Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

UnknownIf you said Flamingo homicide, there is a job waiting for you with the security staff of Busch Gardens. Joseph Corrao, 45, is a brute with a long and violent criminal history who recently went to Busch Gardens with his mother and three children. He then proceeded to grab Pinky, a favorite Chilean flamingo and threw her to the ground. He tore her foot almost completely off and she was eventually euthanized.

Pinky was a great draw at Busch Gardens and even danced the flamenco on television. That ended with the visit by Corrao around 7 pm. He first picked up a different flamingo, but then picked up Pinky and threw her to the ground. Pinky was almost 20 years old.

Corrao is a real piece of work. He has been previously arrested on drug charges, charges of hit and run, child abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a child, driving under the influence, DUI with serious bodily injury and burglary. He is now charged with felony animal cruelty. This latest charge occurred almost on the anniversary after his release from prison for shooting two chained dogs with a shotgun. He said that the dogs killed a pet rabbit of his daughter.

If this was all not bad enough, Corrao posted on Facebook the day before to say how excited he was about going to a Tampa Bay Rays game with his sons in a box with free booze, adding “i will be tepsy tonight.”

Chilean flamingos are relatively rare and live to the age of 50 or so.

35 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?”

  1. @KarenS

    I hate to post this because I will surely be beaten for advocating eugenics –but really? Certain people should not be allowed to reproduce – their poor kids have no chance. All this ugly stuff about blacks/browns in the hood. The white trash element is larger than them.

  2. This is also why I do not understand the “jail should be about rehabilitation and not punishment” set. Sometimes people are just a menace.

    I feel very sorry for his kids. They had to see all this, as well as their dad getting carted away.

  3. You know, at some point, you realize that there are people who just cannot be around society. They will always cause harm. They will not or cannot help themselves.

    This guy needs to be locked up. On the basis of his long history, he is unsafe to be around kids, animals, or on the road.

  4. He should be tied down to the ground and let a 1000 flamingos have at him.

  5. Sounds like he’d make a good cop, then he would have been promoted instead of being arrested.

  6. This guy may be a brute, but he’s a pussy. Look at his record, hit and run, he hurts kids, and kills animals.

  7. @olly

    But don’t you guys have to pay for all those illegal aliens, uh I mean undocumented welfare recipients? I don’t know how you can afford to live in California.

    Or, maybe you are just living in the wrong city. I hear Oakland is nice!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  8. Oh those unruly citizens, always finding a workaround of our bureaucratic strategies. They must be punished. Case in point: we were mandated to cut our water usage; Gov. Brown doesn’t like “little green lawns”; so the municipalities cut their usage as required but this created another problem…revenues dropped! So of course to correct that problem they raised the rates. Yup, we cut usage and we pay more for less water. Wash, rinse and repeat.

  9. If you live in California get some gutters and drain the rain into a tank with a filter. Get an electric pump. Drink the rain water.

  10. I believe Squeeky that all of those scenarios and others would eventually expose these progressive regimes for what they are. For example, here in California we have been suffering through drought conditions for years yet we haven’t invested in increasing the reservoir capacity for decades. We are sold by the state the idea we have a water-shortage problem when in fact we have a water-management problem. And instead our state invests billions in a high-speed rail project. It will likely take a calamity as you indicated to peel back this sham of a government.

  11. @olly

    You said, “Eventually the weight of this administrative state will be too much and the people will snap out of their collective ignorance and apathy.”

    I hope you are right. But I think we need a meteor strike, or super volcano, or grid-destroying EMP pulse, or a complete financial depression for about 20 years. Something big to interrupt the inertia of our decline. Because delusions tend to continue until someone hits rock bottom, and frankly, America has not been hurt enough yet.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  12. Isn’t discrimination and judgment the product of our natural ability to reason? When we go to put gas in our vehicles, we discriminate on price or some other variable that makes us choose the source we get it from. I don’t see that we’ve lost the right to discriminate or pass judgment, we’ve lost the security from being punished for exercising this natural right.

    It’s all about the attitude. If we allow the government to convince us a natural right can be taken away then we subject ourselves to the same accumulation of grievances as our 18th century generation did. Eventually the weight of this administrative state will be too much and the people will snap out of their collective ignorance and apathy. This is the life-cycle of any civilized society and most notably one that was founded on natural rights. That bell cannot be unrung.

  13. @squeek

    even the stalwarts like Nina Turner and Tulsi Gabbard keep cavin’ to the Clinton machine. Very sad. If you are so inclined can you compose a song or comic about Tulsi? I respect that woman and wonder if her opponent who is backed by the Clinton’s didn’t influence her decision.

    It”s all about the TPP and fear IMO.

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