Wasserman Schultz Booed Off Stage By Florida Delegation . . . But Given Job By Clinton Campaign

Wasserman SchultzHillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziFormer Democratic Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed of the stage by the Florida delegates today as anger continued to rise over emails showing that the DNC actively undermined Bernie Sanders and sought to rig the primaries for Hillary Clinton.  Yet, in coming DNC interim chair (and Clinton supporter) Donna Brazile is calling for Wasserman Schultz to have a role at the convention as a reward for her past work.  In an equally tone deaf response, Clinton has given Wasserman Schultz a formal job with her campaign — as opposed to the informal job that her critics have long alleged.  The fact is that Wasserman Schultz has from the start been the most controversial DNC chair in the party’s history — well before the entrance of Bernie Sanders.  Her tenure has been divisive and destructive for the party.  The effort to reward her by party insiders like Brazile and bring her into the Clinton campaign only reaffirms the disconnect with voters.

Wasserman Schultz discussed her new role for the Clinton campaign as delegated booed her and chanted “shame” over the now confirmed secret campaign for Clinton at the DNC.  She will be the honorary chair of her campaign’s 50-state program.  Clinton heralded the past work and future role of Wasserman Schultz:

“I want to thank my longtime friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her leadership of the Democratic National Committee over the past five years.  I am grateful to Debbie for getting the Democratic Party to this year’s historic convention in Philadelphia, and I know that this week’s events will be a success thanks to her hard work and leadership. . . . There’s simply no one better at taking the fight to the Republicans than Debbie–which is why I am glad that she has agreed to serve as honorary chair of my campaign’s 50-state program to gain ground and elect Democrats in every part of the country, and will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign nationally, in Florida, and in other key states.

“I look forward to campaigning with Debbie in Florida and helping her in her re-election bid–because as President, I will need fighters like Debbie in Congress who are ready on day one to get to work for the American people.”


I would think that this is stating the obvious but the Clinton people might have wanted to wait a bit before giving Wasserman Schultz a position with the campaign when delegates are protesting that she was working for the campaign all along.  One look at the Florida delegation (which is Wasserman Schultz’s most supportive group) confirms that obvious point:


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  1. In good conscience I cannot vote for any of the candidates. There are plenty of others who cannot stand what the DNC/RNC have to offer (and I do not like enough of the Green or Libertarian tickets to go that way either). Everyone who feels betrayed and corralled into voting for HRC or Trump should write in None of the Above. None of the Above would win. The whole cycle will start over again and hopefully then someone balanced will rise. Elizabeth Warren and Rand Paul? At least it would not be a partisan ticket and those two would probably try to work together.

  2. @tnash

    there have been many *****s who have been effective leaders – LBJ and Churchill for example.

    Still, Jill for this gal.

  3. Autumn-
    We’ll find out in a little over 3 months.
    A biker at a rally for Trump said “Trump’s an *******, but that’s what the country needs.”
    A lot of disagreement about whether “the country needs” that or not.
    Given what we’ve got for nominees, it’s a virtual certainty that the biker’s perceived “need” for the U.S. will be met, one way or the other.

  4. @tnashB

    I disagree. Much in life is about timing and right now people feel betrayed by establishment pols. So the enthusiasm generated by the Donald and Bernie is a reflection of discontent with the status quo. Now that Bernie has caved and his supporters go to Jill Stein the Donald will easily coast into the WH.

    tThat’s on the Dems though

  5. @randyjet

    re: “NOBODY lost their right to vote or did not have their votes counted” right, tell that to the voters in Arizona and in California where the votes are still being counted. Or other places such as Puerto Rico where so many polling places were closed.

  6. Autumn- I think the GOP entered 2016 in a very strong position.
    The likely nominee, Hillary, with very high negative numbers, very low “trust factor” numbers, and a lot of baggage was very vulnerable.
    In nominating Trump, I think the Republicans threw away their chances for the White House, and may lose the Senate as well.
    His “negatives” are generally even higher than Clinton’s, and with good reason.
    He has no experience governing, no consistent history on policy positions or politcal loyalties, bounces around like a ping pong ball with respect to his current “policy positions”, polls very low with Hispanics and women.
    I don’t think the GOP could have given Hillary a bigger gift than to nominate Trump.
    They are likely to get their heads handed to them in November.

