Trump Pledges To Defend Article XII

245px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore495px-Constitution_of_the_United_States,_page_1Donald Trump has been widely criticized for what is seen as a shaky knowledge or fealty to the Constitution. Recently, however, he seemed to pledge support not just the Constitution but beyond — pleading to defend “Article XII” which is two articles too many for the Constitution.

A Washington Post article quotes members of Congress as saying that Trump told them “I want to protect Article I, Article II, Article XII.”

Of course, Trump may have made a common error in referring to “articles” when he meant “amendments.” However, the Twelfth Amendment concerns the procedure for electing the President and Vice President. Not exactly a rallying cry for presidential candidates or their voting bases. Indeed, if he intended to say the Twelfth Amendment I would be concerned as someone who has been a long critic of the electoral college.

It is never good for a presidential candidate to flub a constitutional question, but given the scathing speech of Khizr Khan on Trump’s knowledge (or lack thereof) of the Constitution, this type of error magnifies the criticism of his actual knowledge of the constitutional and legal rules.

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  1. @SWM

    Seriously? You offer numbers from the Clinton Newz Network? Still delusional I see – you should see a mental health professional. Squeek has tried to offer therapy but apparently it’s not working.

    Well, here’s unity for you, protesters throwing a coffin over the fence at the DNC rally. As in RIP

    Most popular chants: “Hell no DNC we won’t vote for Hil-a-ry” “Lock her up” “We are the People”

    JillnotHill 2016

    And you think the Donald is a fascist??

  2. SWM

    OMG! It is all over for us! Oh, I won’t even waste my time voting for Trump, now. A lot of you liberals and Democrats should probably not obsess about voting. Sooo, if it is raining, or you’re tired, just stay home. Because Trump is going to get clobbered. Oh, I am so depressed! I think I am going to fix myself a drink and just get slobbering drunk!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. Sanders supporters (in CNN): Clinton fave: 59/36 Trump fave: 5/90 2-way: HRC 91%, Trump 6% 4-way: HRC 69%, Johnson 13%, Stein 10%, Trump 3% Guess Bernie’s socialists and Trump’s xenophobes really have as much in common as those here claim,

  4. @Tnash

    Good point! I should have been more specific – those candidates who get X amount of voters.

  5. “Clinton’s convention, despite regular interruption from dissatisfied Bernie Sanders delegates inside the convention hall, also appears to have bolstered Democratic unity overall and strengthened her position among Sanders’ supporters. Among Democrats and independents who lean toward the Democratic Party, 84% now feel the party will be united by November, up from 75% before either convention. Those who say they would rather have seen the party nominate Sanders now split 69% for Clinton, 13% for Stein, 10% for Johnson and just 3% say they’ll back Trump. That’s a 5-point improvement for Clinton (inside the margin of sampling error for this subgroup), an 8-point dropoff in the share who say they’d back Trump and a 7-point increase in support for Jill Stein. CNN” Bernie supporters are NOT going to Trump, Autumn.

  6. @BFM

    Tired of this discussion about McCain. I hope Paul is right and he gets kicked out in AZ.

    The Big Elephant in the room though is that HRC voted for the war and is responsible for the loss of life and limb of hundreds and thousands of people.

  7. @BFM

    I said that maybe John-Boy learned to lie and conceal information from his Daddy who blocked info about the USS Liberty attack by Israel

    McCain is NOT a war hero because he actively concealed information that might have led to MIA’s being located. Where are the documents? Why are they still classified??

  8. Autumn-
    There are about 1700 people registered with the Federal Election Commission as 2016 presidential candidates.
    And I agree with your statement that “we need a debate between ALL presidential candidates.” 😉

  9. @Autumn: “oh, and I just checked to see if McCain voted to give Obama fast track authority for TPP”

    Well that just about proves it doesn’t it. John McCain is not a war hero becausemore than 40 years after the war he supports a trade agreement.

    Are all you readers following this.

    The claim is that Trump was perfectly correct to call out John McCain on his war record from over 40 years ago because Trump and McCain disagree on trade policy right here, right now in 2016.

    That must be some kind of Trumpian logic.

    Who knew Trump is a master logician too. I can’t wait to read his next book: “The Art of Logic: Saying Anything that Pops into Your Head no matter how ridiculous”.

