Afghan Cleric Defends Marriage To Six-Year-Old Girl As A “Religious Offering”

Afghan cleric, Mohammad Karim, is in his sixties but he decided to marry a younger bride. For most people (including all non-pedophiles), this might mean a woman half his age in her thirties. For Karim it meant a six-year-old girl. After being arrested, Karim insisted that the girl was given to him in wedlock as a “religious offering.” The little girl could only say “I am afraid of this man.”

The marriage of underaged girls remains a common abuse in Muslim countries. We have continued to follow the plight of girls and women in Islamic countries who face honor killings and child marriages. Some Islamic clerics have maintained that there can be no age limitation on child brides. They often note that Muhammad married Aisha when she was seven and consummated the marriage at nine years old.

In this case, the child’s parents are claiming that she was abducted without their consent from the Herat province. The legal age for marriage in Afghanistan is 16 for women and 18 for men. However, child marriages are common and rarely prosecuted.

19 thoughts on “Afghan Cleric Defends Marriage To Six-Year-Old Girl As A “Religious Offering””

  1. Child marriages are prevalent in every nook and corner of the world.. The situation is very pathetic in some states of India, like Bihar and West Bengal.
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  2. He actually is right. To be fair Catholic religion allowed same thing. Both are repugnant in 21 century.

  3. OK, we need to rescue this child. Rape victims are not treated well in most Muslim theocracies, even if her parents support her. Afghanistan is also infamous for the “boy play” scandal.

    Ger her out, get her in counseling, before we read about her murder in an honor killing, or pressuring her to commit suicide.

  4. Islam does not comport w/ Western culture. It’s only going to get worse.

  5. So many cultural constraints on women’s bodies; so few on men’s bodies; The opposite would make more sense.

  6. I have a new reality show concept: Fundamentalist Island
    We put this guy, and other fundamentalists who think they have THE answer, on an island. That is all, except for cameras on drones. Imagine all of the behavior we would see. Who would join with whom, and for how long. No weapons, just let them make their own. Religious fundamentalists, racial fundamentalists, male, female, political, oh the fun. It could be the modern version of Gulliver’s travels.

  7. There are some on this blog that believe human nature evolves away from these horrific practices. It’s intellectually lazy to simply blame the religious. More commonly known as identity politics. You can eliminate all religions and this will still take place. Man enters civil society to be “more” secure in his life, liberty and property; at least a civil society that recognizes all are created equally with unalienable rights.

  8. I think he is hoping the religious reasoning will get him by. Hope not. Not sure what the punishment is there but may he suffer it if he is guilty.

  9. Pedophile Astards Pedophile Priests.
    Pedophile Muslims on their beats.
    Round em up and kill em and put em in a stew.
    Feed em to youngsters who need some brew.

  10. This kinda crap could give proven millions of GOOD Pedos a real BAD name!

    Quote Rock God Good Pedo Presley, “Thang U verrr murrch.”

  11. Lots of child marriages among Mormon polygamists. The old men run the young males out to fend for themselves when they are still teens, and then divide up the young girls as additional “wives.” Hmmmm, I wonder who is defending the sick and abusive polygamist lifestyle in court?

  12. This, is ONE SICK CULT….hiding out as a religion of peace. Also note, that this is why Hillary, who claims to be “a champion FOR women/girls is an out and out lie by her, as SHE has accepted millions from these places that treat women like slaves, and STILL use “FGM-female genital mutilation on LITTLE GIRLS, while they are Held Down, by these 7th Century Cult Members of Islam.” Sick, is what this cult of torture, killing, maiming and humiliation of their female population is, and should be DENOUNCED by Civilized Societies, world wide.

  13. Grotesque. Glad this “cleric” was arrested. Unfortunately pedophilia is not confined to the Muslim culture. The Catholic church has long covered up the abuses by priests and this happens in the Protestant churches as well where the pervs prey on children – boys and girls alike.

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