Brown University Under Fire In Documentary On the Denial of Free Speech On Campus

imagesBrown university is the subject of intense criticism in the wake of a documentary from one of its graduates on the evisceration of free speech on campus. The elite school has followed the same course of other schools in declaring speech or symbols “micro aggressions” and allowing students to prevent speakers from appearing on campus or addressing other students. The film by Rob Montz is scathing and embarrassing as he shows students successfully barring people from uttering opposing views or shouting down a man because he is a white heterosexual.

This includes students proudly talking about how they succeeded to forcing the cancelation of a speech by the New York Police Commissioners because “tough questions are not enough” and some ideas should never be expressed on campus.

While Brown University has dismissed the film, it shows ridiculous scenes of students who clearly believe that they have a protected right to silence those with whom they disagree as well as faculty who have legitimized the attack on free speech.

Here is the Montz film:

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  1. Everything is relative. I think a Prez Trump will have more respect for the Constitution than Obama, understanding the phrase, “Damning w/ faint praise” applies.

  2. When the earth is sick and dying,
    There will come a tribe of people
    From all races…
    Who will put their faith in deeds,
    Not words, and make the planet
    Green again…
    – Cree Prophecy

    I want to make certain that people understand I do not believe only left wing people engage in the suppression of free speech. I will be happy to examine the suppression of free speech by the right. I am not doing this now because this post is specifically about left wing suppression of free speech.

    The most important point made in this film was that education should be about having the ability to take bad arguments “to the woodshed” and dismantle them. Critical thought is absolutely essential in maintaing a functioning democracy. It is essential in fighting for social justice. it is this very quality of mind which is so lacking in our society. It is part of the reason that the left has been largely missing in creating social justice for all. What we see instead is the creation of diverse looking servants of the oligarchy.

    One fundamental flaw in using “…….privilege of one kind or another as a way to shut up another person is the idea that being a member of an oppressed group makes one automatically right or good. This idea trips up many people even though it is contradicted by reality. We all can see this is not true simply by looking at people’s actions. Being oppressed does not make a person good or bad. Being oppressed makes one entitled to equal rights/social justice whether one is good or bad.

    This type of confusion-oppressed person = good person has been used very effectively (and cynically) by Obama and now, Clinton. While both come from oppressed groups, they are not good people. They have both committed war crimes. Yet left wing people will shut down legitimate criticism of both people by saying that anyone who points out their clear wrongdoing is racist or sexist. There is no need to examine the content of the criticism, no need to see if what is said is true. Instead one must bow before such powerful wrong doers, saying nothing but praise, because to do otherwise is a mark of being racist or sexist. By such methods, extreme cruelty, complete contempt for the rule of law, depraved indifference to the earth and it’s creatures is excused and even cheered.

    Once people untethered themselves from looking squarely at reality they become incapable of making important arguments on behalf of social justice. They no longer function as ethical people capable of making ethical arguments on behalf of justice.

    Yet the ability to see reality for what it is necessary to right oppression. The ability to state clearly why one thinks certain actions are wrong is an important part of making things right. The left is unable to articulate an ethical system or a set of ideas on behalf of social justice because, by in large, left wing people have abandoned critical thinking and an ethical voice. This has led to a diverse group of people well serving the oligarchy while the greater number of people and our earth are left to suffer.

    Olly, What you wrote above was eloquent and true.

  3. Roscoe, I doubt that. Consider what these indoctrinated students become in their business life, after college?
    Personally, I wouldn’t hire a one of them for city garbage collection. Why is that? Because I don’t want the city garbage collection department to become an extension of Brown University’s free speech movement where all trash has the right to complain that they are victims that their micro space has been invaded by cardboard. Now that’s weaponizing victimhood at it’s best. 😉

  4. “Weaponizing victimhood”.
    That’s a keeper.

    I guess as long as these indoctrinated students don’t become doctors or engineers I guess we’re reasonably safe.

  5. Perhaps it is time for the Alumni to question their continued financial support to the college that give them so much and is now trying to destroy the essence of higher learning.

    Perhaps it is time for the Alumni to question their continued financial support to the college that give them so much and is now trying to destroy free speech.

    Perhaps it is time for the Alumni to question their continued financial support to the college that give them so much and is now trying to destroy a full and complete exchange of ideas where that exchange does not become reduced to name calling and shutting down differences of opinion.

    Perhaps it is time for all Alumni to question their continued financial support to the college that give them so much and is now trying to destroy the very system they are now using to support their life.

    Perhaps it is time for Alumni to question their continued financial support to the college that give them so much and is now trying to destroy.
    Afterall, would you hire one of these people to work on your team?

  6. Al reardon
    OK, what was that movie name that where this question posed:

    “How bout you Brown?”

  7. There is a way in which the establishment is somewhat hamstrung in these cases. In standing for freedom of speech a society will invariably let in groups such as this. In standing against groups like this society will invariably go against its basic tenets of freedoms. This was so in the sixties when the valid arguments pertaining to civil rights and the crime that was Vietnam started off as being seen as extreme and unAmerican until enough people came to understand their true and valid meanings. However, the revolution did not stop there. There were those that performed in much the same way as these self appointed self righteous and mindless revolutionaries. There were those that pointed to China as the answer, Cuba as the answer, while these governments would have shot them if they were to be found standing on a soapbox in Havana or Beijing. Perhaps it comes with the territory and the age.

