Turkish Government Orders 1,577 Deans To Resign In The Expanding Crackdown After the Coup Attempt

220px-Recep_Tayyip_ErdoganWe previously discussed how Turkey’s rising dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was likely to use the failed military coup to complete his objective to become a virtual dictator (backed by Islamist parties). That dire prediction appears to be fast becoming true with a roundup of thousands and the declaration of a state of emergency. Turkish academics have also been banned from leaving the country. Of course, Erdogan has offered his usual Orwellian rationization for the three-month state of emergency as necessary to protect civil liberties by suspending them “to eliminate the threat to democracy in our country, the rule of law, and the rights and freedom of our citizens.”  With that, and the support of his Islamist allies who passed sweeping new powers for the budding Sultan, Erdogan suspended civil liberties in Turkey.  In the meantime, women have reportedly avoided the streets because of being targeted by Erdogan’s Islamist supporters.

Turkey’s High Education Board on Tuesday ordered the resignation of 1,577 deans at all universities. It is part of rounding up any and all critics of Erdogan under the guise of continuing countermeasures after the coup supporters. It is telling that the first group that Erdogan wanted to silence (after the military coup leaders) are academics — a pattern seen in countries like China where academics were killed or arrested under the “Cultural Revolution.”

Thousands of public employees have been summarily dismissed as Erdogan replaces official with the party loyalists. In the meantime, the world is left watching the evisceration of the secular state in Turkey and the rise of a new Islamic-based authoritarian regime. Whether the coup was faked or not, Erdogan admitted that it was a “gift from God” to achieve his final consolidation of power.

In the meantime, he will remain a core ally of the United States as he arrests journalists, academics, and political activists.

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  1. Well it may be obvious, but it was good to be said Karen. Although I would have to say we just have a Machiavellian relationship with all countries. Wait to see what happens to the British industry and economy. And you echo my question: do we need to pay for this huge military base in the ME. It was important in the cold war–would be really important in the new cold war, but hopefully that may not come to pass. People I talk to think that whole exercise is crazy and is helping the Trump support. If we didn’t have that base, at least it would be less likely to rain death down on the most convenient and PR-worthy target of the day. The policy of “kill more kids, make more enemies, it’s good for business” has to stop at some point. We’re broke now and those bombs ain’t cheap.

  2. It’s going to get really bad in Turkey. (My alter ego is Captain Obvious).

    We have a history of Machiavellian alliances with countries we don’t really like and who don’t really like us. Do we really need strategic access to the ME and bases?

  3. Jill, that would be interesting. Seems as though our government is so big and fat that is separate “factions” have their own agenda. Turning the power off to Incirlik could be part of the ruse, but I would have thought there would be more spin on the event… but then again this could have gone the route of so many other CIA projects. Bay of Pigs??? Oooooops.

  4. Wikileaks has strong evidence of CIA involvement in this coup. There is interesting, original source information available on wikileaks twitter. I urge people who are interested to take a look.

  5. Doglover, how do you know this? Once again, this is an analysis based on no preceding circumstances and media soundbites. If you want preceding circumstances, ask Hillary, the laughing bringer of death and destruction. It’s all there and I am not claiming to draw a conclusion. I am not Trump diehard, but you have to call it what it is.

  6. Will it be US “Allies” or US “enemies” , or both together that take down the US? Put Trump in power and both will have an easy reason to cooperate to take down the US. The first time he attacks another region, it will look like continuation of W/Cheney terrorist atrocities and the world will react.

  7. Issac, as ugly as it all is, we make more of these gators every day. The more alligators, the more funding. Business is good. We all know that ISIL has dubious beginnings, and it looks like there are even more groups forming among the “moderate rebels” in Syria waiting to get air time on the world stage. I still can’t see Erdogan signing on to US demands. All he has to do is look to what happens to “allies,” especially the ones who decide not to trade in US dollars. Interested to see how it all unfolds. My sneaking suspicion is that he would like him and Israel to be the leading regional powers. Dunno though…

  8. The US is part of some strange slumber parties. It has to join with the Arab States, countries still in the middle ages who behead people in intersections, refuse to let women drive cars, and worse; all in order to achieve stability and offset even worse radicals. The US, and Europe needs Turkey to establish and maintain a united and strategic front against the latest group of thugs thriving off of and creating chaos. Unfortunately when you are up to your a** in alligators it is hard to remember that you came to drain the swamp.

    Why the US has to partner with Canada, a country that can’t even get a team to the Stanley Cup. Then to put it all in perspective follow the election process in the US. Turkey has their wannabe dictators. The US has its oligarchy. A lot of string pulling going on.

  9. Looks like he probably did stage the whole thing, but if Obama was in on it, why did they shut down incirlik? That is still major event, so much so I haven’t seen or heard anything else about it. That tells me our overlords don’t know what to do right this minute, and their response has been to act like nothing is going on until they can fabricate a story (ahhh, we’ll just blame Putin or someone…). OR… could it be Obama is actually a closet pacifist and was getting tired of US raining death and destruction on the world from this facility? (I’ll give that a slightly slim possibility… after all, he did drone that journalist when he walked out of prison over there…). Interesting if everything. We’ll see if Hillary gives him an invite to the “Hitler Club” she so much likes to throw around.

  10. As soon as the United States restores the constitutional “rule of law” – we should take the moral high-ground. Until that happens, we should stop preaching to other nations.

  11. (music to the tune of Henry The 8th)

    I’m Erdogan the Eighth I am!
    Erdogan the Eighth I am, I am.
    I got married to the widow next door.
    She’s been divorced seven times before.
    And everyone was an Erdogan.
    It wouldn’t be a Willie or a Fred.
    For there ain’t no man like Erdoman!
    Erdoman The Eighth I am!

  12. Ralph – thanks for the clip from Bananas. Great memories. 🙂
    I think he staged his own coup and Obama is backing him.

  13. Erdogan is making a strong case for the contention that he was behind the “failed” (or is it faked?) coup. I remember having a history teacher in grade school explaining to our class that a dictatorship is “efficient,” while democracy is “inefficient.” Maybe so, but “efficient” at what?

  14. He is smart to sack the Deans. They are probably overpaid twits just like in this country, who will fall for anything as long as their paycheck keeps coming. OTOH, if they aren’t overpaid, supercilious idiots like in our country, then I feel sorry for them.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  15. The count I’ve seen (and working on a notation in support of @DailyOutsider) is some 65,000……

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