President of EU Commission Caught Apparently Drunk in Public Event

Jakob_Jordaens_001Ioannes_Claudius_Juncker_die_7_Martis_2014For those supporting the British exit from the European Union, a new video could not come at a better time.  EU critics have argued that Britain is being ruled by five “presidents” that no one can name and Brits have little voice in selecting.  As if on cue, one of those five –Luxembourgish politician Jean-Claude Juncker — appeared in public in what appears to be an inebriated state — even playfully slapping people.


The former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker has been President of the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union (EU) since 2014.   This is not the first time he has been accused of being intoxicated in public.

Making this even more delicious for EU critics, Juncker is viewed as anti-British and the British government sought unsuccessfully to block his reappointment.  Juncker has also argued for the creation of an EU army — a plan that has been much discussed by critics but downplayed by the British government before the vote on the EU referendum on June 23rd.

16 thoughts on “President of EU Commission Caught Apparently Drunk in Public Event”

  1. Is intoxication a crime? Hell no most mayors are intoxicated and own the liquor store. His problem isn’t intoxication it was he never was elected.

  2. And, ‘people’ like this guy want to run other peoples’ lives?

  3. “Who would give up their country’s right for self governance?”

    The historically ignorant.

  4. Here is the ditty which the Dutch in the 17th Century used for their rulers, the States General:
    Zij dronken een glas
    Zij deden een plas
    En lieten alles zoals het was.

  5. “Who would give up their country’s right for self governance?”

    Ever read a bit about the Non State Dispute Settlement provisions of TPP?

    Who needs legislators or a judicial system when you have a trade agreement like TPP with NSDS?

  6. Well, I wouldn’t be too keen on the US joining a larger union that would have so much control, including of our financial system. Who would give up their country’s right for self governance?

  7. The EU president’s campy Benny Hill memes are not going to win over the British.

  8. Brits will be far better off exiting this farce–and staying Brits–and not pussy Europeans!!! DMD

  9. Hopefully he won’t slap Putin, who has a black belt in martial arts. He could end up body slammed and pinned.

  10. I personally hope the British vote to get out of the EU. They have made a lot of threats to keep them in, but Britain would be better off in the long run. And if Britain drops out, several others have said they want a vote.

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