Trump Pledges To Defend Article XII

245px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore495px-Constitution_of_the_United_States,_page_1Donald Trump has been widely criticized for what is seen as a shaky knowledge or fealty to the Constitution. Recently, however, he seemed to pledge support not just the Constitution but beyond — pleading to defend “Article XII” which is two articles too many for the Constitution.

A Washington Post article quotes members of Congress as saying that Trump told them “I want to protect Article I, Article II, Article XII.”

Of course, Trump may have made a common error in referring to “articles” when he meant “amendments.” However, the Twelfth Amendment concerns the procedure for electing the President and Vice President. Not exactly a rallying cry for presidential candidates or their voting bases. Indeed, if he intended to say the Twelfth Amendment I would be concerned as someone who has been a long critic of the electoral college.

It is never good for a presidential candidate to flub a constitutional question, but given the scathing speech of Khizr Khan on Trump’s knowledge (or lack thereof) of the Constitution, this type of error magnifies the criticism of his actual knowledge of the constitutional and legal rules.

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  1. Autumn, Actually, anthropology teaches us males are more visual and spatial. It goes back to us evolving as hunters. Women have stronger olfactory senses, to prevent them from mating w/ family. A few commenters here mothers obviously had a cold when they mated.

  2. @LC in Texas

    “…so, lets hear some new ideas for America. Go Trump!”

    Always a good idea to hear new ideas. So when is Trump going to actually offer any? I’m betting on never.

  3. @Swarthmoremom

    “Now he claims that he sacrificed more.”

    As ridiculous as this claim was, did you take note of the list of supposed sacrifices he made? It is obvious that not only is the man unfamiliar with the Constitution, he is also unfamiliar with at least some parts of the English vocabulary. He claimed that one of his many sacrifices was the thousands of jobs he created. WTF? Is he really so stupid that he does not know the meaning of the word sacrifice?

  4. @nick

    re: “I can’t get those newly released nude photos of Melania out of my head. Va va voom!!”

    Yep, you’ve just proved it – most men can see better than they can think… and obviously they’d rather ogle Melania over HRC and Kaine.

  5. @sqeek

    Ahem! re: Liberals should just stay home, too” It’s the Liberals like SWM who are hilbots. We Progressives are a different breed. And we ain’t never gonna slurp that koolaid

  6. @paul

    no surprise there re polls. they need to keep up the illusion so when she steals the GE people fall in line.

  7. What I mostly want to see are Saturday Night Live skits featuring the “spouses of the two candidates” with Laura Benanti as Melania and Darrell Hammond as Clinton.

    Trump is going insane right before our eyes – today he’s criticizing the fire marshals at his events and also said that if women are sexually harrassed in the workplace, they should just get another job.

  8. @PaulCS

    I had read that earlier, which is why I was funning with SWM. BUT, that being said, I still expect that Trump will lose in November. Because I think our country has more stupid people in it, than it has smart people. Sheeeesh, they vote for Obama TWICE. Once, was understandable, but TWICE???

    Even if Trump wins, in which case I will be pleasantly surprised, I don”t think he can do more than buy America a few decades with less decline. The only thing I see saving us, is a meteor strike, or the loss of a few major cities to nukes, or a super volcano, or a massive and widespread financial depression. Something like that which will force the 15%ish comfortable Americans out of their cocoons in gated communities, and out of their Ivory Towers.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  9. I can’t get those newly released nude photos of Melania out of my head. Va va voom!!

  10. @SWM

    You drink the swill from the MSM. I do not. I am a Progressive and linked in – I assure you we will NOT vote for HRC.

    If you want to broaden your horizons check out on YouTube. Airs at 9:00 PM EST. Listen as people from all walks of life from all over the nation call in.

    Might just burst your bubble of delusion.

  11. @sqeek

    so I am perusing The Guardian and see they have posted a John Oliver video. He’s done some good stuff about churches and pay day lenders, but he has been brought to heel by the owners of HBO – Time Warner.

    Now he’s thumpin’ on the Trump on the Kahn comments. Shame a man who is so talented and bright has to debase himself, but then again so does Bill Maher and Jimmy Fallon…. Follow the money – it all leads back to the TPP

    For your amusement:

    1. Autumn – it appears Kahn has connections to the Clinton Foundation and the Saudis. He is also in a scam area of immigration visas. They didn’t just pluck him from the sky.

  12. @SWM

    No! I am giving up. We just can’t fight poll numbers like that! I am not going to waste my time. Liberals should just stay home, too. Hillary has this in the bag!

    Hmmm. Parrot Bay Rum and Dr. Pepper! That’s the ticket! A Peppy Parrot! Good white trash drink! Happy dance! Happy dance!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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