Video: White Protesters and White Reporters At DNC Demonstrations Told To Move To The Back To “Make Room for the Black and Brown Brothers and Sisters.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.54.17 PMWe have discussed past protests where organizers have engaged in open racial discrimination in the name of fight discrimination.  We have another such example out of the Black DNC Resistance March in Philadelphia with a twist: the racial segregation of reporters.  The question is whether reporters should be disciplined for agreeing to such racial discrimination either as beneficiaries or victims of such discrimination.

One of the leaders declares “I need all white people to move to the back – make space because this is a Black Resistance March . . . I need all white people to move to the back and make room for the black and brown brothers and sisters.”

That was not well received by the crowd which was reportedly half white and one person asks “What if white people were in Ferguson.”

It did not matter.  Whites were told to go to the back of the protest: “You will appropriately take your place in the back of this march because it will be truly led by the black and brown community and that’s it.”

Then she added that the rule extended to media:  “Make room for black media.  White media get to the back. Black media come to the front.” It is not clear if any in the media complied but I would have serious reservations about a reporter who benefitted from racial discrimination over his or her colleagues.  Indeed, all of the reporters should have refused such a discriminatory rule.

What do you think?

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  1. I would put 3 large on MikeA never having voted for a Rep prez.

  2. Squeeky:

    The problem with painting with a broad brush is that the work product is sloppy and lacking in nuance. You have no idea how I have voted over the past five decades, but I believe that you have read enough of my comments to know that I have strongly criticized social and political policies of both major parties.

    As for Donald Trump, not much analysis is necessary. What you see is what you get because what you see is all there is.

  3. The illegals are taking the jobs no one wants.They are up on the roofs in Texas all summer in the hot sun where temperatures could be as high as 130 degrees.They are yard crews that ride in the back of trucks. They cook in extremely hot kitchens in Texas. They work as maids and nannies in affluent white homes where as long as they work for cheap no one cares whether they are legal, The list goes on and on. I watched illegals doing jobs in Texas for years and believe me no one wants those jobs. Also, not so many are coming anymore. Also, why do you think that black people are in competition with illegals for jobs? The illegals are usually non english speaking and do not compete with black people for jobs.

  4. @SWM

    Cites are nice, BUT why don’t you try to explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS what is wrong with Trump. Besides just calling him names. I promise you it won’t hurt your brain too much.

    Plus, please explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS why allowing millions of unemployed low skill workers into the country is a good thing for the country! Explain how millions of illegal Mexican aliens helps black people.


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. “Had to google Trump and Khan to find out what you were referring to – I don’t follow the MSM.,” Amber Tthe story is probably on every news outlet worldwide except for Fox and Prada.

  6. Sqeek,

    Now THIS is unity – not quite what the Dems had in mind though… JillnotHill 2016

  7. @squeek

    re: ” I have mixed emotions about Trump slamming the muzzie parents….. So better for Trump to just ignore it.” Agree. It was a tawdry exchange.

    Fact remains though: Trump’s said/says bad stuff, but HRC has done/does bad stuff.

  8. @Autumn.

    No. But I did read Catch 22, and Johnny Got His Gun. I have mixed emotions about Trump slamming the muzzie parents. On one hand, the GOP put up the Benghazi parents, who Hillary lied to, and the Dems did the same thing with the Khans. So better for Trump to just ignore it. BUT, Khan did insult Trump, so Trump insulted him back. I would not have recommended it, but I sure understand the desire to strike back.

    Nein, that ist nicht mein personna above. Ich bin ein Nazi CEO on twitter, in the #freemilo movement. My BFF, Penelope Dreadful, got me into it, and I am having fun!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  9. @squeek

    Did you read “Billy Lynn’s Long Half Time Walk” by Ben Fountain? It was the funniest book I’ve read about the insanity of war in a long time – move over “Catch-22” I laughed so hard I kept having to put it down to wipe away tears. Brilliant how he captures of the absurdity of the Iraq war.

  10. @Mike Appleton

    You said, “I appreciate ideological purity, but it doesn’t win elections. My first voting experience was in 1968. After witnessing the Democratic convention in Chicago and the actions of Daley’s storm troopers, I swore to myself that I would not vote for Hubert Humphrey, but I did in the end.”

    DUH! But how did you say it without choking? Of course you voted for the Democrat! You will always vote for the Democrat! No matter who is running on either side. And you will always find a way too justify it to yourself. You would have a nervous breakdown if you didn’t take those mental precautions.