  8. There is an appalling lack of leadership from the administrators. Trustees are supposed to hold the administrators accountable. So I suppose this disrespect for free speech is what the Trustees want from the administrators. Donors, parents, alums, and students have to put pressure on the administrators and Trustees if they want to change the behavior the administrators.

    Except that the collective endowment of the eight Ivy Leaguers is as large as the GDP of a small country. With the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates near 0% to inflate asset prices, the 1%ers just keep writing the enormous checks to their alma maters. It’s a boost to their ego to have a campus building named after them. Makes them feel less guilty about their wealth. But they should use their financial clout to exert pressure on Trustees/administrators to stop this assault on free speech.

  9. The ironic aspect, or perhaps one aspect of human nature, is that in taking political correctness to this extreme those that shout down others with whom they disagree and attempt, and sometimes succeed, to garner power through the so called defense of specific and extreme positions, have attained the same status of their adversaries of old. The KKK and these burgeoning leaders have more in common than in difference. The same tactics were used by the Nazis and other groups that latched onto a modicum of truth and fact and expanded it to include anyone and everyone in order to make all march to their beat. These fringe areas who are disrupting the essence of the university are contradicting their very foundation.

    What is also interesting is that in singling out these rabid and remote thinkers and exposing their hypocrisy by isolating them from the essence of freedom and human rights the most effective means can be found to disperse them and put them further back where they belong, on some street corner, mindlessly ranting and raving. Perhaps this is what is being done here.

    What is even more interesting and found illustrated on this blog in a relentless manner is the inclusion of everything left, liberal, progressive, or socially evolved into the same category with these extremists. I suppose it is fighting fire with fire, mindless rancor with mindless rancor, knee jerk rage with knee jerk rage, and so on. The answer for the weak and shallow is to group anyone with whom you don’t agree into them and let the obvious act as your magnet. Pathetic but true. It’s as if they all took a page from one of Trump’s books. Shout them down, denigrate them, offend them, categorize them, and take all that has been found to be reprehensible, back and make America great again. Are we running out of labels and jingoes yet?

  10. Again isaac and I are in agreement…sort of. I’ve argued during this election cycle that Trump has made no mention of honoring the oath of office nor has he inferred he will respect the separation of powers. HOWEVER, that puts him in the same class as every other progressive politician that has run for office. Which makes isaac’s point insincere as he has not been concerned with his political favorites honoring the oath of office, respecting the constitution, or securing rights.

    So this is what you get when you progressives insist on utilitarianism over constitutionalism…sometimes the tyrant that sits on the throne you created is not so benevolent to your causes. Remember, in our progressive-built utilitarian republic, elections have consequences. Deal with it.

  11. Powerful video. Anti free speech activists are wrong and short sighted. Thank hou, Mr. Montz.

  12. If you think Trump will respect the Constitution, 1st Amendment or any amendment, or anything, institution, or rights, then you just happened to be coming along at the right time, sport. There’s a bridge I want you to see. Shoot, just look at the photo and sport, it’s for sale. It’s your lucky day. There’s one born every minute.

  13. These special snowflakes will have a President Trump soon. PC is, more than anything else, why he’ll get elected. Funny, but it looks like a buffoon, comb over, inarticulate, guy will help restore the Constitution from a former law professor who does not understand the 1st Amendment.

  14. Ok fans. What movie was this question posed:

    “How bout you Brown?”

  15. Great video! It is a shame, but I hope the students take it further and insist on the firing of every white male professor and white male administrator. Because the potential loss of a cushy job is probably the only thing that can fire up these idiots to fight back.

    The only reason that so much nonsense has gone on in this country is that the “comfortable class” the 10% or 15% or so who constitute the top earners and their minions are comfortable. Sooo, why would they care if millions of illegal immigrants pour in and take jobs from the bottom 15% or so of earners? Why would they care if the family-destructive welfare policies mean poor black kids have to learn to duck and cover from the drug gangs, or if black homeowners have to put up iron bars on doors and windows to keep out the thugs? They chill behind the safe enclosure of their gated community.

    Why would they care if their students turn into mindless liberal SJW fascists? As long as their paycheck keeps rolling in, who cares?

    The U.S. is fast heading to where many countries have already gone—to a 5% elite surrounded by a 15%ish middle class, with 80% of the country stone cold impoverished. I don’t see us deviating from that unless we have a meteor strike, an extreme and long lasting financial depression, a nuclear war, or solar flare. Something that will force the comfortable class to face reality.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl reporter

  16. Brown, like so many others, has let the “inmates rule the asylum”. Continuing your education by attending college seems to be digressing your education instead. I thought elite schools, such as Brown, would insist on civility. Four-year college education ought to send society people respectful of others and common good manners. Why do students attend these talks? To throw pies? Unfortunately, the digression of upper education trickles down to high schools where student behavior is becoming uncontrollable. Teachers are there to teach, not argue and fight physically. One girl had to be pulled out of her desk by a school policeman. The answer, of course, is poor parenting. No discipline at home, uncontrollable at school. Perhaps fines charged to parents for student misbehavior?

    Just a note on the protestors outside the Democrat Convention. They physically threatened Geraldo Rivera, saying he had no place there, fortunately he had security people take him to safety. Because he was from FOX NEWS. What are the police doing about physical threats?

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