if I thought she would win I would bet on her. She is a loser.

  6. “Those bank vault rooms with no windows where government employees toil, under armed guards…schmucks! I uploaded the same data to the cloud! Hehehehe! Then I lied about it and got away with it! It’s not like the DOJ will do anything about it.

    Have a nice day, my fellow Americans!”

    Hillary Clinton

  7. “Hi. I’m applying for a job at State. I will refuse to use State secured email. I will direct staff cut the Top Secret headers off documents to send over unsecured fax lines. I will upload Top Secret information to the Cloud. I will have an outside data company back up my server, and none of those employees will undergo a background check or government scrutiny. I will allow cleaning staff and anyone whom I invite to my parties to be in the same house as my unsecured server. When I am subject to an investigation, I will lie about the existence of classified information, wipe my server clean, and then pretend I “cleaned it with a cloth.”

    But since I’m not a spy for Vladimir Putin, it’s all super OK, right? I mean, you’re not going to punish me like I’m just some valorous marine, right? I’m Hillary!”

  8. A Romanian hacker is claiming that he hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server. This claim has yet to be proven, and may in fact be just braggadocio.

    However, if someone did hack into Top Secret information, because Hillary Clinton uploaded it to the damn Cloud…do any of her supporters seriously think she will face no consequences? That her excuse that she was not deliberately a mole for hostile nations would make everything OK?

    One is to remember that a marine who used gmail to alert superiors that a known terrorist was on site (who would later attack Americans) was subjected to a courts martial. And he most definitely had no negative intentions. The sailor who sent his girlfriend a selfie was punished because the sonar screen was in the background. He meant no harm, either.

    Is it all OK because it’s Hillary? The law should not apply to her equally because she’s just wonderful?

    You can’t complain about lawless behavior and special interests in DC if you are going to look the other way when your beloved politician does so. It’s hypocritical.

    We can all take a page from Professor Turley’s book. He calls a spade a spade, regardless of whether it’s a Liberal or conservative doing the shoveling.

  9. I want someone like Harry Truman. No more Kennedys, no more Bushie boys, no Harvard and Yale dorks. Someone from the Midwest. Kasich should run on a Third Party. I would vote for him. Then I could sleep at night.

  10. On the one hand the two party system does everything in it’s power to prohibit any serious third party from gaining so much as a foot hold on American politics. On the other, Shultz believes that you MUST be a Democrat to vote in the primaries. Heads she wins, tails everyone else looses. Damn generous of her to allow the states to decide for themselves.

    1. You appear to have been wrong Karen. Predictions based on wishful thinking frequently don’t work out.

  11. There will be a great deal of political theatre over the next several months, but in the end we will be watching the inauguration of the first woman to hold the office of President.

  12. Poor Nick.

    He is so far gone he hates Canada. Canada!

    Get a grip.

    1. philat – this is not a mens rea crime. She agree, as a condition of employment, that everything was classified and how classified and top secret material was to be handled. By not handling it correctly, she is automatically guilty.

  13. The issues with Clinton and Trump’s outsized negatives are just symptoms. The political premise has devolved to the state that the federal government can do anything and everything, if only the politicians can herd the votes into the right corner. In other words, government is magic and passing legislation is like working miracles. Under that system, there is NO system that will widely satisfy the electorate. When the political system proposes that the government can solve all problems, then there is that much more that it will inevitably fail at, no matter what scheme decides who sits in the throne of the doomed enterprise. And, the costs… If people really understood the net present value of the costs of these government programs, they would call for the heads of our politicians on pikes.

    If we expected government to do very little, we would be justified in expecting that it could do it relatively well. But, we expect government to do everything and – surprise! – are constantly bombarded with examples of its inability to deliver and the high price of the attempt. And, we all have that sinking feeling that neither candidate will have what it takes to do the job. And we are right, because the job is undoable. To be clear NO candidate would be able to oversee a government that does all they have been promising it can do.

    There was a time when people accepted a limited role for the federal government and it wasn’t that hard to choose politicians who could operate that limited government, whether they were from “our” party or the other one. It was like electing the town dog-catcher – it wasn’t critical who we chose because anyone who whose head wasn’t neck-deep in his own butt could do it. When, as with the current system, we are essentially trying to elect God, we can expect to be disappointed with the nominees for a job none of them (regardless of ego or political backing) will be able to do.

  14. Now reports have surfaced that the FBI has failed to find any malicious intent in the so-called scandal over emails.
    Let the fun begin.

    1. philat – malicious intent does not have to be proved. Just that she violated the law.

  15. US foreign policy (i.e. “Israel First,” USA second) is the worst problem we face, causing human beings to live on the edge of nuclear annihilation. Trump plainly stated the foundation of his foreign policy is “America first,” anathema to war mongers and Zionists. He said he views the two major protagonists (Israel and Palestine) evenly.

    This, more than anything related to style, causes the neocon duopoly disdain for Trump. Zionist Bill Kristol (the son of a Boleshevik Zionist) and the man who ran war monger John McCain’s campaign both pledged for war monger Hilary. (The Republican Party forced all candidates to pledge for the nominee. It’s only fair to kick out the current war monger Republican neocons like Kristol who pledge for Clinton.)

    If you like the current images of Libya and Syria, you’ll love the world after Hilary wins the White House.

    1. Joseph Jones – one of the upsides to this election cycle is that John McCain may be forced to run as a Democrat.

  16. The US has the most dysfunctional political system and the most perverse democracy of all Western Nations. There are many reasons but the primary one is that money buys those before, during, and after they are in power. The first move in returning to a direction towards democracy is to abolish all private funding outside of $10 per citizen/voter. The many other moves such as the establishment of more than two parties, one more than a dictatorship, will be facilitated if the private ownership of the US is eliminated. We have the reality of an oligarchy but live under the illusion of a democracy. If anything proves this more it is the present dog and pony show. It’s not about the past but the present and the only way to fix this deplorable situation is to look to the future and learn lessons on those countries with more successful democracies such as Canada, Great Britain, France, etc which all suffered under duopolies but had the intelligence to support the establishment of multiple party systems. If it weren’t so pathetic it would be funny.

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