    A few days ago I compared a certain Democrat here to a West Virgina Snake-Handling Pentecostal. Someone whose political beliefs were just as “faith-based” as the religious idiot. Welcome to the archetype!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. @SWM

    Had to google Trump and Khan to find out what you were referring to – I don’t follow the MSM.

    the Khan’s like so many others who have lost their sons/daughters in Iraq in combat or due to suicide are struggling to find some sort of solace – service to one’s country, glory, honor, etc.

    The truth is too painful to digest: those troops were sent into an illegal war and their lives were sacrificed for the military industrial complex. Do you even know how much monies went into PMCs (private military contractors)?? Also, foreign mercenaries who fought for the US were paid by our tax dollars.

    With great horror I read an article in der Spiegel about Germans working for these firms – one guy was killed but his ” widow and their young son Christopher now receive an annual pension of $110,000, courtesy of the US Department of Labor, which compensates the survivors of the Americans’ helpers — no matter where they live.” How much of a pension do US troops widows/widowers/dependents receive??? This is beyond sick!

    HRC voted for that war! She does not care about the military and is aching to start conflict with Russia and Iran.

    Actually, my vision is even darker than the $$ factor. My take is that after SCOTUS awarded Bush the presidency the country was divided as Gore supporters were livid. So the old time honored trick was employed – give the folks a common enemy to unite them. 9/11 was very convenient – lies published by the corporate-owned media about WMDs and off to war for the military.

    Establishment Republicans and Democrats are the same coin different sides – both owned by ruthless profiteers.

  12. For Democrats:

    Some psychological analysis:

    Question: WHY is Trump a racist, sexist, Nazi, xenophobic spawn of Satan???

    Answer: Because he has to be. Because Democrats are going to vote for a Democrat, period. Even if the Democrat is an obvious crook, and into bribery and all sorts of shady dealings. And her husband is a serial rapist, and she covered for him, and enabled the behavior. And lied about it to the county. It doesn’t matter. She’s a Democrat.

    But deep inside, Democrats know that it isn’t right to vote for obvious crooks and slime-balls sooo, the defense mechanisms kick in. Voting for a crooked liar and criminal is just peachy if the other candidate is worse— ” a racist, sexist, Nazi, xenophobic spawn of Satan???” Why then, voting for the crooked liar is a positively moral thing!

    Sooo, that is why the Democrats trash Trump. They have to for their own inner sanity.

    Frankly, it would not matter what Trump said or did. Trump could be another JFK, or Jesus, or Mother Teresa. It would not matter. Whoever the Republican candidate was would be encountering this same nasty onslaught, because Hillary is so flawed. The more flawed the Democratic candidate, the stronger the defense mechanisms, and the more savage the smears.

    Please send me $100 for the counseling! Thanks!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  13. @Mike

    Disagree – we need a Revolution. The system cannot be fixed internally now that Bernie was thrown under the bus and the endemic corruption at every level of the DNC was exposed.

    re: Gore – watch “An Unreasonable Man” – it will open your eyes up. Gore made a mistake running with that dispicable Zionist DINO Lieberman and couldn’t even carry his own damn state! And Gore was such a wuss he didn’t even demand a recount in FL after your esteemed SCOTUS awarded him the presidency!

  14. Autumn:

    I appreciate ideological purity, but it doesn’t win elections. My first voting experience was in 1968. After witnessing the Democratic convention in Chicago and the actions of Daley’s storm troopers, I swore to myself that I would not vote for Hubert Humphrey, but I did in the end. And I remain convinced that Ralph Nader’s votes in New Hampshire and Florida in 2000 gave Bush the presidency.

    As long as we have a system in which the only realistic choice is between one of two parties, it will sometimes be necessary to hold our noses going into the voting booth. I would like to see a third party, but I do not believe that multi-party political systems can effectively operate outside of a parliamentary system.

    I like Chris Hedges and have followed his debate with Robert Reich, but I believe that progressives can more effectively pressure a Democratic administration than a Republican one. And since Republicans are likely to hang onto the House and the Senate, I don’t even want to think about the legislative agenda should Trump win.

    Finally, when it’s all said and done, the most significant impact of the vote this year will be on the Supreme Court, the only branch that can protect us from the ravages of the other two. That fact alone makes it an easy choice for me.

  15. Cuban will become Satan if he were to switch to Trump. Don’t play us for fools, SWM. We’re not lemmings.

  16. Cuban “seems to be a decent guy.” I know that left a horrible taste in your mouth.

  17. SWM used to go to church on Sunday. This is now her religion, The Church of Democrats and she is an evangelical missionary. Like the Catholic Church, it is hierarchical and she got her edicts to preach via email.

  18. No links? Autumn As to Mark Cuban, he is another independent libertarian type but he is very well job creating entrepreneurs. They love him in Dallas. He seems to be decent guy for a billionaire unlike Donald.

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