Nigerian Senate President Has Millions in Cash Disappear From His Bedroom . . . Again

Bukola-Saraki-700x357The corruption of Nigeria has long been breathtaking. Indeed, what would normally be alarming (like a politician with millions in cash in his room) is treated as perfectly understandable in Nigeria. Take the recent theft reported by Senate President Bukola Saraki, who said that ₦300 million(about $1.6 million) disappeared from his room. Police are questioning aides as well as some members of the security detail but not pressing on the fact that Saraki had huge amounts of cash sent to his hotel room.

Saraki ordered that the money be brought to his bedroom in Ilorin, capital of Kwara State in different foreign exchange denominations. He ordered Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed to provide the cash so that he could hand out the money to his supporters in Ilorin at the start of the Ramadan season. All of that is simply taken as manifestly reasonable in Nigeria.

Notably, just last year, agents of the Department of State Security (DSS) alleged that Saraki reportedly stole a huge sum of money that he ordered to be brought to him by the cousin of former military Head of State, Abdulsalami Abubakar. However, mysteriously, those agents were never charged. The money simply disappeared. Many suggested that it was a set up all along for Saraki to get the money.

Saraki has repeatedly been accused of corruption and criminal acts but he is barely a standout in Nigeria where millions disappear without a trace. The United States sends roughly $600 million in aid to Nigeria every year.

17 thoughts on “Nigerian Senate President Has Millions in Cash Disappear From His Bedroom . . . Again”

  1. The Clinton’s just getting ahead trying to pull themselves out of the gutter!!!

    1. Penny – they sure are not doing it by subsisting on food stamps.

  2. Wow I guess that letter I got from a Nigerian Prince is TRUE!!! I better email him right back and claim those millions!!

  3. a drop in the bucket compared to the billions of dollars stolen in Iraq by EVERBODY.

  4. If we work diligently, we, too, can achieve the level of corruption found in banana republics around the world.

    We are well on our way with unaccountable, pay-to-play politicians (cough, Hillary Clinton, the VA) and crony capitalism as opposed to market capitalism. But the majority of us, who get squashed between the power players, just keep voting for the status quo. And then we complain about it…

  5. I grew up in Illinois. If you were a politician there, you weren’t keeping up with the Joneses unless you had a few hundred thou stashed in your closet.

    And what Issac said.

  6. Someone replied to his email, and he finally managed to get the money overseas by putting it in some cat lady’s bank account in Indiana…

  7. An accompanying story goes something like this: ‘A major US Pharmaceutical company receives preferential treatment by US politicians. The company has won its fight to keep drug prices high and not give in to public demands to negotiate for bulk purchases at lower prices through Medicaid and Medicare. The company’s president invited the US politicians into his bedroom where he gave them a good rogering and sent them on their way, each with hundreds of thousands of dollars for their political campaigns.’

    Turley, if you’re gonna expose stuff, expose stuff.

  8. More Hillary closet junk:

    The Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of donations from Nigerian companies has raised red flags in the past.
    For example, the First Bank of Nigeria, one of the country’s largest financial institutions, gave as much as $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

    The son of the former chairman of the First Bank of Nigeria was sentenced to life in prison after attempting to blow up a Detroit-bound passenger flight on Christmas Day 2009.

    Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Alhaji Mutallab’s son, was dubbed the “underwear bomber” after authorities discovered explosives hidden in his underwear.

    Bill Clinton accepted between $500,000 and $1 million from a Nigerian newspaper publisher in 2012 to speak at an event in Lagos.

  9. We send $600 Million in “Aid” to these dorks each year! Each of us should copy the article here and send it to our Congressmen/women, both Senators, and to the President. Send a copy to Trump and one to Hillary. Cheat the U.S. government out of some taxes this year.

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