  10. @BFD:
    “…How could any reasonable person hold a soldier and his family responsible for one of the great foreign policy disasters in our history – initiated by Republicans like D. Rumsfeld and D Cheney…”

    Bush belongs behind bars or worse. But you still blame Bush’s Admin for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? After BO’s primary campaign promise (said about 1000x) to “end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?”

    Bad form sir, very, very bad form…

    And may I ask, who do you blame for the current debacle of six million Syrian refugees (US armed so-called “moderate rebels” in another failed “regime change” effort), and Libya in ruins and over run by ISIS?

    Am I the only reader who recalls BO saying a dozen times there shall be “no boots on the ground in Syria,” followed soon after by 300 American “boots on the ground,” followed soon after by BO’s press guy swearing to the press that “boots” are not necessarily “boots?” While Congresscritters play Pokemon Go.

    Again: if the Constitution is obeyed (Congress declares all wars), none of this happens.

    1. “Bush belongs behind bars or worse. But you still blame Bush’s Admin for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? After BO’s primary campaign promise (said about 1000x) to “end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?” …. Bad form sir, very, very bad form…”

      If you bothered to read my statement, I pointed out that the fiasco was initiated – initiated – by Republican in the Bush administration.

      Bush and his cronies gave Obama a bad hand and, in my opinion, Obama has played it badly.

      So yes, among others I definitely blame the Bush administration. Long before we ever initiated hostilities, I am on record with those who took the time to listen to me, that Bush would set the die for our relations in that part of the world for generations. The Bush administration put forces in motion that have to be dealt with, but which have no easy solution. We will be dealing with the aftermath of what they started long after our children have retired.

  11. @SWM

    Johnson is polling high because the MSM loves him – hoping he will pull votes off the Donald. AND Johnson is all about the TPP

  12. @Oky1

    I go to Alex Jones too sometimes although I think he’s certifiable. He provided some excellent at the DNC convention last week – stuff that didn’t make it into the MSM =)

    I was just watching a Far Right protest in Gottingen, Germany. If the Far Right rises again there they have Merkel to blame. I think Trump’s plan makes sense – to help refugees remain in their own countries where they are with family and friends.

  13. Here’s Jill Stein’s ideas: “Justice for All:

    Restore our Constitutional rights, terminate unconstitutional surveillance and unwarranted spying, end persecution of government and media whistleblowers, close Guantanamo, abolish secret kill lists, and repeal indefinite detention without charge or trial.”

    These ideas are good ones and should be supported by right and left. However, this isn’t the only party which hopes to actually restore the Constitution. There are others and I’d encourage people on the left and the right o look into them.

  14. @Darren

    re: HRC’s lack of press conferences

    (1) everytime she holds one her numbers in the poll sink even further

    (2) Watching her at the DNC convention I noticed she looked much better — so I think she’s had work done

  15. @BFM

    Oh no, we definitely DO distinguish between the policy makers and our troops.

    While the invasion was concocted by the Bush cabal we realize that HRC voted for the war despite reading the same information as Bernie.

    We grieve the loss of limbs and lives (ongoing BTW) whether it is our brave military folks or innocent civilians in Iraq, Syria, Libya…..

    So we hold HRC as accountable as Bush.

  16. @BFM
    I pity the parents of US military members who die and are maimed.

    It does not mean their child “died defending America,” because that’s not why they died. They died for war mongers, for the MIC, for debt-finance industry, defending Israel (a nation of zero interest to the USA) and Saudi Arabia, and for Woodrow Wilson’s insane lie/ideology that spreading American style democracy and freedom around the world makes the world a better place. Conversely, it makes the world suffer and infinitely worse.

  17. @DarrenSmith

    Quit telling fibs about Hillary! She has been holding regular Press Conferences! In her bathroom, where she used to keep the email server. It’s not her fault didn’t know where to come for the questions and answer stuff!!!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  18. Maybe Hillary Clinton could hold a press conference. It has been over 200 days since she held a press conference. If she cannot handle an environment where she is not in control of the message how can she be expected to continue the legacy of President Obama’s “most transparent administration in history?”

    1. Darren – Hillary really does not seem to have a message other than I am woman. see my pant suit!!!

  19. Since most of the leftist and other Clinton supporters have a primary goal of gutting the Constitution, they should not be criticizing anybody about the Constitution.

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