NC GOP Attacks Kaine For Wearing Honduras Flag Pin . . . Which Turns Out To Be His Service Pin For His Marine Son

1447331_630x354Few of us are happy with the poisonous and dysfunctional politics today. With the two most disliked candidates in history securing the two main nominations, tensions are rising as each party seeks to make voters hate the other candidate more than their own candidate. One particularly low moment came with an attack from the North Carolina GOP which accused Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) of inexplicably wearing a flag of Honduras on his lapel rather than an American flag. Not only did the pin share little with the Honduras flag, it was a Blue Star Service pin for Kaine’s son who is serving as a marine.

In the tweet, the NC GOP told followers “.@timkaine wears a Honduras flag pin on his jacket but no American flag. Shameful.” In raising the false alarm, the NC GOP not only succeeded in making themselves look rather pathetic but succeeded in highlighting the service of the Kaine family.

The party later took down the tweet and wrote to those who corrected them: “We appreciate you letting us know. Thanks for letting us correct our mistake.”

I wish that this could be dismissed as an anomaly in today’s politics but it could actually constitute one of the most substantive comments in this dismal election.

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  1. “Give the man a break.” He and his enabling wife never gave any of his victims a break! You better go to confession for trying to cover for that sociopath rapist. It’s about as low as a woman can go.

  2. Squeek, The trolls are out. But one seems compulsive and has to have “dog” in his many incarnations. And yes, Kaine was covering for the over the hill sociopath rapist. Kaine and all Hillary’s entourage will be covering for that syphilitic old man for the next 100 days.

  3. Give the man a break. He is nearly seventy years old and has had two long weeks .He has had open heart surgery and is on heart meds. He is not running.

  4. @NickS

    Re: Willie Horton 2.0

    Hillary was trying to subconsciously appeal to white voters with the white pantsuit, and by associating Trump with “Scary Dark Things.”


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. I never thought I’d decide to abandon my position as a staunch third party voter. But Trump represents such a threat to this country, his grotesque candidacy unlike anything in my lifetime, that I will vote for Clinton. It’s not just a vote for the lesser of two evils. It’s a vote against a narcissistic demogogue who is loudly telegraphing his dictator ambitions.

    And, Squeak, unity and diversity are not opposites so there is no dichotomy.

  6. Kaine saw Bill sleeping and leaned over to block the CNN camera angle. LOL! Bubba is a YUGE disability for Hillary.

  7. Hillary, That white pant suit was the lesbian version of Liberace.

  8. Isaac is obviously parody. He says in 500 words ala Professor Irwin Corey what could be summed up in a few words like “Lesser of 2 evils” or “Democrat over Republican all the time.” I know, it took me a while to get the very subtle Onion parody, but it’s there. I mean come on, no one can be truly saying that w/o it being parody.

  9. What Issacb…. said.

    Hillary may have a deplorable history of caving into military-Wall Street-Zionist-war profiteer pressure, but Trump is grossly mentally deficient. Hillary can improve. Trump is more likely to get much worse.

  10. BFM, Come on, dude! McAuliffe spoke truth the FIRST time he spoke. You’re smarter than that! This is why no one trusts Hillary or the people around her. McAuliffe is under FBI investigation regarding the Clinton Foundation. He may be toast.

    1. @Nick: “Come on, dude! McAuliffe spoke truth the FIRST time he spoke. ”

      Come on, Nick? I may not be as funny as Squeeky but I still have eyes. Hillary is absolutely opposed, unless they make a few minor changes – few minor changes.

      If they don’t get it through the lame duck session, I would say that is the game plan – make a few minor changes.

  11. It took me a long time to realize, but Isaac and bettykath are both writers for The Onion and their comments are pure parody. Isaac needs to work on brevity. I think we all would have come to realize he is just goofing w/ us on his polemics if we read them all. But, no one reads all those epics.

  12. That both candidates are probably the most disliked options in recent history may be true. The fact of the matter is that, regardless of why, Clinton is not crazy, has experience, and lies perhaps one tenth of the time that Trump lies. Clinton seems to be affected when caught making a mistake or lying. She may squirm and try to get out of it but when there is no way out she accepts the blame and even apologizes. Trump could care less, never admits to anything, and responds with nonsense. Trump has a disgusting history of deceit and graft, no experience in government or working with others. Trump’s experiences are those of a dictator. Clinton’s experiences are those of a participant in government and a leader.

    Clinton elicits positive thinking. Trump elicits blame. In America today, as with any country, there are those who are not happy, regardless of the reasons. Trump is their hero. Trump gives them a direction in which to vent their individual and now collective spleens. The scary part is that Trump is directionless himself.

    The only reason to elect a idiot like Trump is to find out what would happen and to see just how much damage America can take. We found out what eight years of the three stooges cost us and the GOP focused the blame on the guy who has spent eight years putting America back on track. So, if your curious and want to observe a four year train wreck, vote for Trump. There will be, at first, a lot of laughs.

  13. North Carolina just lost the NBA All Star game and other business opportunities due to republican bigotry. Guess they don’t like the fact that Kaine did work with the Jesuits in the Honduras and learned to speak Spanish.

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