“The Mystery Emails”: State Department Report References Key Emails That Were Not Previously Turned Over [UPDATED]

Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziHillary Clinton agreed to a brief interview on the stinging rebuke found in the Inspector General Report that we discussed yesterday. The interview lacks questions on most of the contradictions that we discussed and Clinton insists that the report actually vindicates her — a truly breathtaking spin. Unfortunately, the reporter seemed to move as quickly as possible away from the report to turn to Donald Trump — with no follow up questions. However, there is a far more intriguing issue raised by the emails discussed in the report. Some of the emails revealed that Clinton believed that her personal, unsecure server had been hacked and she stated her desire to use a separate system to protect her personal emails from review — both serious contradictions to prior statements. Yet, the November 2010 reportedly was not among those turned over to the State Department. Indeed, at least three emails had not been seen before. Clinton previously insisted that all work related emails were turned over while her staff deleted personal emails.

Now 14 months later, the concerns over the criteria and motivations of the Clinton staff in deleting emails have been magnified since these emails were clearly work related. They appear to have come from the four former top Clinton aides after the State Department reconstructed communications lost by the prior deletions. It is not clear why (if these emails were not turned over) the State Department did not address their deletions or withholding in the Clinton emails.

What is particularly concerning are the prior demands for production from the Senate. Senate investigators say that they were never given these highly material emails. Thus, even though they would feature prominently in the State Department report, they were never turned over to the Senate. So there is the question of whether Clinton turned over the emails to the State Department and the additional question of why the emails were not turned over to Congress.

The emails were from one of the four key aides: Clinton’s former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, and top aides Huma Abedin, Jake Sullivan and Philippe Reines. Abedin authored the key email in November 2010 that provoked Clinton’s concerns about outsiders obtaining her personal emails. Clinton tried to send the email to all department employees but it was blocked by the spam filter because she was using a personal server. Abedin suggested using an official email or make her private address available to the agency. Clinton said that she didn’t want “any risk of the personal being accessible.” Clinton never agreed to use an official State Department address despite being told of the risks of using private emails.

The “mystery emails” have caused a stir in the Senate and some media.  

Update: the State Department is now saying that it does not know why the emails were not included in those turned over by Clinton. That is a rather matter-of-fact admission given the representation that all work-related emails were turned over and not deleted.  That would also be a serious violation of the rules governing federal records.  Yet, there appears little follow up by reporters on the issue and a surprising failure of the State Department to raise the question of whether the emails were “scrubbed” by Clinton staffers to delete such potentially incriminating or embarrassing emails.

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  2. More Hillary closet junk:

    Hillary Clinton Sold Her Soul When They Accepted That Money
    The king of Morocco, the Clintons and a problem that just won’t go away.

    LAAYOUNE, Western Sahara—A day after Bill Clinton feted donors and dignitaries at an extravagant Moroccan feast under a warm Marrakech night sky, a group of local Sahrawi Arabs gathered for tea in a far more humble setting here to share their outrage that Clinton’s family foundation had accepted millions of dollars from a company owned by a government accused of repressing their people.

    “Hillary Clinton sold her soul when they accepted that money,” declared Mohamed Lahwaimed, who gathered with the other former miners in a second floor walk-up in the Western Sahara capital of Laayoune, a modern-looking desert town with a population of 200,000 people about 500 miles southeast of Marrakech. Wearing traditional Sahrawi dara’a robes and lounging on worn pillows, they sipped green tea and spoke Arabic. “And now we are concerned that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency of the United States of America, she will take the side of Moroccans even more,” Lahwaimed said through an interpreter.

    It’s certainly true that the Clintons have had a long—and lucrative—relationship with Morocco. Moroccan King Mohammed VI, who was traveling abroad during last week’s CGI meeting in Marrakech, nonetheless loaned one of his palaces to Bill and Chelsea Clinton to stay in during the meeting, according to attendees. The king was listed on a donor roll as having pledged as much as $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation to help build Bill Clinton’s presidential library (though the foundation says the donation never came through), while the state firm OCP has donated as much as $6 million over the years to the Clinton Foundation’s efforts. Both Clintons have publicly embraced the king in recent years as an example of an Arab moderate ruler with whom the U.S. should partner, and leaked Moroccan diplomatic cables show that Hillary Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state was seen by Rabat as among its most ardent supporters in the Obama administration.

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    1. EltonLongDong – It is “What’s Good for General Bullmoose is good for the U.S.A.” from the musical ‘Lil Abner.

  9. But Nick, if one should not “elbow Nancy Pelosi on the floor of Congress” — then where?

  10. More Hillary closet junk:

    Hydrogen bomb from North Korea

    The episode was a fresh indication of the challenge that Hillary Clinton faces in running for the White House on her record as secretary of state, which makes it impossible for her to escape deficiencies in President Barack Obama’s national security legacy.

    Addressing multiple audiences, as a commander-in-chief must, Hillary Clinton accused North Korea of playing nuclear blackmail and “bullying,” offered reassurance to U.S. allies and then turned on her Republican foes, questioning their capacity to handle the situation.

    As secretary of State, Hillary Clinton oversaw a hands-off approach to North Korea. Under a policy called “strategic patience,” the Obama administration refused to offer any new incentives to Pyongyang to induce it to return to nuclear-disarmament talks following the collapse of an attempted deal at the end of the Bush term. The North Koreans were infuriated, and more nuclear and missile tests ensued, along with open hostilities between North and South Korea.

  11. As big a jerk as Trump is, I know he has more sense and class than to elbow Nancy Pelosi on the floor of Congress.

  12. Thank you, Abel, for those videos. The Crooked Clintons have indeed earned their cognomen. What is still astonishing is that so many Americans could care less about their crookedness, and, in fact, they will boo and shout down the truth about them. If I have my history down, I think the appellation for the programs put in place by President Lyndon B. Johnson was called “The Great Society.” The appropriate sobriquet for today’s America is “The Sick Society.”

  13. In Brazil, someone was brave enough to wear a wire and record what was really happening with the impeachment of Rousseff. The released tapes show absolute, unequivocal collusion between the military, people in the political class, people connected to the CIA and the international banking industry along with journalists to remove her from office and stop the investigations into corruption of those who have now been put in power.

    This somehow sounds familiar, although we lack a person who is brave enough to wear the wire and come forward with the information. We need that person.

    USG is utterly corrupt.

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    Hillary rally goes bad. Bill Clinton snaps at vet during speech. Happy Memorial Day.

  16. What about the implication of her lack of cooperation with a subpoena? She withheld these emails from discovery, and it appears that she may have deleted anything that would reflect poorly on her.

    What would happen if she were a “regular person” in a court of law, and after being subpoenaed, she deleted tens of thousands of emails, wiped her server clean, and did not produce everything related to the case?

    And then answer why should it be any different just because she’s Hillary Clinton?

  17. More Hillary closet junk:

    Hillary Clinton’s incredible statement on Syria

    Duped again. Hillary thought Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was a reformer.

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, on “Face the Nation,” March 27, 2011
    “I referenced opinions of others. That was not speaking either for myself or for the administration.” Here’s the video.

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