Brown University Under Fire In Documentary On the Denial of Free Speech On Campus

imagesBrown university is the subject of intense criticism in the wake of a documentary from one of its graduates on the evisceration of free speech on campus. The elite school has followed the same course of other schools in declaring speech or symbols “micro aggressions” and allowing students to prevent speakers from appearing on campus or addressing other students. The film by Rob Montz is scathing and embarrassing as he shows students successfully barring people from uttering opposing views or shouting down a man because he is a white heterosexual.

This includes students proudly talking about how they succeeded to forcing the cancelation of a speech by the New York Police Commissioners because “tough questions are not enough” and some ideas should never be expressed on campus.

While Brown University has dismissed the film, it shows ridiculous scenes of students who clearly believe that they have a protected right to silence those with whom they disagree as well as faculty who have legitimized the attack on free speech.

Here is the Montz film:

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  1. Randyjet it was pretty obvious that the left needed to clean it’s camp many years ago. In the 60’s, everyone, including the Liberal Left rejected the Bolshevik communism but continued to wrestle with the goals of equal opportunity or what I call “The Benign King” mindset. The dyed in the wool Commies apparently slunk into the halls of American Universities and worked on their totalitarian goals out of sight for a few decades. Somewhere along the line the Democrats allowed their party to become the voice of America Haters. The best thing for America to do is to keep doing what it was doing that got us the high marks on the wall of human rights achievements, not self destruct in some idiotic and pointless exercise in self-flagellation. Of course flagellating yourself on the internet requires a lot less energy than say..becoming a foster parent or organizing a Community Law Enforcement Oversight Committee and doing the real work.

  2. issacbasonkavich You better hope that the media can keep the public battling on the presidential candidates based on their personalities. The minute the question is asked as to which candidate has the best chance of re positioning the nation’s foreign policy away from war and away from regime change and so forth..the alleged female will have to run on her record, and it’s a bloody mess, isn’t it?

  3. It’s pure Humpty Dumptyism in the end where these smarmy fascists are eventually defending their actions and their brutality as a “form of speech”.

  4. The people who founded this country were not liberals or conservative, they didn’t belong to any “ism”. They were libertarians. It’s too bad that todays libertarian movement doesn’t have more followers.

  5. I’ll bet isaac that each and every time you saw the Wizard of Oz you still believed the Wizard was real. Seriously, the fact that after 8 years you are still manipulated by Obama is quite remarkable. Your last post really nailed it when you said “hate has to hate”. Why is it you hate so much? To hate people that will vote against your candidate is something weak-minded people do. If you don’t understand by now “why” they will vote that way then you are hard-wired against reason and logic.

    People shouldn’t hate people like you; they should visit you, but only if you are wearing the nice white coat with sleeves that buckle behind your back.

  6. After hearing Obama tonight all one can say pertaining to those who would vote Trump is pathetic, losers, les miserables or a confused lot. Hate has to hate and if it hates enough, well…….

  7. @randyjet

    You remind me of a father and mother who cuss like sailors around the house, and at the parent-principal conference where Little Johnny gets suspended for telling the teacher to go F herself, they act surprised about where ever he could have heard such words!

    The SJWs have only picked up on the BeeEss name calling by the Liberal and Democratic establishment where every Republican and conservative is a racist, homophobic, sexist, POS, etc. etc. etc. These little SJW’s roots go back to the mushroom cloud commercial of 1964, and every bit of histrionic liberal crap that has been uttered since then.

    No wonder the SJWs can’t think and reason. The older liberals and democrats taught them how not to do either. Just priss around and act morally and intellectually superior.

    Own it!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  8. Randyjet,
    Tearing apart the fabric of America and replace it with?
    Name just one ‘ism’ that would be nearly as good as what we have here today?

    You say that it is a historical fact that the LEFT made free speech a reality, I guess that the framers of the Constitution of the United States were Democrats, instead of freedom loving individuals? Well, YOUR HISTORICAL FACT is slightly wrong. The Democratic Party was formed in1828, and the U.S. Constitution was ratified by the states in 1787 – some 30 plus years before the Democratic Party. Well, you just FLUNKED your American History and honestly, your facts gauge has fallen to near ZERO, BooHoo

    America, while not perfect, is sooooo much better than anywhere else on the globe. Just ask yourself why “everyone” wants to come to America.
    Ask yourself what did America accomplish in saving so many lives from the tieraney (oppressive or unjustly severe government) of Japan, and of Nazi Germany? Why did free people all over the world fight against these oppressive governments?

    Since High School and College students are not taught American History (by design), I doubt they could answer this question.