  7. Jill, I did you the courtesy about answering your questions, yet you have refused to answer any of mine. I agree with you that we should not listen to the minions of the oligarchy. Too bad you now say the Bernie is an advocate for them. You also think that disenfranchisement means losing an election, which is simply wrong. NOBODY lost their right to vote or did not have their votes counted. Trump and the GOP on the other hand actually DO want to take away your right to vote at all if you are the wrong color or race. I can only think that you are not serious at all in your views.

  8. @tnash

    HRC is NOT going to win We Progressives are going to siphon off the vote

  9. JDepardoo-
    I think Hillary will keep her car in the ditch, and even driving in the ditch I think she wins in November.
    You’re “in the ditch” phrase is appropriate…..under no circumstances do I see her taking “the high road”.
    Slick Willy’s up to bat, tomorrow night, I think.
    That oughtta take eveybody’s minds off the Clinton sleaze factor.😏

  10. @JDepardoo

    I agree!! Choosing between the Donald and Crooked Hillary is going to be tough.

  11. Autumn
    It should be a real interesting race then. With that then-13-year-old girl coming forward about Trump raping her, and his Trump University lawsuit, and the campaign violations under investigation, and his habitual lying, not to mention all the other pending investigations him and his lying wife.

    Yessirree. It’s going to be an interesting race.

  12. JDepardoo

    HRC is toast. Despised by Progressive and Trumpsters alike. The Demoncrat party is going to implode. They had a chance with Bernie but chose to hobble him.

  13. This election has been Mrs. Clinton’s to lose, almost from the get-go/ And apparently she is going at it full tilt. As with the fake email scandal, there was nothing there other than her INCREDIBLY bad judgement. Now she’s done this with Debbie Wasserman Shultz and AGAIN just seems clueless about the whole thing.

    All we have left is to weigh her bad judgement against the horror of a sh*tshow that is the Republican party. A process so vile and out of control that a Republican Congressman skipped the RNC Convention and said he was taking his kids on a tour of dumpster fires! Perfect.

    No doubt the Donald is the worst candidate ever, even worse than Nixon because when they nominated Nixon they still didn’t know how sick and paranoid he was. But they do know this about Drumpf with his multiple bankruptcies, multiple affairs, child-rape, ripping people off who do business with him, and the multiple business scams that have led him to be sued more than 1,000 times, and now to be settled in court. He is the worst thing America could possibly do at this moment.

    Will Hillary Clinton be able to pull the car back on the road or is she going two wheels in the ditch all the way to November?

  14. @jill

    we are with you in spirit. And outside the official convention site are thousands of folks who have traveled from every state to be part of the Revolution – for peace, anti-TPP, protecting the environment, etc.

  15. The Democrats have no sense of humor. They let DWS resign quietly and boringly. The Sanders people should have insisted on a roast instead. Here is the scenario: DWS gavels the convention to order. Then, the following speakers roast her without her prior knowledge. Sanders has a right to ask for that. Hillary, having already thrown DWS under the bus can’t really complain when she is run over a few times. Besides, Hillary has crossed the Rubicon. She must consent to whatever the Sanders people want. She has come too far to say “No” and risk the Sanders people raising a ruckus. Nobody likes DWS anyway.

  16. Autumn,

    This is one of the few times I’ve felt hopeful. Yes, that is sickening but people seem to be waking up and there’s more to come!

    As for trolls. I can’t know who is or isn’t one (although I have my suspicions about that) so I just try to respond to what people are saying to the best of my ability until is is clearly pointless.

  17. @jill

    I am getting the distinct impression that all the action and passion is taking place outside. Just watched Merkely – what a joke – aligned himself with Bernie to please his base in OR and then talked tonite about the TPP

    Interesting isn’t it??

    HRC and Kaine are agin it officially although we know they are not.

    Jill Stein and Trump have been against these toxic “trade deals” from Day 1

    As usual, stupid Demoncrats are liars

  18. Squeeky,

    I’ve been calling him that from the beginning. I like word plays too!

    Autumn, Great Video!

    slohrrs29, Yes, it is clear now or at least it should be. From Autumn’s video it seems like people are truly open to looking at other candidates. That’s a very good sign and it’s a good sign that people, however few, inside the convention are standing up for themselves. In this election it would be nice to hear Trump and Clinton called spoilers (seeing as that’s what they are to the earth and all its life forms)!!

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