    “products of capitalist restoration”? Why this has a nice ring to it. But as they used to say on Laugh-In, it’s really dumb. The world accepts capitalism more than any other form of government.

  9. The point of my post was to show that those who are engaged in this kind of behavior are no more a part of the left than fascists or Stalinists. I also noticed in the video of the Kelly fiasco that there were only a handful of protesters They should have been dealt with by security and escorted OUT of the meeting if they did not wish to hear Kelly. NObody forced them to attend. So not only were the so called students wrong, those who are supposed to be ADULTS and in charge failed in their DUTY to them and others. For that the administrators at Brown are derelict and I hope the alumni force them out and put an end to this foolishness. Then if the students have not learned their lesson, they can be expelled.

  10. @randyjet

    While I would dispute your “historical fact” (doesn’t that have a “settled science” feel to it?) – maybe something we all need to think about is this right wing versus left wing lens that we view things through. Using that view we get Nazis on the right wing and Commies on the left wing – but frankly the Nazis and the Commies have a whole lot more things in common than differ!

    Both are anti-free speech; both are totalitarian; both believe in more government power than individual rights; both tend to be anti-gun rights; both believe in a range of government services, to the point of ridiculousness; etc.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust..
    We got the other team by the nuts..
    Pull team Pull!

    – Song from Brown University

  12. Wow randyjet! “Classical” liberalism is what made free speech a reality in this country. I don’t care what “ism” you want to co-opt to describe the “Left” today, if it departs from the original intent to secure unalienable rights then that “ism” is a threat to a free society.

  13. The historical FACT is that it is the LEFT which made free speech a reality in this country. I cannot characterize these fools who shut down speeches as being part of the left at all. They are the progeny of Stalin, Hitler and their ilk. I have come to the realization that it was a major error on my part and others to allow the so called communists to be associated as part of the left. They were and are simply the products of the successful counter revolution in the former Soviet Union, and as such were the products of capitalist restoration, which has by now become obvious to all. Thus they are on the right wing, not the left. This was evident by virtually all of their laws and norms under the old Soviet Union. It was remarked upon by many folks of the whole political spectrum. They went from Isadora Duncan and others who fled from the oppression in the USA, to a FAR worse one under Stalin.

  14. @isaacb

    You made some good points about the Liberal fascists. Kudos!

    However, I disagree that other liberals are being unfairly lumped in with them. Because the Liberal “establishment” uses these young fascists to further its political agenda. For example, did you see Obama sic the DOJ on the SJW onto Moveon,org, or George Soros for conspiring to shut down Trump’s Chicago rally??? Nope.

    Do you ever see any higher up Liberal speaker denounce the SJWs and their philosophy? No.

    Do you ever see the White House (currently under Democratic Party control) send in the National Guard to protect the First Amendment Rights of Ben Shapiro or an Ann Coulter? Nope. Do you ever see the DOJ (currently under Democratic control) announce that they are going to investigate these administrators of various colleges, and perhaps withdraw federal funding for them, for violations of people’s first amendment rights? Nope.

    These young fascists are simply a tool of the liberal left, in much the same way the Red Guard was a tool of the Chinese Communist Party. The young fascists get a figurative wink and nod from the Democratic Party establishment. Sooo, spare me the outrage!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  15. Because wages have declined, feminism, and relentless advertising bombard society with appeals to greed and fear of loss, most mothers – aka moms- thanks to smart marketers – work outside of the home. They’re too tired when they ARE at home, so it’s easier to just give-in to appease their hyperactive kidz – rather than to provide them with structured attention and discipline. Easier to just feed them some processed food (SIC) and not interrupt their Pokemon play.

    Fathers – formerly aka Daddies, now known as Dads – are also tired and just want to watch FOX news, then go to bed.

    Colleges and universities exist to raise money to pay higher salaries to morally bankrupt Presidents, Deans, and athletics coaches.

    As Rev. Billy Graham says: “we need revival”. i say DON’T COUNT ON THAT HAPPENING.

  16. Any nation that touts the concept of “free speech” then shuts down dissension doesn’t deserve to be free. Free speech is not about protecting the rights of those you agree with but those you don’t agree with. Dumb asses!

    Federal elections are nothing more than the illusion of choice and no more.

  17. Bob, great analogy. Nothing could be worse than victimhood for garbage, though we do know how tendentious recyclables, especially cardboard can be.

  18. I’m fascinated @ how clueless some here, and the elitist politicians and MSM are about Trump, and were about Bernie. I expect a smug, “You’re being ridiculous” from someone here.

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